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Your Hair Is Still Curly After A Keratin Treatment – Here’s Why

Tired of your curls and wavy hair? If so, you may have gone to the salon thinking that a keratin treatment would fix your hair issues. But sometimes, your trip to the salon doesn’t end up straightening your hair.

Contrary to what most people think, there are many reasons why your hair is still curly after a keratin treatment. 

Why Is My Hair Still Curly After a Keratin Treatment?

curly hair after keratin treatment

Keratin has many uses for your hair, but one isn’t straightening. Here are reasons to help you understand why:

Your Keratin Treatment Has no Formaldehyde

The formaldehyde ingredient is what makes your hair treatments effective, especially with straightening. If your hair is still curly after a keratin treatment, chances are that it is formaldehyde-free. So you might want to look for other keratin options to straighten your hair.

You might think it’s a bad thing for keratin treatments to be formaldehyde-free because it does not straighten your curls. But keratin with formaldehyde can significantly damage your hair in the long run.

That’s the only downside – formaldehyde is a toxic ingredient that can significantly affect your health. Instead of transforming your hair healthily, keratin can cause hair loss when paired with formaldehyde. If you don’t want to risk damaging your health, progressive straightening is a better option to consider.

You Have Extremely Thick Curly Hair

thick curly hair

There are many magic tricks that keratin can do for your hair. But if your hair is extremely curly, it’ll take time to tame the curls without going through the actual rebonding process.

If you follow successive keratin treatment applications properly, your curls can soften and become straight. But the conventional keratin treatment method might not cause significant changes to your curls. So you might need to opt for other treatment types.

Keratin Is for Hair Repair

Getting straight hair is not the primary purpose of keratin treatments. Instead, a keratin treatment is for repairing damaged hair. If you want straight hair, keratin isn’t the right choice. It will only add more shine and nourishment to your hair. It also lessens the frizz in your hair after your treatment.

However, results with keratin treatment can vary with different types of hair. If your hair is damaged and you want to fix it, then a keratin treatment is perfect. The keratin treatment might make your hair less curly if you have stubborn curly locks and need straightening.

The point is – it looks to fix your hair’s health. It can temporarily make your hair look tamed, shiny, and a little straighter. But it is not a long-term solution for straight hair.

Keratin Isn’t a Straightening Agent

keratin hair repair treatment

The rebonding process and keratin treatment both make your hair smooth and silky. But unlike rebonding, the post-treatment effects are only temporary.

Also, in contrast to straightening, a keratin treatment is not a hair procedure that flattens and makes your hair ends sleek. Instead, it acts as a deep conditioner that coats and strengthens your hair shaft with nutrients. This way, your hair’s natural keratin is preserved with the stronger hair shaft.

Keratin hair treatment does the task of restoring the softness, bounciness, and shine of your hair. But applying a keratin treatment is not a straightening process.

So even during post-treatment, you might still need a flat iron to straighten your hair if this is your goal.

Keratin Doesn’t Chemically Alter your Hair

There is no permanent change in your hair structure with a keratin treatment. In other words, no chemical alterations are involved in such a process. You can see results post-treatment of smoother and silky hair, but only for a short period.

It does change hair structure, but only for regaining your hair’s natural strength. So if you have curls, your natural curls will show with a keratin treatment – not significantly straighten it.

Keratin treatments don’t involve straightening treatments that chemically realign your hair to become straight. It’s a treatment to smooth out your frizz, hair damage, and split ends.

Can I Straighten My Hair After a Keratin Treatment?

straightening hair after keratin treatment

Absolutely yes! What you shouldn’t do after a keratin hair treatment is the one thing your hairstylist keeps reminding you not to do. Don’t wash your hair for the first 72 hours. The treatment should take time to be absorbed in your hair fibers.

Straightening your hair can be a keratin post-treatment care activity since you can’t wash your hair for a bit. Contrary to what most people think, the use of heat won’t disrupt your treatment. Instead, straightening with heat can reactivate the work of keratin treatment.

So, Why Hasn’t My Keratin Treatment Tamed My Curls?

If you’re still wondering why your hair is still curly after a keratin treatment, you need to remember one thing. The primary focus of a keratin treatment is smooth and damage-free hair.

So it isn’t great for making your hair straight. If your goal is for straight hair, there are improved versions of keratin treatments available that use straightening methods.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about keratin treatment.

Can I keep my curl after keratin treatment?

Yes, you can. Here’s what keratin treatment does to your curls:
– Smooths your curls
– Helps your curls absorb moisture
– Adds texture to your curls
– Preserves your curls with no chemical straightening

How long to wait to wash hair post keratin treatment?

You must not wash your hair for the first 72 hours after keratin treatment. This period is critical for your treatment to do its job. So show restraint to achieve the best results. 

Does Japzilian keratin treatment include hair straightening?

Yes. Japzilian treatment is an improved keratin treatment using a hair straightening method from Japan. Unlike ordinary keratin treatment, Japzilian treatments are designed to last longer.

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