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10 Most Popular Natural Hair Salons in NYC

One of the biggest advantages of living in New York is that you can access tons of hidden gems for natural hair. You can find a stylist who specializes in anything from natural hair coloring to fros. Below, we gathered some of the best natural hair salons in New York for every need.


Top Natural Hair Salons in New York

1. Bohemian Soul Natural Hair Salon

Bohemian Soul Natural Hair Salon NYC

Bohemian Soul has been open since 2013 in Brooklyn. It specializes in crochet braids and has recently started offering knotless box braid treatments with their hairstylist Lonique.

You can also get loc treatments like shampoo steam retwists, and updos for special occasions. The salon hosts a clean, cozy environment with a no-guest policy. That works to their advantage in creating a peaceful ambiance. Plus, it’s easy to book an appointment on their website.


2. Honey Salon

Honey Salon excels at doing silk presses on very coily, kinky hair types. They know how to straighten your hair while keeping its body and volume alive. The salon offers a laid back attitude, serving mimosas and coffee while you wait.

If you need to come in for a trim, you can trust they’ll only cut as much as you need. People also enjoy their deep conditioning treatment.


3. Mane Advocates

If you’re worried about hair loss, Mane Advocates is a great salon for you. It has sensitive scalp relaxers and other treatments to strengthen your hair while styling it.

Tamara is the salon’s owner and one of its leading hairdressers. Visitors said she gave personable, caring service that strives to make you happy. When you come in for your appointment, you can expect an environment relaxing enough to read while you wait.


4. Locks N Chops

Locks N Chops Salon NYC

Locks N Chops caters to both men and women. They offer hair braiding and loc services, alongside weaves. If you’re trying locs for the first time, they have a reputation for helping you out with an upbeat attitude.

Visitors have said staff are down to earth, attentive, and enjoy teaching you how to care for your hair. Plus, they have a gentle touch with how they treat your scalp and braids.


5. Victoria J Natural Hair Salon

If you’re looking for natural hair salons in New York that do afros, you’ve found it. Victoria J Natural Hair salon covers locs, natural curls, and other hair varieties from Downtown Brooklyn.

Victoria also makes a pomade that clients love for how it nourished their hair. The shop boasts different oils like avocado for hair treatment, making it natural. Friendly staff and quick service make this popular venue.


6. NappStar

NappStar covers starter locs and comb, as well as crochet retwist. They also offer a stunning killmonger haircut for men. The salon has a fun, engaging environment and a user-friendly website to book appointments.

Altogether, they have a hip and modern but still professional approach that matches their styles. NappStar is one of the best natural hair salons in New York if you’re looking for a fresh frohawk.


7. Wellington Hair Spa

Wellington Hair Spa NYC

Wellington Hair Spa is an all-in-one stop for trims, color treatments, conditioning, or twists. Salon owner Patrick Wellington manages to give caring, personalized service at a faster pace than average.

Visitors felt pampered with the products they use, like tea-tree oil-based shampoos. Overall, it’s a salon that’s efficient, professional, and leaves people happy with their hair.


8. The Mona Cut

Hairstylist Mona Baltazar specializes in the shape and silhouette of curly hair. Her famous Mona Cut is a short, angled pop that maximizes your curl pattern’s texture to give it a full body.

She doesn’t just copy any image you give her for your hair. Instead, she shows a passion for studying your texture to provide it with it’s best.


9. Sabine’s Hallway

Do you have a wedding or special event to go to? If so, take a look at Sabine’s Hallway. The salon has an entire gallery dedicated to elegant updos on natural hair for weddings.

Their staff is friendly and professional, offering to try different styles on you until you find the right one for your big day. They offer alternative creative styles for daily events, too. Plus, you can buy their brand of hair owls and teas for strength.


10. De Lux Natural Hair Gallery

De Lux Natural Hair Gallery NYC

De Lux Natural Hair Gallery is excellent at cuts, braids, and waves. One of their biggest strengths, though, is in coloring. Their stylists know how to dye complex locs without damaging them. Plus, they offer unique designs on request.

It has reasonable prices for a natural hair salon in New York, and the staff takes their time to get your hair right. A lot of customers also enjoy the refreshing products they use, like shampoo with peppermint.


So there you have it, a list of the best natural hair salons in NYC. All of these have different strengths in what styles they offer. They all share in common, though, genuine care for preserving natural hair health while bringing out its creativity. So don’t be afraid to try something new and unique with your locs. NYC has a trove of people dedicated to getting it right!


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