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60 Damn Cute Yorkie Haircuts For Your Puppy

If you own a Yorkshire Terrier, you know that long fur can be a problem. That’s why Yorkie haircuts are so trendy. Their owners want their dog to stand out. Some owners take their Yorkie to dog shows, while others are satisfied with awed glances from other dog owners.

Giving your dog a haircut can be a complicated process, but once it’s done, the dog will thank you for it. Long fur is uncomfortable and can get really hot in the summer, which means a haircut is necessary for some dogs. Wherever there are haircuts, there is plenty of room for imagination. That’s why Yorkies tend to sport all kinds of impressive hairstyles.

Do Yorkies Need A Haircut?

Yes, Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers) need regular haircuts to keep their coat healthy, clean, and manageable. These little dogs have long, silky hair that can grow pretty long if you don’t trim it. You should groom them regularly to avoid matting, tangles, and other coat-related problems.

Don’t forget to trim the hair around the face, ears, paws, and sanitary areas. This will keep them clean and comfortable. There are various styles you can choose from, like a puppy cut, teddy bear cut, or schnauzer cut.

Yorkshire Terriers typically need a haircut every 4 to 6 weeks. However, the frequency may vary depending on the previously given hairstyle, and the Yorkie’s hair growth rate.

Stylish Yorkie Haircuts

Since your dog will be satisfied with any haircut as long as it doesn’t interfere with its everyday activities, you can let your imagination run wild. Yorkie haircuts range from long to short and from standard to outrageous. You can even create highlights using special dyes for dogs.

Even though Yorkshires have pretty coloring, some owners still decide to change it. You can even out the color or make something completely unique. It all depends on the amount of inspiration. You can get some inspiration from the 60 Yorkie haircut ideas we’ve compiled for you below.

1. Yorkie Haircut with Tinsel

The latest in Yorkie haircut trends features gold tinsel! The sparkly detail emphasizes long wavy fur and draws the eye toward a cute pup ponytail secured with a red and gold bow. 

2. Side Swept Hair

yorkie puppy's side swept haircut

If your Yorkie is full of attitude, a dramatic haircut is needed. Try this snazzy side-swept haircut, which is best for fur that has been blown out straight and layered. 

3. Short White Fur

yorkie puppy with short white hair

Some owners prefer their dogs to have a minimalist haircut, which is oftentimes easier to care for and maintain, especially on older dogs. This super short haircut for white-haired Yorkies is only long on the legs.

4. Long and Layered Yorkie Cut

yorkie puppy's layered haircut

If you’d rather not trim your Yorkie’s long beautiful fur, simply add layers, which make grooming a breeze and help those beautiful waves stand out. Then all you have to do is brush it out every other day.

5. Bubble Ponytail

yorkie puppy with bubble ponytail

Looking for a peppier look for your pooch to sport? A bubble ponytail is fabulous and will contain their fur in a hip way. Plus, you can use colorful hair ties like the purple seen here.

6. Back Comb Haircut

yorkie puppy's back comb haircut

For Yorkies with fur that has grown out quite long, a smooth backcomb style is the perfect dog haircut. You can shave the fur on their body but leave fur on the lower legs down for a bootie look.

7. Short Yorkie Haircut with Design

yorkie puppy haircut with design

Short fur doesn’t have to be boring. The lines in this Yorkie’s haircut are subtle but noticeable and really help to emphasize the longer fur on the legs and tail. The fur on the head is neatly trimmed short, and a small ponytail is added.

8. Braided Ponytail

yorkie puppy with braided hair

Another stylish way to dress up long fur on your dog is by adding a braid up top. Maintain short fur on the rest of the body, again leaving fur on the lower half of the dog’s long.

9. Golden Yorkie Haircut

golden yorkie puppy haircut

For a Yorkie in their golden years, give them a break on the haircuts and let it grow. Not only does this style show off its beautiful wavy fur, it also gives you a break from frequent brushing! 

10. Yorkshire Terrier Pigtails

yorkshire terrier puppy haircut

How adorable is this Yorkshire Terrier puppy cut? While hair on the body and legs is about an inch or two long at most, the fur on the ears is where the length is, creating a ‘pigtail’ look.

11. The elegant Yorkie

Elegant lady Yorkie Haircut

Most Yorkies have straight fur, that’s why hairstyles are easy to create. Make sure to leave the hair long enough to see the differences between the colored strands. Then keep the layers brushed.

12. Explosive hairstyle


Many owners like fun experiments with their dogs. One of them is this “just out of bed” hairstyle. You need to keep the fur rather long which means you can’t forget to brush it. This explosive hairstyle is actually a high-maintenance one.

13. Layered Yorkie haircut

Layered cut for cute Yorkie

Layered Yorkie haircut is one of the best choices for your dog. If the layers are short, the overall impression is very groomed and you don’t need to maintain it too often. At the same time, the dog is comfortable.

