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How to Curl Your Hair With A Hot Air Brush?

Ever have one of those days when you want fabulous, head-turning curls, but spending hours wrestling a curling iron isn’t in the cards?

You might consider a hot brush to dry and volumize your hair but a hot air brush can become handy to curl your hair in such situations.

Hot air brushes use less heat than traditional curling irons so it is also a better choice to curl your hair causing less damage to it, potentially resulting in less heat damage to the hair.

Read our guide to learn all about the hot air brush, how to use it, and how you can easily curl your hair with this brush.

What Is a Hot Air Brush?

hot air brush
Hot Air Brush

A hot air brush is mostly a combination of a round brush with a hairdryer. The round brush is meant to create more volume in your hair and add curls or waves.

The hot air brush becomes an electric ionizer, which means it produces negative ions. When you use it on hair, it neutralizes the positive ions found in your mane.

Hot air brushes use electricity or batteries to power them because the heat can create negative ions.

The ion technology in a hot air brush can remove frizz from your hair and help you style your hairdo just the way you want.

For those who find it challenging to coordinate a separate brush and hairdryer, a hot air brush provides an easier alternative.

Hot Air Brush Features

There are multiple features of a hot air brush that you’ll need to keep in mind when choosing for curling or creating waves. You’ll need a hot air brush that evenly distributes heat across your hair strands.

It integrates a blow dryer’s functionality with a round brush’s styling capability. This design allows you to dry and style your hair in one step.

Hot air brushes come with different barrel sizes and shapes, suitable for various hair lengths and desired styles.

Larger barrels are typically used for straightening and adding volume, while smaller barrels can create tighter curls or waves.

The bristles on a hot air brush can be made of different materials, such as nylon or boar bristles. Some brushes have a combination of both. The type of bristle affects how the tool interacts with hair, including grip and smoothing effects.

Like hairdryers, most hot air brushes offer multiple heat and speed settings to accommodate different hair types and styling needs.

Some models feature a rotating barrel that can help create curls and volume more easily, while others have a static barrel, requiring you to manually rotate the brush.

How to Use a Hot Air Brush to Curl Hair?

tips to use a hot air brush
Hot Air Brush Tips

You will find that it is relatively simple to use a hot air brush. All you need to do is:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner
  • Towel-dry or air-dry your hair
  • Put a heat protectant onto your locks
  • Divide your hair into four portions, including the crown, the sides, and the back
  • Turn on the hot air brush
  • Apply the hot air brush onto each section of your hair individually
  • Add hairspray as a final step

Below, we go into more detail about the steps you’ll need to prepare your hair for curling hot air brush.

Choose the Right Hot Air Brush for Curling

Opt for a brush with a smaller barrel for tighter curls, and select one with durable, heat-resistant bristles like nylon for effective grip and smooth styling.

A model with a rotating barrel is preferable for easier curling and more even heat distribution. Ensure the brush has an ergonomic design for comfortable handling.

These features will help you achieve consistent curls while protecting your hair from heat damage.

Prepare Your Hair

Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, which will get your locks ready for curling since the products already volumize your hair.

Next, you will need to add heat-protecting to your hair. Spritz some spray onto your head. If you are using heat protectant cream, be sure to distribute the product evenly throughout your head.

At this point, you will need to have your hair air-dry up to 80 percent of full dryness. That way, your hair will still be damp enough to successfully curl and style your hair with a hot air brush.

Use a comb or a regular brush to get the tangles out of your hair before you start using the hot air brush. Plug in the hot air brush so that it will warm up by the time you’re ready to use it.

Divide your hair into four or five sections. Have a top half and bottom half set apart to make curling your hair more manageable. Use clips or pins to secure these sections in place.

Curling with Hot Air Brush

ways to curl hair with - hot air brush
Curling with Hot Air Brush

Once you divide your hair into sections and your hot air brush is heated, take the first section of your hair and place the hot brush under it.

Wrap the section of hair around the hot air brush. The brush should be at the end of your strands, and you should slowly turn the hot air brush inward.

Roll the brush upward toward your roots. Once it is in place at your roots, hold the hot air brush still for at least 10 seconds.

Now, pull the hot air brush outward toward the end of your strands. Let the curl drop down from the hot air brush. Use hairspray to keep your curl in place. Repeat these steps to curl the rest of your head.

Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful head of hair filled with the waves and curls you wanted.

Wrap Up

The hot air brush is an excellent product that uses ion technology to extract frizz from your hair. Be sure to get a hot air brush that is easy to grip and distributes heat evenly.

After reading this hot styling tool guide, you should know all the steps necessary to curl your hair with a hot air brush. To obtain an incredible hairstyle, you can easily use a hot air brush in the comfort of your home to get the curls you want.