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How to Part Hair for Box Braids, According to Braid Expert

One of the most significant parts of box braiding is the parting method. You can have the same number and size of braids but part your hair differently, and they will look completely different.

One can also have fewer braids but look fuller than another with more braids and empty spaces (when there is no special geometrical pattern), and guess why? Because of hair paths.

Most of my customers would like their box braids to look full, with no lines or empty spaces between them.

box braids with no empty spaces

Box Braids without Empty Spaces (Photo from Archive ©Ina Shan ©HairstyleCamp)

In this case, no matter how thick or thin the natural hair is, a good pattern and some hair extensions would fulfill the expectations.

How to Section the Hair for Box Braids to Look Full

parting hair for box braids

Inashan’s Self-Braiding Pattern (©Ina Shan ©HairstyleCamp)

  1. When sectioning the hair, you must start with the neck area, making the first straight horizontal line about 2cm high, depending on the hair volume, head shape, and preferences. Grab the rest of the hair so that it wouldn’t bother you, and split the first line into squares for the first braids.
  2. The second horizontal section, above the first one, would be the same, but the braids must fall right between the braids underneath (the vertical side of the square will hit the middle of the upper side of the square below).To be noted, squares don’t need to be real squares with equal sides, and you can apply this method to rhombuses or triangles too. You always need to adapt to the head you’re working on. Make smaller paths at the edges so you don’t see empty spaces when styling the braids.
  3. Keep getting higher with this method. Above the ears, you will start drawing semicircles instead of lines, and the squares around the headline and edges should be smaller.
  4. When you get up to the calotte, you’ll need to draw lines again, as for the neck area, and the squares will be smaller and smaller, as they will not get to be covered by other braids that come between those underneath.
  5. When you get close to the forehead, you’ll make a middle or a side parting and start braiding from the sides up to the middle, where the last row of braids meet on one side and the other. There will be several straight lines up, so both the middle and side paths should work, as they are movable, provided that you follow the steps thoroughly.

That’s how you get no empty spaces between your box braids, looking fabulously full in any type of styling.

However, this is not the only good-looking parting style for box braids, as spaces and lines can look really cool when there is a certain geometrical pattern.

How Can You Part Hair for Box Braids with A Visible Geometrical Pattern?

How to Part Hair for Box Braids, with A Visible Geometrical Pattern

If you want to see paths between braids, there are a lot of patterns you can try, but it needs to be very geometrical, and the lines to be really clear.

The paths can be rhombuses, triangles, squares, mixed with cornrows, or any other shape that looks good.

Use a thin comb tail for paring the braids, and be as precise as possible when drawing the lines.

For this method, it would be better if you section the hair and tie it up with elastics or clips, so you can see the entire pattern before braiding, thus avoiding making any mistakes.

What if You Don’t Part the Hair Right?

If your option is the first method, drawing super straight, clear, and geometrical lines aren’t very important, as the main purpose is for all spaces to be covered up.

Eventually, the only line that must be nicely visible is the path that you choose to expose. But the pattern needs to be well done and adapted to each head shape and hair type.

I am not a fan of asking, “how do you like to wear or style your braids” and braiding them so they will only look good if you wear them in a ponytail or on a side etc.

Braids must be good-looking in every style. You have around 2 months of waking up like that every single day and one must have the possibility to change their hairdo.

So, I will skip this option of hair paths that looks good in a certain style only and include it here in “not right” patterns.

When you opt for a geometrical pattern, and you part the hair wrong, that’s going to be quite visible. Focus on the parting when you choose these types of box braids.

The way you part the hair for braiding affects the appearance of braids the most. Doing it wrong would look wrong.

Hope you understood the importance of hair paths when braiding and a bit of how to.

Keep on parting and partying!