14. Short and sweet


If you live in a hot climate or the summer is approaching, it’s time to cut your dog’s fur short. Try to avoid going to dog shows during the hottest time since the dog will feel very uncomfortable with long hair.

15. Overgrown fur


Overgrown fur might seem cute on your dog but it makes it hard to take care of. A small Yorkie can only do so much to keep the long fur clean. The rest is your job. Make sure to do it well.

Adorable Maltese Haircut Options

16. The classics

The classics Yorkie haircut

The classical Yorkie haircut is when the fur is kept about an inch long on the body and about two to three inches on the face. Help your Yorkie by keeping the facial fur brushed and it will say thank you.

17. Medium style

Medium style Yorkie Haircut you like

If it’s getting colder outside, your Yorkie needs some fur to keep it warm. Short hairstyles are a no-no for winter time. Consider leaving the fur to be about 2 – 3 inches long.

18. Lion girl


Lion hairstyles are popular for all dogs that can grow long fur. Yorkies are not an exception. Keep the fur on the body cut very short and leave the hair on the face and paws long.

19. Don’t forget the ears


Yorkies grow long hair on their ears as well. Keeping the haircut stylish involves taking special care of the Yorkie ears. Get ready for some disagreements with your dog that doesn’t want its ears touched.

20. Yorkie showroom beauty

Yorkie Showroom beauty haircut

If your pet is a candidate for an award at a dog show, you’ll need to spend some money on a professional groomer. Getting professional dog cuts might be expensive but the results are truly impressive.

21. Contrast time


Contrasts are everything when it comes to hairstyles. Dog cuts are not an exception. This Yorkie haircut involves closely shaved body and long hair on the face. You can use hair accessories too.

22. Patterns


Wherever there is closely shaved fur, there is room enough for patterns. Turn your cute Yorkie into a dinosaur with just a few hair design. Ask the groomer for options that can be done fast in order not to disturb the dog too much.

23. Long and beautiful Yorkie haircut


This is a variation of the dog show cut. The hair is left about half an inch above the ground. While looking terrific, this style can be uncomfortable for the dog and requires a lot of brushing.

24. Patchy cut

Patchy cut with Yorkie Hair

If you want your Yorkie to stand out of the crowd, consider getting a patchy cut. It will feel as if your dog is making a statement since instead of uniform layers, it will sport an asymmetrical patchy style.

25. Take care of the paws


Furry paws look especially impressive coupled with a closely shaved body. This hairstyle is great for male dogs since it seems to mimic bell-bottomed pants. Send your dog back to the 70’s!

26. Quick and simple

Quick and simple Yorkie Haircut

A quick and simple way to take care of a Yorkie haircut is to cut the hair to be all the same length. Such hairstyle is easy to take care of and makes the dog very happy. Give it a try!

27. Round locks


This haircut is designed to make your Yorkie look like a plush toy. If this is your goal, then ask the stylist for a round haircut. The main advantage of this hairstyle is that it’s short and easy to maintain.

28. Ponytails


When the hair on your Yorkie’s face is left long enough, it gives you plenty of room for imagination, You can create as many hairstyles as your dog can handle. Start with a ponytail.

29. Groomed face


Dogs are usually sensitive about their faces. That’s why too much grooming might be stressful for your pet. Consider keeping the face grooming to a minimum and the dog will be grateful.

30. The Yorkie mustache


Terriers look great with this mustache hairstyles and Yorkie’s are not an exception. This Yorkie hairstyle involves cutting most of the fur short and leaving long hair around the nose and the mouth area.

31. Colored layers


Many Yorkies have differently colored fur. If you allow it to grow long, you’ll see that the dog has stripes. You can also use the colors when creating a haircut. Cut each colored section a different length.

32. Oval face

Yorkie Hairstyle with Oval face

When you are opting for a long haircut, consider making the Yorkie’s face oval. In fact, you can create any shape you’d like with the right layered haircut on the sides. Make sure no fur gets into the pet’s eyes.

33. Bright accessories

Bright hair color Yorkie Haircut

If you decide to grow long hair on the dog’s face, you need to keep it tied in order not to obscure the little guys (or gal’s) vision. To make your pet look even cuter, use different bright accessories to create ponytails.

34. Round cutie


Make your pet’s face cute and round by asking a professional groomer to create round Yorkie haircut. Regardless of the other fur length, the short and round hairstyle on the face always looks fantastic.

35. Wild options


Some pet owners want their dog to really stand out of the crowd and go for some outrageous options. As long as the pet doesn’t feel uncomfortable, you are free to do whatever you want.

36. Hair pins


Many Yorkie owners forget about simple safety rules. If you are about to create a Yorkie hairstyle using pins or other accessories, make sure they can’t hurt your dog. Inspect each pin to make sure it’s not sharp.

37. Ear ponytails

brown Ear ponytails hairstyle your Yorkie

Furry Yorkie ears look a lot like ponytails. Create a fun ponytail hairstyle by pinning bright accessories near the base of the ears. It will look as if the dog has two thick ponytails.

