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10 Most Popular Natural Hair Salons in Chicago

If you are a resident of the Windy City who is en-route to transforming your hair care to a natural one, or if you already style your hair as such, it’s essential to find the right natural hair salon in Chicago.

Natural hair salons are for people who want to embrace the textured and often curly hair that they were born with, leaving off relaxers and opting to let themselves shine as they are. There are several popular ones right in Chicago.


The Best Natural Hair Salons in Chicago

Natural hair care often requires a specific set of skills and treatment that aren’t always available at your everyday hair salons or barbershops. We’ve compiled a solid list of the ten most popular locales to help you find the best natural hair salon in Chicago for you.

1. Huetiful Salon

Huetiful Salon Chicago

Huetiful Salon focuses on clients with textured hair of all colors. This salon offers a wide array of services, including blowouts, silk presses, and intensive detangling. Huetiful’s hair coloring services only use ammonium-free chemicals. Doing so avoids the ammonium’s signature dryness and smell that leads to brittle and unhealthy hair.

In 2015, Chicago Magazine named Huetiful the Best Salon for Black Hair. They provide you with a long list of services to give you the exact style and beautiful hue you want for your hair to be manageable and healthy.


2. Natural Hair Bar

Natural Hair Bar caters to women with curly hair. They treat dry hair and frizziness with expertise. This downtown Chicago hair salon is run by Jacqueline Tarrant, a beauty expert specializing in hair care for years. From holding a senior position at Loreal to cultivating a cutting-edge treatment for hair regrowth. This tyrant in the hair industry has done and seen it all.

Jacqueline’s expertise not only focuses on hair care and styling but also in helping clients in understanding to care for their natural hair themselves. From texture to porosity to personal taste, Natural Hair Bar aims to give you the hair of your dreams and teach you how to maintain it outside the stylist’s chair.


3. Relax She’s Natural

Another Chicago salon with an expert trichologist and stylist at the helm is Relax She’s Natural. This salon is owned and run by Deanna Browley, inventor of “the best silk press in the midwest.” Browley operates with the intent to not only create beautifully styled hair but also educate and enlighten her clients on hair care specifically for black women.

Relax She’s Natural is an excellent choice for getting your hair silk pressed in a salon that’s recommended for its warm atmosphere, comfortable vibe, beauty, and of course, talented hairstylist.


4. Nu Bgin Ns

Nu Bgin Ns Salon Chicago

Nu Bgin Ns is a natural hair salon in Chicago that also hosts classes and workshops. Nu Bgin Ns provides intricate styles such as various forms of braids, twists, and locs. They also handle textured stylings and extensions, as we all have hair color and cuts.

Owner and founder Tywanna focuses on creative hairdressing and progressive styling for natural hair, no matter the color or texture. She has over 30 years of experience in the industry, giving her the ability to provide you with a look that personifies the real you.


5. Curls and Company

Curls and Company Salon Chicago

Located on West Howard Street, Curls and Company boasts a small army of stylists, each with a specialty that will serve you depending on your needs. Each is trained in various styling forms, from Lisa’s perming capabilities to Evi’s Brazilian blowouts. The salon also offers special treatment for hair that’s been damaged by relaxers, texturizers, or neglect.

Although they focus heavily on styling curly hair, they also provide services for straight hair cuts if that’s what you’re in the market for. However, they specialize in the Deva Cut technique, a dry haircut method that allows stylists to handle hair in a way that’s better suited to where your curls naturally fall.


6. Twisted Roots Salon, Inc.

Twisted Roots Salon is located on the south side of Chicago and performs locs, extensions, and standard haircuts and hair maintenance. They’ve garnered a sizable returning clientele with their trustworthy and high-quality stylists. So much that some people swear by the place and won’t go anywhere else. However, new clients are well-pleased with their unique experiences.

Twisted Roots Salon can provide you with a friendly and professional atmosphere with a strong focus on clients’ individuality and style.


7. Chicago Avenue Salon

Chicago Avenue Salon

It’s classic, it’s elegant, and it’s eco-friendly. Chicago Avenue Salon makes clear where they stand in the fight against waste: positively against it. The salon opened in 2005, and since then has focused its efforts on recycling many products and chemicals that are often thrown out and added to the waste pile.

To top this off, their skills provide fabulous results. Although considered on the pricier side, clients say that it’s worth it for the results’ value. If you’re a bride-to-be, they offer bridal services catered to your needs on your special day. Moreover, this makes paying that little bit extra worth it at the end.


8. Van Cleef Hair Studio

Van Cleef Hair Studio Chicago

A long-standing Chicago salon of 35 years, Van Cleef Hair Studio, focuses on multi-cultural hairstyles with a dedication to personalizing each client’s experience. They offer a full swing of services for both men and women, from clarifying treatments to dreadlock creation and maintenance.

You’re unlikely to stump this skilled team with their expertise and a broad array of styles at your disposal.


9. Glo On Braids and Natural Styling

If you’re looking for a wide array of cornrows, braids, and other beautiful styles, Glo On Braids and Natural Styling provides these in spades.

Located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, Glo On provides transformative hairstyling that focuses on healthy hair as the end goal. Glo On also provides products dedicated to nourishing and invigorating your hair.

Glo On’s lead stylist is a seasoned veteran who has worked her way up to a nationally recognized status as a natural hair care leader. For years, clients have been coming to her trusting her expertise and, as the salon likes to say, “glo” in their natural beauty.


10. Roots Hair Salon

Roots Hair Salon Chicago

Roots Hair Salon offers both a standard selection of classic hairstyling service and focused on natural hair. More than just a hair salon, Roots also provides services such as facials and makeup. Natural hairstyling services include braids, sewins, and even specifically handle kids’ natural hair.

Roots Hair Salon is convenient if you require multiple treatments all in one place. They also have a great community focus, sharing Chicago artists and other businesses to help connect you with more local experiences.


Final Thoughts

From this list, you can choose the right natural hair salon in Chicago for you. They each provide their own sets of skills, techniques, and unique atmosphere.

Each person, worker, will leave an imprint in your life that is just as valuable as the hair treatment you are going to get. They bring their individuality to the table to bring out the uniqueness in you.

Haircare is an important and personal journey that you should only experience at whatever is the best natural hair salon in Chicago for you.


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