50 Damn Cute Yorkie Haircuts For Your Puppy

If you own a Yorkshire Terrier, you know that long fur can be a problem. That’s why Yorkie haircuts are so trendy. Most of the owners want their dog to stand out. Some take them to dog shows, while others are satisfied with awed glances from other dog owners. Giving your dog a haircut is a complicated process, but once it’s done the dog will thank you for it. Long fur is uncomfortable and can get really hot in the summer. That’s why for some dogs the haircuts are compulsory. Wherever there are haircuts, there is plenty of room for imagination. That’s why Yorkies tend to sport all kinds of impressive hairstyles.


The Yorkie Haircuts You Always Wanted Your Dog to Sport

Since your dog will be satisfied with any haircut as long as it doesn’t interfere with its everyday activities, you can let your imagination run wild. Yorkie haircuts range from long to short and from standard to outrageous. You can even create highlights using special dyes for dogs. Even though Yorkshires have pretty coloring, some owners still decide to change it. You can even out the color or create something absolutely extraordinary. All depends on the amount of inspiration. You can get some from the below 50 Yorkie haircut ideas we have collected for your enjoyment.


1. The elegant Yorkie

Elegant lady Yorkie Haircut

Most of Yorkies have straight fur, that’s why hairstyles are easy to create. Make sure to leave the hair long enough to see the differences between the colored strands. Then keep the layers brushed.


2. Explosive hairstyle


Many owners like fun experiments with their dogs. One of them is this “just out of bed” hairstyle. You need to keep the fur rather long which means you can’t forget to brush it. This explosive hairstyle is actually a high-maintenance one.


3. Layered Yorkie haircut

Layered cut for cute Yorkie

Layered Yorkie haircut is one of the best choices for your dog. If the layers are short, the overall impression is very groomed and you don’t need to maintain it too often. At the same time, the dog is comfortable.


4. Short and sweet


If you live in a hot climate or the summer is approaching, it’s time to cut your dog’s fur short. Try to avoid going to dog shows during the hottest time since the dog will feel very uncomfortable with long hair.


5. Overgrown fur


Overgrown fur might seem cute on your dog but it makes it hard to take care of. A small Yorkie can only do so much to keep the long fur clean. The rest is your job. Make sure to do it well.

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6. The classics

The classics Yorkie haircut

The classical Yorkie haircut is when the fur is kept about an inch long on the body and about two to three inches on the face. Help your Yorkie by keeping the facial fur brushed and it will say thank you.


7. Medium style

Medium style Yorkie Haircut you like

If it’s getting colder outside, your Yorkie needs some fur to keep it warm. Short hairstyles are a no-no for winter time. Consider leaving the fur to be about 2 – 3 inches long.


8. Lion girl


Lion hairstyles are popular for all dogs that can grow long fur. Yorkies are not an exception. Keep the fur on the body cut very short and leave the hair on the face and paws long.


9. Don’t forget the ears


Yorkies grow long hair on their ears as well. Keeping the haircut stylish involves taking special care of the Yorkie ears. Get ready for some disagreements with your dog that doesn’t want its ears touched.


10. Yorkie showroom beauty

Yorkie Showroom beauty haircut

If your pet is a candidate for an award at a dog show, you’ll need to spend some money on a professional groomer. Getting professional dog cuts might be expensive but the results are truly impressive.

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