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Can You Use Purple Conditioner Without Purple Shampoo?

You’ve heard about using purple shampoo and conditioner together to maximize benefits. But can you use purple conditioner without purple shampoo?

While both purple shampoo and purple conditioner combat brassiness both these products have different purposes.

Find out if purple conditioner can stand on its own against warm tones or if you really need the purple shampoo and conditioner super duo.

What Is Purple Shampoo and What Does It Do?

result of using purple shampoo

Purple shampoo is a helpful agent for blondes and those with blonde highlights. The reasoning? It has to do with a little thing called color science.

Do you remember the color wheel in the art classes at school? The color wheel shows that colors across from each other complement, or in other words, cancel.

Another example of this is makeup; green concealer pens help even out redness patches on our faces.

Purple shampoo is helpful because it helps to cancel out brassy or yellow tones that can occur as you wash and go through everyday life with newly highlighted hair.

Brassy hair is inevitable, and many feel more confident with having purple shampoo to deal with it.

Purple shampoo comprises crushed violet pigments that help regulate and balance out those unfavored brassy hues.

UV rays from the sun, a dip into the chlorine pool, and just washing your hair can help the tone your stylist puts in become undone.

That’s the reason why people usually look toward purple shampoos; they’re an at-home treatment to help restore your hair to the color you want!

One should note that purple shampoo should not be used more frequently than other shampoos; it can cause your hair to take on a purple tint, so using this shampoo for every other wash is a healthy balance. If you notice you need it less, use it less. It entirely depends on you! 

What Is Purple Conditioner and What Does It Do?

Results of Using Purple Conditioner
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Purple conditioner is a conditioner containing the same pigment as your purple shampoo. The idea is that the purple conditioner will help give moisture to your hair, leave it feeling silky smooth, and also just keep those good colors at bay.

Some brands will have you leave the conditioner in for longer than others, some might be sprayed in conditioner, and others will feel like your regular conditioner, except for the pretty purple color.

Purple conditioner is intended to be another step to seal in those beautiful, newly toned colors from the purple shampoo.

Not everyone feels the need to use it. However, everyone has different hair, so if you are feeling brave, you can always experiment.

Can You Use Purple Conditioner Without Purple Shampoo?

it’s perfectly fine to use only purple conditioner. Many recommend purple conditioner as a milder option compared to purple shampoo, particularly for individuals with sensitive or dry hair.

The reason behind this is that purple conditioners generally impart less pigment compared to their shampoo counterparts, leading to a more gradual and less intense toning effect.

Using Purple Conditioner Without Purple Shampoo

From my experience, either using a color-protecting shampoo with purple conditioner, or purple shampoo followed by a leave-in conditioner makes the most of each product’s strengths.

Using both purple shampoo and conditioner can lead to darker hair due to overusing of purple shampoo.

Results can also vary depending on variables like the current frequency you wash your hair, how much you use, and how many other products you’ve got on your shelf.

You can keep trying your purple conditioner if you’re seeing results you like, but if not, take a chance and see if adding purple shampoo improves things.

If it’s worked thus far, hold that brand near and dear and keep using it! All hair is different, so some react to products differently than others.


Using purple conditioner without purple shampoo can still sustain your cool hair tones, but it may not be as effective as using both products together.

Ideally, purple shampoo opens the hair cuticle and removes buildup, allowing its purple pigments to penetrate deeper into the hair strands.

Purple conditioner, on the other hand, works to close the cuticle and seal in moisture–keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

So, if you have dry hair and subtly adjusting hair tone is your goal, you can use purple conditioner without purple shampoo.