7 Classy Indian Hairstyle Ideas for Curly Hair

Curly hair is a true blessing. Why? It’s because there are a million hairstyles you can try. A number of Asian women are blessed with curly hair. Ladies find managing their beautiful hair locks a bit difficult. Indian curly hairstyles are pretty versatile, especially if you have got to handle curly hair. The people with straight hair have a limited option of hairstyles to wear, but that’s not the case for the ones with curly hair.


Ideal Curly Hairstyles for Indian Women

Only because you have curly hair, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear gorgeous trendy hairstyles. Want to know about the top Indian hairstyles for curly hair? Check out the ultra glam and stylish Indian hairstyles for curly hair.

1. High ponytail

high ponytail for indian curly hair

Ponytails aren’t a schoolgirl statement hairstyle anymore. Curly hair styled into a high ponytail is an on-trend Indian hairstyle. Not only it keeps the curls out of your face but appears sassy too.

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2. Updo with fringes for long curly hair

updo with curly hair for indian women

Need not to worry if you have long curly hair. This is a beautiful hairstyle if you want to tie your hair. All you got to do is have your fringes as they are on your forehead, take the top half section of hair to tie it into a nice bun. Super cute and girly, no?


3. Messy updo

messy updo for curly hair

Who says a messy bun in curly frizzy hair doesn’t look pretty? If you’re running late but still want to look classy, toss your naturally curled hair around in a high updo. Takes less than 10 seconds for sure.


4. All down curly hair

curly hairstyle for indian women

If you a fan of your curly hair, then here is how you flaunt them off. Whoever says you shouldn’t keep your curly hair open; show them your confident side. When in the mood of pinning and tying, simply use a serum to set your hair all down. This relaxed and trendy look is a must try.


5. Twisted Bun

twisted bun for curly hair

Twists look adorbs in curly hair as much as they look in straight hair. You can wear this hot hairstyle at formal occasions by making twists on both sides and then tweak it with a back bun. The messier it is, the better it looks.

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6. Simple Curly Twists

curly twists for indian women
The curly twists at each side on twisty hair locks is an absolute bewitching hairdo. From lunch date to an evening party, you can wear it anytime anywhere.


7. Bob cut

curly bob for indian women

For a modest yet pleasing look, you can opt for this Indian hairstyle; bob cut. Bob haircut adds definition to your facial features, giving your overall appearance a magical boost.


It is time to embrace your stunning curls and ditch the straighteners. Curly hair holds their own charm. It may come as a surprise but the graceful curl locks are in an in thing. So if at times you run out of options, feel free to try some of these Indian hairstyles for curly hair.