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Nutrafol Vs. Viviscal: What’s Best for Hair Growth?

Does your hair fall around the house? Are you considering hair regrowth supplements? Then you’re in luck to find our Nutrafol vs. Viviscal comparison. 

According to statistics, about two-thirds of American men experience hair loss by the age of 35, while 40% of women experience the same problem by age 40.

Your genes can cause hair loss, or it could be age-related, caused by inflammation, or eating certain foods. Moreover, it can be caused by a medical condition or a particular illness. 

Hair fall doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. Luckily, several good products can help with hair loss and regrow your hair. 

In this article, we’ll talk about two of the most popular hair growth supplements on the market: Nutrafol and Viviscal. Which one should you pick? Keep reading to find out. 

Overview of Nutrafol and Viviscal

Hair regrowth & hair loss preventionHair regrowth & hair loss improvement
Men and WomenMen and Women
IngredientsSaw Palmetto, Horsetail Extract, Resveratrol, Marine Collagen, Sensoril® AshwagandhaAminoMar® Marine Collagen, Zinc, Biotin, Vitamin C, Iron
Original, Vegan, Pre-menopause, Post-menopauseStandard (Men & Women variants)
ProductsSupplements, Hair wellness boosters, Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum, Scalp essence, Scalp maskSupplements, Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum, Scalp exfoliating treatment, Detangling brush, Satin pillowcase, Hair ties
ApproachMulti-targeted approach, addressing various causes of hair lossFocuses on creating a healthy environment for hair follicles
4 pills (for women’s formulas)2 pills
Yes, up to 20% off on a 6-month deliveryYes, up to 25% off on a 6-month subscription
Pros Wellness Quiz, Effective Ingredients, Diverse FormulasExclusive Ingredients, Fewer Pills, Comprehensive hair care routine
Cons Higher cost, Possible side effectsSome non-natural ingredients, Women’s formula lacks zinc

Hair loss can be sudden or gradual, and you may experience hair thinning or see bald patches on your head.

Some illnesses like alopecia areata and scalp psoriasis can be why you’re losing your hair. It might also be caused by cancer treatments, childbirth, or how you pull your hair. 

Regardless of the causes of hair loss, some people suffer from anxiety and depression because of losing their hair. Moreover, depression can make the hair loss problem get worse. 

But this doesn’t mean that your hair can’t be saved. Luckily, there are many hair growth supplements and treatments that manufacturers claim can help regrow your hair. 

Nutrafol and Viviscal are two popular products that reduce hair loss and breakage. Regular application can help restore your hair and help fill the bald patches on your scalp. But which one is better?



Nutrafol offers men and women supplements that help regrow hair and prevent hair loss. The company claims these supplements mainly target mild and moderate hair loss due to stress, age, and genetics. 

This supplement is manufactured in the US and can be sold without a prescription. Clinical studies conducted by the company show that people who use it regularly reported about 80% improvement in hair loss symptoms. 



Viviscal offers various hair growth supplements and supporting products that improve hair loss due to stress, age, nutrient deficiencies, and environmental factors.

With products for men and women, people can create bundles to help them overcome hair loss issues. 

The growth supplements can also help improve hair texture. So, if you suffer from breakage or scalp problems, you can experience an improvement in your hair health and look. 

Nutrafol and Viviscal Comparison

Since both products can help with hair loss, you might want to compare them to see which one will work for you. 

Understanding the differences between these hair growth supplements will help you determine which one works better for you and your hair loss problem. 


Comparing the main ingredients in each product will help you evaluate each one’s efficiency. 

Nutrafol is made up of all-natural ingredients. These ingredients were medically tested and have proven to nourish the follicles and prevent hair loss. 

The main ingredient of Nutrafol is saw palmetto, a plant extract that lowers the levels of DHT, which prevents hair loss.

It also contains horsetail extract and resveratrol, which increase blood flow to the hair follicles and prevent hair and nail brittleness. They reduce oxidative cell damage, which leads to hair loss and thinning. 

