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20 Hottest French Hairstyles to Try in 2024

You don’t need to hop on a plane for a culture shift – all you have to do is try a French haircut! These hairstyles commonly feature side braids, blunt cuts, jaw-level bobs, and both sleek and soft touches.

The most popular French girl haircut is the bob, which can be styled with and without bangs, but there are other hairstyles just as gorgeous that you should consider as well. Once you’ve chosen your favorite from our list below, be sure to add a red lip and/or the infamous beret to complete your look!

History of French Haircut

The influence of French hairstyles over centuries is tied to its vibrant fashion culture.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, hairstyles were extravagant with tall wigs and ornate accessories, a trend set by French nobility like Marie Antoinette.

The French Revolution in the late 18th century saw the rise of the “à la Titus” hairstyle, a short and disheveled look as a protest against the aristocracy’s excesses.

The 1920s brought about the French bob, a short, sleek style symbolizing women’s independence. The 1960s saw the popularity of the French pixie cut and the beehive hairstyle, personified by French film stars like Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve.

In modern times, French hairstyles are known for their effortless elegance, often characterized by natural, tousled waves – low maintenance but high on style, epitomizing the French approach to fashion.

Trendy French Haircuts for Bold Ladies

Bring culture and worldly fashion to your hairstyle with one of these 20 French haircuts!

1. French Bob

French bob haircut

A bob is one of the classiest French haircuts you could try. With so many styles, it can be hard to choose. We recommend this chin-length bob with long fringe.

2. Long Hair with Choppy Bangs

French haircut with Bangs

One of the hallmarks of a great hairstyle for French women is a blunt cut. If you have naturally long hair, you can easily put a French twist on your mane with choppy bangs that accentuate your eyes.

3. Long Hair with Scarf

vintage French hairstyle

The French are all about fun hair accessories. We love how a simple scarf can transform a look. Pick up a bold printed scarf and tuck your loose long hair underneath. Use oversized sunglasses to keep extra long bangs out of your eyes.

4. French Updo

French updo hairstyle

It’s the sexy librarian look meets French chicness with this super cute bun updo. Gather your hair into a mid-height bun, making sure to loosen two sections of hair along the face for framing. Finalize the look with a red lip!

5. Messy Hair with Beret

messy French hairstyle

A beret is perfect when you’re short on style time. Just gather your long curly or wavy hair into a low messy bun and pop on the beret to be on your way. A red and white striped shirt is the perfect complementing detail to this French hairstyle. 

6. Sleek Wavy Hair

French brunette haircut

You don’t need to wear your hair up to look sleek and put together for a fancy occasion. Part your hair off center and then smooth your hair down with a little product to nix frizz. Fill the bottom of your hair with soft waves.

7. Wrap Around Braid

French braid hairstyle

Are you good with braiding hair? Then try this gorgeous wrap around braid! The French braid will look amazing loosened for thickness and with a few flowers or jeweled pins tucked in.

8. Curly Partial Updo

curly French hairstyle

Whether your hair is naturally so curly that it looks like little spirals or you use a hair wand to get the stunning texture, the soft body is very French. Leave it all down and loose or pin back a couple strands on either side.

9. Layered Short Hair

short French haircut

Short layers that feature piecey waves are another very French hairstyle. Part your hair off center and tease the roots to get voluminous layers that accentuate your natural waves. 

10. Half Ponytail

French ponytail hairstyle

The ponytail is every woman’s favorite easy hairstyle, French women included. Make your long hair look even longer by gathering the top half of it into a thick ponytail. You can give it some volume by teasing the roots with a little hairspray.

11. French Pigtails with Beret

French pigtails hairstyle

You’ll never again think of a pigtail hairstyle as childish after seeing how you can easily make it more French. Make two low, loose braids, leaving loose a few tendrils. Secure with a clear hair tie and top them off with a gray or black beret.

12. Medium Hair with Wavy Layers

French layered haircut

A medium or shoulder-length haircut is anything but boring with soft waves to fill it up. Ask your stylist to give your mane layers for more shape and built-in style.

13. Long Waves + Middle Part

long French haircut

With these amazing long blonde waves, people might just mistake you for Rapunzel! The best thing about having such a gorgeous texture is that the only hairstyling you need to do is part your hair in the middle to be ready for the day.

14. Curly Bob with Bandana

French hairstyle with headband

Bright red hair accessories are all the rage when it comes to French hairstyles. For ladies with naturally curly hair, show those spirals off in a short bob complete with a chic knotted bandana to sweep the hair back.

15. French Chignon

French hairstyle for older women

Are you an older woman looking for other sophisticated hairstyles to try? The sleek French chignon is a timeless hairdo that will do right by your gray hairs. It’s perfect for professional environments as well as special occasions. 

16. Casual French Haircut

medium French haircut

Even the French can appreciate a more casual hairstyle. Redhead or no, let your shoulder-length hair be loose for the day. If anything, you can comb in a side part

17. Asymmetrical Hairstyle with Beret

asymmetrical French haircut

Want to know the secret to looking truly put together? A chic asymmetrical haircut and the perfect red beret. After straightening your hair for sleekness and rock a red lip to match your hat. 

18. Combed Back Ponytail

slick back French hairstyle

A ponytail isn’t just for days spent running errands. A low ponytail is a common hairstyle for French women that looks great with or without a collared blazer. You can get the look yourself by finger combing your hair back into a low pony.

19. French Space Buns

space buns for French women

For Black women with natural hair or box braids, set your space bun hairstyle apart by putting a French twist on them. A red lip or a red and white flowered dress will pull your look together.

20. Rose Pink Ombre

pink French haircut

Many trendy French hairstyles play with color. We love how flattering this dusty pink is as an ombre against a light skin tone. It’ll definitely liven up a bluntly cut bob parted in the middle.

Which of these French haircuts is your favorite? The wonderful thing about these looks is many of them are versatile, so you can rock several French elements in your hair at one time. A blunt bob, messy braid, or another haircut with the quintessential beret, you’ll feel like a French fashionista in no time.