How to Curl Your Hair With A Wand The Right Way

If you have long or medium-length hair and appreciate curls, you must have used a curling iron at one point or another. Curling irons have been around for decades and made their way into the homes of girls and women all over the planet. However, the curling equipment designers are not twiddling their thumbs and doing nothing. They are coming up with new tools to make your hairstyling easier.


What is a Wand?

different curling wands

A wand is a new word in the hair curling world. Essentially, it’s a curling iron without a clamp. If you are used to curling your locks with a curling iron, you will need to significantly readjust the way you approach the hair curling process. At first, you might feel like something is missing, but with the time you will learn to create even more beautiful curls than before. If you’ve never used a curling iron in your life, the wielding a wand will still seem complicated but at least you won’t need to retrain.


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Pros of Using a Curling Wand

best curling wand for short hair

  1. It comes in different sizes to make differently sized curls.
  2. There is no preheating time. You can use the want as soon as you plug it in.
  3. You can create very loose curls.
  4. Frizz-free waves are easy to make.
  5. There are heat settings that allow you to adjust the temperature.
  6. The absence of a clamp makes your hair appear more natural
  7. A tapered barrel is created to allow you to reach the roots to create more natural curls.
  8. The curls created by the curling wand are long-lasting

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Cons of Using a Curling Wand

  1. Curling wands can be expensive.
  2. Due to the absence of the clamps, short strands are hard to curl.
  3. There is a risk of getting burned if you don’t wear gloves.


Curling Wand vs. Curling Iron

curling wand or curling iron

While these tools appear to be rather similar, there are many differences that should be considered when choosing one over the other.

The price

Curling wants are generally more expensive than curling irons.


The heat

Curling irons need to be preheated to provide good results. Curling wands are ready to be used immediately after you plug them into the socket.


The Burn

Curling irons are mostly safe for your fingers since you place the hair into the clamp without touching it. When using a curling wand, your fingers get very close to the barrel and need to be protected by special gloves.


The length

Women with short hair won’t appreciate the curling want since it’s almost impossible to wrap a short strand around the barrel without a clamp.


The appearance

Curling wand produces more natural curls than the curling iron does since there are no traces of the clamp on the hair.


The Volume

A tapered barrel of the curling wand allows you to reach the roots and produce more voluminous curls and improve overall hairstyle appearance.


The Variety

Since you are in control of what kind of curls you are making with a curling wand, you can produce many different types of curls that you couldn’t achieve with a curling iron.


How to Curl Your Hair With a Wand?

curling with wand


Curling your hair with a want might be tricky. So you need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Put on the special glove. Your fingers will get very close to the barrel. Once you get some wand curling experience, you’ll be able to do it without gloves. Your curling wand should come with a glove.
  2. Choose the strand of your hair you want to start with. Make sure it’s not thicker than about an inch, otherwise, you won’t get bouncy curls.
  3. Direct the wand so it points to your shoulder, and start wrapping the hair from the base to the tip.
  4. Keep the hair on the wand for about five seconds but not longer. The wand works really fast.
  5. Repeat the same procedure with the rest of your hair.

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7 Tips for Getting Beautiful Curls with A Curling Wand

  • Make a high ponytail before starting to curl your hair and you’ll make quick waves. Once all strands are done, remove the elastic band.
  • Always curl your hair in one direction –  away from your head. This way you’ll get the most natural curls and waves.
  • Start curling as close to the roots as possible. This way your curls will last longer.
  • If your hair is thin, use the low heat settings. But if your locks are thick and coarse, tune it to about 300°F.
  • Once the curl is made, don’t let it drop but carefully allow it to slide into your hand. This way it will hold its shape longer.
  • Start curling your roots at the larger end of the barrel. Turn the wand upside down to make it easier.
  • When you are curling your bangs, make sure to wrap the hair away from your head.

A curling wand is a great tool that creates amazing natural curls and waves. It’s definitely worth trying. Good luck!