38. Redheads


Yorkie fur is bright and colorful, but sometimes the layers don’t look as pleasing as you want them to. The time has come to try special dog hair dye. Be careful using it for the first time on the face so it doesn’t get into the dog’s eyes.

39. A pixie


While a round hairstyle might look cute, it can make a pet’s face appear rather large. Consider a pixie-style Yorkie hairy. The hair on the top part of the head is left to be about 2-3 inches long while the lower part is cut short.

40. Blunt hairstyle


When you are going for a lion-like haircut, consider the bluntly cut fur on the head. Such haircut looks truly impressive and won’t require any maintenance due to being rather short.

41. Special cut

hair Special cut Yorkie look

When it comes to Yorkie haircuts you can plan them so you’ll be able to play around with different hairstyles. For example, this haircut is specifically created to make a high ponytail.

42. Blondie strands


If your dog is lucky enough to sport a strand of different colored fur on the head, you can take advantage of it when making a haircut. Cut all the rest of the fur short and leave one strand long so it stands out.

43. Yorkie tail haircut

all time best Tail haircut

Special attention should be paid to the Yorkie’s tail. It’s just as furry as the rest of its body. Try not to leave the hair on the tail too long since it gets dirty and unattractive rather fast. Consider stylish layered options.

44. Simply short


While most of the Yorkie haircut include long fur on the face and shorter on the body, there is always a vice versa option. If your dog is not too hairy, consider keeping the fur on the face shorter than on the body.

45. Long-haired extravaganza


This is a perfect hairstyle for a dog show. However, it requires a lot of patience on your part. Get ready for daily brushing and other grooming. Make sure to wash such long dog hair on a daily basis.

46. Another type of layers


Other layers you might want to consider are short and long ones. Make one layer on the dog’s face long so you can make ponytails and leave the middle part short so nothing gets into its eyes.

47. Dog show hit


This is another option for owners who like dog shows. As opposed to the extravaganza Yorkie haircut, this one allows the fur to be about 1 inch above the ground while the facial hair is cut significantly shorter.

48. Eyelashes


Play around with your Yorkie’s hairstyle and create cute eyelashes. All you have to do is leave two long strands above the eyes and keep them spiked up. Make sure they don’t obstruct a dog’s vision.

49. The longer the better


If you want your Yorkie to snag that long-coveted award, long fur is a must. You have to come up with creative ways to keep the fur from getting dirty and knotted while you wait for it to grow long enough.

50. Puppy cut


When your Yorkie is a puppy, it’s cute enough just on its own. So there is no need to bother it with any creative hairstyles. Just keep the fur short enough to let the dog run around freely.

51. Short beard


While a mustache and a beard are often considered to be a terrier’s hallmark, there is no need to be excessive. Keep the beard as short as possible and you will save yourself a great amount of maintenance time.

52. A-line bob


While a stacked bob might seem applicable to humans only, it will look great on a dog. Ask your groomer to imitate the A-line bob for your Yorkie and you’ll love the way it looks.

53. Watch the eyes


If you are a fan of fancy Yorkie haircuts, taking care of your pet’s eyes is your primary job. Make sure that the hair is kept out of them, otherwise, you can damage a dog’s vision. Make ponytails or cut the fur short.

54. Short classics

Short classics hairstyle your dog

Keep your dog’s fur all about the same length except for the face where you can cut it shorter and you’ll get a classical short Yorkie hairstyle that’s suitable for any occasion, even a dog show.

55. Long mustache


Creating a long mustache for your Yorkie is fun and easy. You can make it yourself by cutting most of the hair on its face short and leaving just two long strands to the side of its nose.

56. Yorkie evening dress


If you have enough patience to grow your pet’s hair long enough, you can opt for this popular and neat Yorkie cut. The hair on the body and the face is cut short and left long just on the paws.

57. Color separation


If you have a two colored Yorkie, consider leaving all the hair with one color long and all the hair with another color short. You’ll get a haircut which is absolutely unique.

58. Shaggy cut

Shaggy cut for your Yorkie hair

Shaggy cuts look especially well on Yorkies that don’t have several colors on their face. Get ready to do a lot of fur maintenance for your pet unless you cut the fur shorter.

59. Utter simplicity

Utter simplicity cute look haircut

Yorkie puppies are so cute that they don’t require any grooming on your part except for regular washing. Short haired Yorkies look truly adorable as puppies and when they grow older.

60. The stylish terrier

stylish terrier hair Yorkie dog

This stylish terrier cut is one of the most popular ones at the dog show. So if your pet is a boy, give him this ascetically pleasing hairstyle and he’ll bark you ‘thank you’ for the freedom.

We hope these various Yorkie puppy haircuts inspired you to call up the groomer and give your pet the Yorkie look you always wanted. Yorkshire terriers grow fur fast so you’ll have plenty of time to experiment.


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