All formulas of Nutrafol contain marine collagen that improves hair and scalp health and Ashwagandha, an exclusive plant extract that reduces cortisol levels. High levels of cortisol are linked to increased stress and hair loss. 

The Women’s formula contains maca root extract, which balances hormonal levels. This ingredient can help women who experience hair thinning and loss in premenopausal and postmenopausal women. 

Viviscal products aim at improving internal health to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. They contain several vitamins and minerals that help build the hair strands and nourish the follicles. 

The main ingredient of Viviscal is AminoMar, an exclusive marine collagen that contains horsetail extract. This ingredient provides hair with silica and other essential nutrients to help with hair growth. 

This supplement contains zinc, which helps with cell division and encourages hair growth, and biotin, which guarantees that your hair receives enough amino acids.

Moreover, the supplement contains Vitamin C, which helps with iron absorption, and iron, which carries oxygen to the hair follicles. 


Nutrafol offers five different products that target hair loss. Four products are manufactured for women, and one is designed for men. 

Women’s supplements are divided into original and vegan types. There are two formulas, one for women between 18 and 44 and the other for women above the age of 44, and you need to take four pills. 

Moreover, it offers six hair wellness boosters that target different hair loss problems. So you can enhance the supplement’s effects and see better results.

You can also buy a shampoo, a conditioner, a hair serum, a scalp essence, and a scalp mask. Combining these products leads to better outcomes and can show faster results. 

Viviscal offers two formulas for hair growth supplements; one for men and the other for women. It also offers a thickening shampoo, a strengthening conditioner, and a hair-thickening serum.

You can also use a scalp exfoliating treatment, which helps remove debris and nourish the scalp, improving the absorption of the nourishing ingredients in hair care products. 

Because every person has unique needs, you can customize a bundle and buy the products you need. Finally, you can buy a detangling brush, a satin pillowcase, and hair ties to protect your hair from breakage. 


These two hair growth supplements work according to two different approaches to stop hair loss. 

Nutrafol offers a multi-targeted approach that addresses many causes of hair thinning and loss. The ingredients address various hair loss problems by strengthening the hair follicles, fighting oxidative damage, and dealing with hormonal imbalances. 

Viviscal deals with hair follicle problems by creating a healthy environment to help them thrive. The products strengthen the hair from the inside out, so it doesn’t fall off too soon. 

Pros and Cons

Results from these hair growth supplements can vary, but in general, users reported that each one of them has some pros and cons.

Understanding these advantages and disadvantages will help you determine which hair growth supplement is better. 

Nutrafol Pros

Nutrafol has proven to be one of the hair growth supplements since it was launched in 2016. Here are the pros of this supplement. 

Wellness Quiz

You might suffer from hair thinning or loss, but you don’t know what causes the problem. So, if you head to the website, you can take a wellness quiz to help you determine why you’re losing your hair. 

After taking the quiz, the website will suggest the most suitable products for your hair loss problem. This way, you can benefit from the effective ingredients targeting your situation. 

Effective Ingredients

Nutrafol contains unique yet scientifically proven ingredients to help stop hair loss and thinning.

These ingredients also target various hair loss causes, so if the problem is caused by a nutrient deficiency, stress, oxidative damage, or a hormonal imbalance, this supplement will help you. 

All the ingredients combine in one effective formula that targets the hair follicles and improves scalp health. You can also combine your supplement with special boosters that target specific problems. 

The company focuses on the quality of its ingredients, so you can check the website to know where each ingredient is sourced. You’ll know that you’re taking potent ingredients that can help your hair grow

You can check the before and after photos and see how people benefited from using Nutrafol’s products. The website also lists the clinical trials that prove the effectiveness of the ingredients used in each product. 

Several Formulas

Nutrafol offers various hair growth formulas that work for men and women. Hair loss in women can be related to hormonal imbalances, and the company offers two formulas.

One formula is for premenopausal women, and the other is for postmenopausal women, as each one considers the hormone level changes.

