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20 Awesome Half Blonde Half Black Hairstyles

Have you ever considered half blonde, half black hair? Cultural stars like Cruella DeViil and Harley Quinn made this look iconic, but it’s up to you to make it wearable and elevated. Believe it or not, the style works on a variety of hair textures and skin tones.


The Best Half Blonde Half Black Looks

There are actually lots of different ways to wear this distinct style. Check out our top 20 below.

1. Half Beige Half Dark Brown

A gorgeous beige tone quickly uplifts your look. This beige blonde and half black hair contrasts well on skin with red undertones. If true black is too much for you, try this rich, dark chocolate color.


2. Pixie Cut

Pixies are perfect for half black, half blonde short hair. Ask your stylist for lots of choppy layers to create awesome see-through contrast. If your hair is thick with lots of body, a defined line between colors is another option.


3. Baby Bangs + Shaved Undercut

For all the babes that are a little bit punk, consider this half black, half blonde hair with shaved side. Undercuts are edgy, yet subtle. They look great on straight hair paired with baby bangs.


4. French Braids

Emphasize contrast with braided half blonde, half black hair. Regular braids are always a great option, but this French braid style feeds a small portion of either the blonde or the black hair into the other for a cool look.


5. Sleek And Straight

Working with sleek or fine locks? Half blonde, half black straight hair looks great in both long and short variations. Because this look is so clean, it’s a good idea to get a trim and give hair a deep conditioning.


6. Super Curly

It’s great on straight hair, but we love half blonde, half black curly hair, too! Create perfect ringlets or a tousled bedhead look and you’re ready to rock.


7. Textured Black Hair

Adjusting the blonde portion of your half blonde and black hair for Black girl is key to making this special look work for you. A warm and light caramel color will pair perfectly with your skin tone and natural hair.


8. Horizontal Color

Instead of rocking colors on each side of your head, why not switch it up? Create this top half blonde, bottom half black hair for something even more unique. Blonde at the front will lighten your look, black will make it edgy.


9. Long Locks

While short hairstyles can be edgy and fun, half black and half blonde long hair is pretty and subdued. It also happens to look great if your personal style is a little bit punk!


10. Medium Hair With Bangs

This half blonde, half black hair with bangs is great for softening harsh facial features. Long, messy bangs on medium hair work wonders on a strong jawline and long face shape.


11. Space Buns

Space buns are so much fun, and perfect for this unique style. The half-up look is more approachable and easy to wear day-to-day, though an all-up style is certainly cool.


12. Half Black Half Dirty Blonde

Working with yellow undertones in your skin? A bright blonde simply won’t do. Try a half black, half dirty blonde hair to add some warmth to your look.


13. Half-Up Style

Nothing says cool quite like a half-up style. Adding height to your hair is the perfect way to show off even more hair, and even more contrast. A black scrunchie is the way to go.


14. Textured Medium Hair

Textured medium hair so trendy right now, but you typically see it in your basic, black, blonde, and brunette variety. Punch things up and try it with a blonde and black look. To make it unique, try a dark gray or muted black color.


15. Playful Pigtails

Pigtail ponytails do two things at once. They help to frame your face, alongside short front layers, and they play into the contrast between both hair colors. Plus, they’re cute and fun!


16. Slicked Back Look

Take this edgy hairstyle even further with a slicked back look. The slicked back and wet look is very fashion-forward, so we know it’s not for everyone. If you’re feeling it, though, you should go for it.


17. Tousled Double Braids on Medium Hair

The half and half hairstyle looks so cool in regular or French braids. Up the playful element of your look by keeping your hair tousled and piecey as opposed to tight and precise. Short layers cut around the face create this look.


18. Half Black Half Platinum

This half black and half blonde balayage hairstyle uses some root growth to shape the look. It’s ideal if your natural hair color is the same dark color as the dark portion of hair. If you are extra pale, try this platinum blonde.


19. Half Golden

Though the look is typically suited for fair skin, babes with golden skin tones can wear it with a few adjustments. Half black and half golden blonde hair is ideal to pick up the warmth in your skin.


20. Frizzy High Ponytail

The 80s are back, so why not use them as your inspiration for this highly contrasted look? Embrace any frizzy texture and enhance it with a fun scrunchie. The scalp is totally black on this look. Blonde is concentrated solely to the back left portion of hair.

Even though half blonde, half black hair may seem like an inflexible style, there are so many ways to work the look and make it your own. Will you try it on your short, medium, or long hair?