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6 Signs That You’re Losing Too Much Hair

When it comes to finding tufts of hair near the drain in the shower or looking at a comb with a few stray hairs hanging on it, we all wonder how much is too much. You might feel like you are losing hair when you actually don’t. Hair loss depends on many factors. And most of the time, the hair loss you are experiencing is absolutely normal.

The average hair loss for adult men and women is 60 to 100 single hairs per day. The way such a clump looks depends on your hair type. Is it long or short? Is it thick or thin? When you comb, brush, wash, and towel, you lose hair.

Sometimes the hair is shed when you style it. Plenty of hair can be lost when drying it with a blow-dryer. You won’t be able to collect all this hair together and count it no matter how hard you try since some of it is lost while walking or turning while sleeping.

loosing too much hair signs


Signs That You’re Losing Too Much Hair

There are signs that you’re losing too much hair. Below are six alarms you should be aware of and take action to prevent the hair loss problem ASAP.

#1. Your Drain Collects More Hair Than it Did A Months Ago.

Do a drain comparison. Collect the hair from the drain after you shower and take a picture. Then do the same in about one month. If the amount increases, then you are losing your hair. Usually, people tend to exaggerate their hair loss. So it might ‘seem’ as if you lost too much, while in reality, the difference is slight. That’s why keeping a hair diary if you suspect hair loss is a must. If you are a woman suffering from receding hairline try these hairstyles.


#2. You See Hair Clumps On Clothing, Chairs, and Pillows.

Take a close look at places where you rest your head. For example, inspect the pillow after you wake up, and check your clothing and armchairs where you might have been reclining. It’s normal to find one to three stray hairs there. However, if you see clumps for several days in a row, it’s a sure sign you are losing your hair. Pay close attention to your brush as well. If you see more than 4 -5 hairs hanging after that every brushing session and the number increases over time, you might suffer from hair loss.


#3. You Need to Make an Extra Loop When Tying a Ponytail.

If you are used to tying your hair in a ponytail, you can easily check if there is any hair loss. If the same scrunches and elastic bands you use require you to make an extra loop, it means you have less hair than before. However, this might also be because the elastic bands stretch with time. So this can only be considered a sign of hair loss only when combined with other symptoms.


#4. Your Scalp Is Showing Through.

If you are suffering from hair loss after brushing your hair and taking a long look in the mirror, you can see that your scalp is showing through. No matter how thin or brittle your natural hair is, it must completely cover your scalp. If there are patches so thin that you can see the skin on your head, you need to take action.


#5. Your Forehead is Getting Bigger.

Many men and some women who suffer from a receding hairline complain that their forehead is getting bigger. However, the real reason is hair loss. This is usually a problem for men, but some women can also have hair loss problems in the forehead area. You can also have a look at these hairstyles for men with a big forehead.


#6. People Tell You That You’ve Done Something with Your Hair.

You see yourself in the mirror every day and it’s often hard to notice any hair changes since they happen very gradually. However, people who haven’t seen you in a while will notice that something is wrong. So if you are getting comments, such as: “There is something different about your hair,” and you suspect hair loss, you are probably right. You can also compare old pictures of yourself with how you look now. Does your hair appear much thinner and much less voluminous than before? Then you most likely suffer from hair loss.

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Why Am I Losing Too Much Hair?

 hair loss

There are different reasons for hair loss. You can identify them on your own.

  • Family history. For most people, especially men, hair loss is hereditary. This means either one or both parents suffered from hair loss.
  • Mental and physical stress is one of the most popular reasons for hair loss. It can be stress due to a family situation or stress from surgery or illness. However, hair loss stops on its own once the stress factor is eliminated most of the time.
  • Chemotherapy. Patients who undergo chemotherapy for cancer treatment suffer from hair loss. However, the hair starts growing back once the treatment is over.
  • Bad hair care. If you pull your hair too tightly when tying ponytails or curling irons, you will lose more hair.
  • Dyeing. Many people experience some hair loss when they dye their hair too often. Abusing your hair can lead to the weakening of the roots and excessive hair loss.
  • Age. Both men and women grow less hair as they get older. The hair gets thinner and more prone to damage as the body produces fewer male and female hormones.
  • Bad diet. If your diet lacks protein and iron, you might suffer from hair loss. That’s why taking proper vitamins is essential for good hair quality.
  • Thyroid disease. If your thyroid is not managing your hormones the way it should, you might suffer from hair loss. You can eliminate such problems with the proper medication.

If you notice hair loss early enough, many things can be done to reverse it or at least slow it down. First, you need to contact your doctor to eliminate the possibility of severe diseases and get professional advice on how to proceed. Perhaps all you need is to get the right shampoo or hair care treatment.