Moreover, you can choose between the original and vegan formulas. 

Auto – Delivery

If you’re in the US, you can save money every time you buy Nutrafol’s products. You can subscribe for the monthly delivery, which grants you a 10% discount, get 15% off for a 3-month delivery, or 20% off for a 6-month delivery. 

Nutrafol Cons

Despite being an effective treatment, there are some disadvantages to consider if you’re taking Nutrafol. 

High Cost

Nutrafol is expensive, especially if you buy one bottle. You can’t buy one of the boosters alone, so you must purchase a bundle, which can be too costly, especially if you don’t subscribe to an auto-delivery service. 

Side Effects

Although Nutrafol contains several active ingredients, some can cause several side effects. For example, some ingredients aren’t suitable for pregnant women and people who take blood thinners.

Moreover, biotin can cause digestive problems and acne. 

Viviscal Pros

Users who suffer from nutrient deficiencies reported seeing excellent results with Viviscal. Here are the advantages of this hair growth supplement. 

Exclusive Ingredients

Viviscal contains AminoMar, an exclusive marine collagen blend that helps with hair thinning and supports hair growth. It also improves the health of your hair, reducing hair fall with continuous use. 

The company lists the high-quality ingredients used in each product. It also lists the clinical studies that support its claims, so you know that your hair growth supplement is backed by science. 

Fewer Pills

If you struggle to keep up with several pills daily, Viviscal will be an excellent choice. You must take only two daily pills to improve hair thinning and regrow your hair. 

Several Products

Viviscal offers an extensive hair care routine with special products to help you keep your hair healthy.

These products work with hair growth supplements to reduce hair thinning and improve follicle health to encourage hair growth. 


Viiviscal’s hair growth supplement is more affordable. Moreover, the company offers different billing systems, and you get a 10% off for a monthly subscription. 

If you subscribe to the 3-month delivery service, you get a 20% discount and one gift. For a 6-month subscription, you get 25% off and two gifts. Buyers can get free shipping with every subscription. 

Moreover, you receive free points every time you buy a product, review a product, or follow the brand on social media platforms. You can exchange these points for free gifts. 

Viviscal Cons

With all these benefits, there are a few points to consider when buying Viviscal. 

Some Ingredients Aren’t Natural

If you want a 100% vegan or all-natural formula, Viviscal won’t be the right choice. The company states that some of its ingredients might not be of natural origin.

Moreover, the product might not be safe for those who are allergic to shellfish or pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

Formula Difference

Having a difference between the men’s and women’s formula is expected. But Viviscal’s women’s formula lacks a crucial ingredient, zinc.

Science has proved that a zinc deficiency can be the main reason behind hair loss, so taking this supplement will reduce hair fall and improve growth. 

Nutrafol vs. Viviscal: Which One Is Best For You?

Nutrafol or Viviscal

Nutrafol and Viviscal are both potent hair growth supplements. They target hair loss problems from within by providing your body with essential nutrients that help improve the health of hair follicles.

Each brand offers additional products to incorporate with your hair growth supplement for better results. 

Nutrafol targets more hair loss issues, and there’s a vegan formula. Viviscal is more affordable, and you only need two pills.

Since you might not be sure what the primary cause of hair loss is, Nutrafol will be a more potent solution. You can also guarantee that your hair growth supplement contains no harmful chemicals. 


Hair loss and thinning is an issue that many men and women deal with. But you can save your hair, reduce hair fall, and encourage hair growth by taking the right hair growth supplement. 

Although both supplements are potent, Nutrafol is a better option. Viviscal is more affordable, and you only take two pills per day.

However, Nutrafol doesn’t contain synthetic components, and all its natural ingredients are backed by science. Moreover, it has a vegan formula, and it targets different types of hair loss issues. 

Disclaimer: We are not health experts and this article does not provide any health advice. The insights in this article are based on the author’s personal experiences, research from trusted sources, and user feedback. We strongly recommend consulting with your doctor before starting any supplements.

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