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How To Get Hair Volume Back After a Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment has its benefits but many struggle to get hair volume back after a keratin treatment. After a keratin treatment, you might notice that your hair is not as voluminous as before. Loss of volume can result from several factors, including the condition of your hair and how long you’ve had the treatment done.

Fortunately, you can follow some steps to restore the natural hair volume and regain that bouncy look you loved before the treatment. Let’s find out if you can get hair volume back after a keratin treatment.


  • Keratin treatment may cause hair to lose volume due to the straightening and smoothing effects.
  • Hair may be weaker after a keratin treatment, increasing the risk of damage and breakage.
  • Mistakes to avoid after a keratin treatment: using poor quality keratin solution, not following application directions, over-straightening, washing hair too soon, blow-drying on high heat, and increased formaldehyde exposure.
  • To restore volume after keratin treatment: switch to a volumizing shampoo, use a deep conditioner, wash hair less often, use a texturizing spray while styling, and try a layered haircut.

Can You Lose Volume After a Keratin Treatment?

Yes. The whole point of the straightening treatment is to get smoother, straighter hair, which means there will be a little loss in volume.

A keratin treatment is a way of adding keratin to your hair. The process involves applying protein products to your hair, which is heated and ironed flat.

The keratin treatment typically lasts for about four months. However, some people find their results last longer. After this time, you’ll need another treatment to continue enjoying its benefits.

Despite the risk of volume loss, keratin treatments have numerous benefits.

What Happens in a Keratin Treatment?

before and after a Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments are a popular way to straighten, smooth and de-frizz hair. They can also make your hair look thicker, shinier, and more manageable.

During the process, you sit under an infrared heat dryer for about two hours while the stylist applies keratin protein to your hair. They will then rinse it with warm water. A blow dryer or flat iron will finish the process before you leave the salon—and you’ll have shiny new locks.

How Does Your Hair Lose Volume After a Keratin Treatment?

Your hair is weaker after a keratin treatment. You should treat your hair gently after receiving a keratin treatment to protect it from future damage. The heating part of the treatment breaks down the bonds of the protein in your hair, which weakens and breaks it down over time.

The treatment can make your hair look thinner depending on how often you straighten it and how long you leave the product on.  

Mistakes To Avoid To Maintain Body After a Keratin Treatment

Maintain Body After a Keratin Treatment

To figure out how to maintain voluminous hair after a keratin treatment, you must first understand why there’s usually a loss of volume during the treatment.

There are many reasons why you might lose volume after keratin treatment. Avoid these mistakes to maintain thicker and fuller hair during the treatment.

Poor Quality Keratin Solution

Keratin is a protein naturally found in your hair that gives it strength, shine, and elasticity. An acidic solution containing this protein gets used for chemical straightening treatments.

The quality of the keratin solution used plays a huge role in determining how well the treatment works and how long it lasts.

Not Following Directions for Applying Keratin

You should follow the instructions your hairdresser provides for the best results from your treatment. For example, don’t apply much heat during blow drying as this can damage your hair further.

Over-Straightening Hair During Treatment

When your keratin treatment gets done at the salon, they will straighten your hair before applying the product. That ensures that all the hair strands get covered evenly with the keratin solution.

However, if you overdo it while straightening your hair with a flat iron or blow dryer, this can create more damage than benefits for your hair.

Washing Hair Too Soon After Treatment

One of the reasons you lose volume after a keratin treatment is that you are washing your hair too soon after the treatment. You should wait at least one week before washing your hair.

Allow time for the product to fully penetrate the cuticle of the hair strands and repair any damage that may have been caused by heat or chemicals.

Blow Drying on High Heat

If you blow dry your hair after getting a keratin treatment, it will increase the chances of hair loss and breakage. The heat from blow drying dries out the moisture in your hair and makes them brittle and weak.

So, avoid blow drying with high heat until you’re sure that your hair has recovered completely from the keratin treatment.

Increased Formaldehyde Exposure

Formaldehyde is an ingredient in most keratin treatments. It helps to bond the proteins together and gives them strength and durability. But too much exposure can dry out your hair, causing it to become brittle and break off at the ends over time.

How To Get Hair Volume Back After a Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is a fantastic solution for frizzy, unruly locks that need taming. But after the treatment, your hair may not be as voluminous as before. So what can you do to boost the volume in your hair after a keratin treatment? There are several ways to get voluminous hair back again.

Get a Volumizing Shampoo

The first thing to do is switch out your regular shampoo for one designed to give you more volume and body. Check out brands like Aveda Volumizing Shampoo or Oribe Cote d’Azur Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner. These products contain ingredients like wheat protein, panthenol, and glycerin that help rebuild the structure of the hair.

Try a Deep Conditioner

Get Volume in Hair Back After a Keratin Treatment

Deep conditioners are great for getting volume back into your hair after keratin treatments because they will help repair any damage incurred while adding moisture back into your strands. You can find some fantastic deep conditioners at drugstores or even Target stores.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

Washing too often can strip away the natural oils that protect our scalp and hair follicles from dryness and breakage over time. If you’re washing every day, try cutting back to once a week. Plenty of time between washes helps promote healthy growth by keeping your scalp moisturized longer.

Use a Texturizing Spray While Styling

While keratin treatments are great at smoothing and straightening, they can also make your hair flat and limp. The latter can hold your hair without making it crunchy or sticky — perfect for adding volume back in. If you’re looking for volume, try using a texturizing spray before blow-drying or styling your hair.

Try a Layered Cut

Layered Haircut after a keratin treatment

A layered haircut can help keep things looking full and soft even after undergoing chemical treatments like keratin straightening. Layers help create movement in your hair. It helps create the illusion of fullness even when chemically treated.

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