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Does Purple Conditioner Work As A Toner?

If you have dyed your hair blonde or gray, you already know the importance of toner. But as toner makes hair dry, many people look for an alternative that can nourish and tone hair simultaneously.

One tip that has been circulating on the internet is using purple conditioner as a toner for blonde or gray hair.

Using purple shampoo as a toner is common and it also works great. But does purple conditioner work as a toner like purple shampoo?

Does Purple Conditioner Act As A Toner?

The short answer is yes. Purple conditioner effectively acts as a gentle toner that removes yellowish-brassy tones from hair by depositing purple pigments.

Toners are used for color correction of dyed hair. It doesn’t change the color of your hair drastically, instead, deposits color pigments on the surface of the hair.

Purple conditioner also deposits purple pigments on hair like purple shampoo which can neutralize unwanted brassy or yellow tones in blonde hair. So it does work as a toner.

How To Tone Hair With Purple Conditioner?

using purple conditioner as toner
Toning Hair with Purple Conditioner (Source: NNN Enterprise/Instagram)

If you have dyed your hair blonde, gray, or silver, your hair may become brassy or get yellowish undertones after a few days.

As purple is the opposite of yellow in the color wheel, you have to add purple toner to deposit purple pigments on your hair and neutralize the yellowish tones.

If you have dry hair, you can use purple conditioner without shampoo to nourish and tone your hair at the same time.

After washing your hair with less drying shampoo, apply purple conditioner on your hair and leave it for 2-5 minutes. This is usually enough to neutralize brassy yellow tones.

If you need more intense toning, you can leave it on for a longer period, up to 15 minutes. However, be cautious as leaving it on too long can result in some purple hues in your hair.

After that rinse the purple conditioner from the hair with cool water. The purple conditioner will tone your hair color to a vibrant shade.

Use the purple conditioner once a week or every few washes. The frequency depends on how quickly your hair develops brassy tones.

Why Choose Purple Conditioner Over Other Toning Methods?

Tips for Using Purple Conditioner as a Toner

Toning hair with purple conditioner instead of traditional toners has few advantages such as:

  • Purple conditioner is gentle and nourishing enough that you can use it daily to help keep the brassy tones from your hair.
  • Purple conditioner is easy to use, and you don’t need to worry about messing it up. Simply use it like any other conditioner. The purple pigments are easier to remove from your hair, hands, or skin.

However, while purple conditioners are great as a toner, a purple conditioner is not as effective as a traditional toner.

It is difficult to neutralize too brassy tones with purple conditioner. So your hair may remain yellow even after using purple conditioner or shampoo.

So, purple conditioner not only nourishes your hair but also works as a toner too! However, purple conditioner will only have a gentle toning effect which is enough for at-home maintenance.


Here are a few common questions about using purple conditioner as a toner.

How long should I keep it in purple conditioner to tone it?

Ideally, no longer than 15 minutes. After that, you won’t get any additional effect, and keeping it in may irritate your scalp.

Can I use a purple conditioner without purple shampoo?

Yes! You can use a shampoo or a conditioner when using purple products. You don’t need to use them together. It is recommended that you don’t use them together in many cases.