10 Long-Haired Cat Breeds You Can’t Help But Love

If you are a cat lover, you know exactly what breed you like the most. Long haired cats might be hard to take care of but they are absolutely irresistible.

You can’t help but want to touch their long and fluffy fur and get a boost of energy and positive emotions you could never get from anywhere else.

Cats are amazing pets that don’t require too much of your attention but they are always around when you want to relax and enjoy a purring ball of joy. Even if you don’t own a long haired cat, you must have contemplated getting one.


Long Haired Cat Breeds Any Feline Lover Wishes to Own

There are many different long haired cat breeds for the contemporary cat lovers to choose from. Whether you want to buy one or already own such a cat, you can benefit from some information about the breed.

Many owners-to-be don’t realize that caring for long haired cats is not too complicated. Obviously, the fur you have to deal with on the floor and furniture is annoying.

However, the moments you enjoy with your beautiful cat make up for all the downsides. We collected 10 long haired cat breeds for you to consider and have fun with. You can also get inspired by these cat haircuts.


1. British Long Hair

 British Long Hair Cat Breed

These cats are truly high-maintenance. You need to get ready for frequent grooming in order to keep them as beautiful as they can be. Regular brushing and combing allow you to spend plenty of quality time with your pet. This breed is generally healthy so it’s great for on-budget owners, who don’t plan for large vet bills.

Long haired Brits are quiet so no excessive meowing or night crying interferes with your lifestyle. These cats don’t require too much attention so you don’t have to worry about living them alone for the day. This is a great cat for families with children.


2. Himalayan

 Long Hair Cat Breed

Get ready to do some extensive brushing, combing, and vacuuming. This beauty needs some special care. It constantly sheds so brushing is imperative for keeping the hairballs to a minimum. This is a sensitive breed, which is known for various health problems. So you should only get this feline if you are ready for frequent vet visits.

Himalayans require plenty of attention so don’t leave it alone for more than 8 hours. These cats are quite lazy and ready to spend the whole day lying around and sleeping.


3. Maine Coon

 wonderful Long Hair Cat Breed

This is a wonderful family cat, which is very affectionate with all the family members including children. Since the coat is long, you know you have to groom it on a regular basis (at least 2 times a week). Get ready to get all types of grooming equipment to keep the fur healthy.

Maine Coons are not big attention lovers. So you can leave them alone while you are at work without being worried about the little catty revenge. These felines need regular exercises so get ready to play with them.


4. Persian

 Long Hair Cat Breed

Get the combs and the brushes out. These cats need daily grooming. So you can spend plenty of quality time with this special pet. They are prone to developing hairballs so it’s inadvisable to skip the daily brushing sessions.

This long hair cat breed is prone to various health problems, including colds. So regular vet visits are a must. Persians love attention so don’t forget to play with your cat as often as possible. Don’t leave it alone longer than for 6 -8 hours. This is an affectionate breed so it can become a great family member.


5. Ragdoll

 Long Hair Cat Breed

These long-haired cats are actually low-maintenance. You need to get ready for occasional brushing and grooming but they don’t require it more often than once a week.

Meanwhile, they are constantly shedding so you need to empty the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. This is a healthy breed, which isn’t prone to too many cat diseases. It has an independent temper but still requires some attention from the owner. You can leave it alone for the day while you are going about your business. Ragdolls are affectionate and get along with everyone.


6. Norwegian Forest Cat

 Long Hair Cat Breed

Do you love huge cats? This one is really big. In fact, it’s about twice the size of any other domestic cats. This long haired cat breed requires moderate maintenance. You don’t have to brush it more often than once a week. There isn’t too much shedding either. With the right care, the fur can be limited to the pet bed.

These cats are prone to various illnesses so frequent vet visits are a must. They don’t require too much attention but don’t hesitate to spend several minutes a day petting them. The cat is a good choice for a family since it’s nice to everyone.


7. Turkish Angora

These beauties are mostly white but they are known to come in other colors. You only need to groom it occasionally, about once a week. They are very good in taking care of their own coats. These cats don’t shed too much so you won’t have to do too much vacuuming. This breed is moderately healthy and not prone to common cat diseases.

Sometimes they can be loud, especially if something is not done their way. They require plenty of your attention, so don’t plan to leave them alone for too long. These felines love activities so get ready for plenty of playing. They are rather affectionate and make great pets.


8. Siberian

This long haired cat breed requires grooming about once a week. They don’t shed too much and won’t have you struggling to keep the house clean. This is a healthy breed but regular vet visits are still preferable.

Siberian cats are quiet so you won’t need to deal with excessive meowing or crying. They won’t require too much of your attention but don’t leave them alone longer than for 8 – 10 hours. You need to give the cat a chance to run around and exercise in order to prevent obesity.


9. Ragamuffin

 Long Hair Cat Breed

Surprisingly, these long furred felines are quite low – maintenance. You can groom them once in 7 – 10 days. However, they are prone to shedding so brushing is required. It’s a healthy cat with not too many common health problems.

These cats are highly social and need plenty of attention. Just like Ragdolls, they go limp when you pick them up. But it doesn’t mean they don’t like human contact. It’s a lazy cat that loves to sleep and lie around.


10. Birman

 Long Hair Cat Breed

These beauties need regular grooming. Don’t forget to brush them at least twice a week. They shed moderately but only if you keep to the grooming routine. They are prone to various health problems so regular vet visits can’t be overlooked.

Birmans are quiet animals so they won’t be disturbing your sleep. They require a moderate amount of attention so you don’t have to worry about leaving them alone when going to work. Birmans are lazy but very affectionate to people so don’t forget to spend some quality time with them.

Now that you know these 10 long-haired cat breeds, you can easily choose the one you like best. Each one of these cats is very beautiful and can become a wonderful family member.

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