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4 Best Ways for Men to Remove Hair Permanently: Pros & Cons

In a time when looking flawless and super attractive is essential to many people, permanent hair removal for men is a frequently searched topic nowadays.

Whether it’s your eyebrows, legs, or back that you’re looking to remove hair from, there’s a way to get smooth skin that stays that way for as long as eight weeks. For men looking to feel fresh and more youthful, permanent hair removal is the way to go.


Best Permanent Hair Removal Methods for Men

While there aren’t numerous methods for removing hair on men, a few tried and true ways will give you the kind of success you’re looking for.

1. Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a popular method a man should consider for permanent hair removal. The process uses pulses of laser light to target hair at the follicle for permanent removal. The result is smooth and often even clearer skin.

Cost: Very expensive. Around $200-$400 per session.



  • Works with any area of the body and is considered one of the quickest hair removal methods, taking only three to seven sessions.
  • Targets especially coarse hair, great for men with thick hair cuticles
  • You can shave between laser treatments; great for touch-ups
  • No ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs and razor burn can be painful. Laser hair removal is very precise, targeting the hair at the follicle for a smaller chance at both of those.
  • You’ll be virtually hairless after the treatment is completed, except for maintenance touch-ups.



  • Expensive – expect to pay up to $200-$400 per session
  • Painful, especially on the back.
  • Skin irritation – you may experience redness or dryness, possibly even “crusty” areas on the skin.


2. Waxing

waxing remove men's hair permanently

Men often choose to wax for permanent hair removal on the face, especially between eyebrows, for a clear definition. However, it’s also a popular method for removing hair on the legs, back, and even arms.

Contrary to popular belief, waxing doesn’t always involve screaming and ripping off patches of hair. Hard and soft wax are the two main types, with soft wax being the best choice for men with fine hair.

If your hair is thick, hard wax is best because not only does it remove more hair at one time, but it works with all different types of hair, from thin to thick and coarse.

Cost: It depends primarily on which area you want to wax. Generally, it costs around $50 for the chest & stomach waxing.



  • Lasts a decent amount of time: three to six weeks.
  • When hair regrows, it grows at a slower rate and comes in finer, therefore less noticeable.
  • Less chance of hair stubble.
  • Do you swim often? No leg hair means you’ll whip through the water with less friction and more speed.



  • Like any permanent hair removal, it can be painful and cause redness at the waxed site.
  • Unlike laser hair removal, which can last up to eight weeks, waxing yields results for only six weeks.
  • Although it can be done at home as a DIY, it’s messy to deal with, and you can even get skin infections from improper waxing.


3. Electrolysis

Electrolysis for permanent hair removal

Another permanent hair removal method that a man can use to get rid of hair forever. It may have a scary name, but the powerful results it gives for permanent hair removal are excellent. A super-slim needle penetrates the hair shaft, where little electricity shocks kill the cells that make up hair. Electrolysis is considered the only real “permanent” hair removal because it gets rid of the hair follicle, which is needed for hair to grow.

Cost: Around $40-$60 per 30 minutes.



  • Works on all body areas (stomach, neck, legs, underarms, back, etc.)
  • Great for all skin types
  • Each session of electrolysis is only 10-20 minutes
  • Permanent



  • Lengthy process at about 12 months. Electrolysis works by targeting each individual hair. If you have thick hair, you’ll need multiple sessions to remove the hair completely. Consider the time commitment!
  • Pricey. At $40 per treatment and depending on your hair’s thickness, the final result is spendy.


4. Cream Hair Removers (aka Depilatories)

Similar to Nair for women, cream hair removers involve a gel or thin cream with the consistency of shaving cream; after sitting on the hair for a certain time frame, it dissolves the hair.

Cost: Inexpensive. Around $10-$20.



  • Short process (30-60 minutes)
  • Affordable-at-home kits cost between $10-$20. A visit to the salon will cost at most $50.
  • Some creams are very conditioning for the skin, so you won’t have to worry about the process of drying it out.



  • Doesn’t last long. Although it’s considered a permanent hair remover for men, the hair will start growing back after just a few weeks.
  • Many stylists will warn of the chemicals in cream hair removers. If your skin is sensitive, be prepared for skin irritation or burning.
  • Some products have a strong smell, but they will eventually go away.



Can your hair be removed permanently?

Permanent hair removal is possible through many methods. Two of the most common options are laser hair removal and hair removal through electrolysis.


Is laser hair removal permanent for men?

For men, laser hair removal can be permanent. With any laser hair removal treatment, you will have to attend multiple sessions for the best results. Many men choose to get laser hair removal on their chests, backs, and hands or feet.


Can men use hair removal cream?

Hair removal cream is not the best option for permanent hair removal, but it does do the trick for about two months. These creams work by inhibiting the production of enzymes that facilitate hair growth.

It is important to note that the most common hair removal cream on the market, Vaniqa, is better suited for women, and it works to remove facial hair most effectively. For this reason, men may want to consult with their dermatologist for another option.


Should men remove body hair permanently?

Removing body hair is a personal choice and should remain that way. If it is a part of you that you wish to change or you find it is hard to maintain with shaving and tweezing, removing body hair permanently may be right for you.

For men, the chest and back are common areas for hair removal. It is hard and nearly impossible to remove back hair on your own at home, so if that is what you want to achieve it might be best to have the hair permanently removed.


Laser or electrolysis — which is better for men?

The FDA recommends electrolysis over lasers regardless of gender. Electrolysis works by targeting each hair individually, so if you have a lot of hair to remove, be aware that you could be attending regular appointments for up to a year. With a laser, you can have it removed or even thinned. However, this removal needs a touch-up every so often.


Whichever permanent hair remover method you decide to go with, you’ll have to consider several important factors: cost, how long the removal lasts, and side effects. Weigh the pros and cons to find the best option for you. Another good idea is to ask friends who may have experience with hair removal or call your local salon for advice.

For something as delicate as hair removal, it’s always a good idea to be over-prepared and know what you’re getting yourself into before you begin!