Plucked Hair With Follicle Bulb? This Is How It’ll Grow Back

Ever worried that your plucked hair won’t grow back again? Taking tweezers to your eyebrows is common, but lots of people pluck out follicles along their hairline and other parts of their scalp, as well. Sometimes it’s deliberate, sometimes it’s an accident—over-plucking, anyone?—and at other times, there aren’t even tweezers involved.

You can lose a patch or thatch of hair for any number of reasons. Losing hair with the follicle bulb attached usually occurs when your hair has been pulled in some way, however. Typically, that’s either a purposeful act, such as with plucking, or it may occur due to a fight or another incident. Unless there’s been some type of underlying damage, your hair will grow back regardless.


Encouraging Regrowth After Plucking the Follicle Bulb

People who pull, wax, thread, or pluck hair often worry about how or if it will grow back. When you pluck your hair, even when you’re just trying to get your eyebrows on fleek, then your hair will typically grow back in the same pattern.

That’s not to say that plucking your hair will make it grow faster, but the hair will 100 percent return. You just have to wait for it to grow, which happens so slowly that it often seems like you permanently messed up your brow line or hairline.

In actuality, the bulb has little to do with the follicles, which are an eighth of an inch beneath your skin. That’s why you have to tug hard on your hairs to remove them from the root. That root-like white bulb connects to the follicles, which feed it.

You’re not in danger of your hair not growing back unless there’s been severe damage. Instead of waiting impatiently for signs of life, nurture your follicles.

#1: Ban Bleach

 plucked hair

Honestly, when you’re dealing with plucked hair and potentially damaged follicles, you need to let your hair rest. In addition to avoiding any bleaching or lightening products, stay away from hair dyes and chemicals altogether. Take a short break.

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#2: Turn off the Heat

Yeah, your hair dryer and straightening iron are modern-day miracles, but as they help you to create a killer coiffure, they’re also weakening your hair. Try to let your hair air dry whenever possible and put down the irons.


#3: Drink Up

Hair that lacks moisture gets brittle, dry, and weak. Not only does that lead to breakage, but it also impedes the growth process. What happens is that even as the hairs you plucked or pulled grow back, they break easily and quickly, so it’s as if your hair isn’t growing at all.

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#4: Eat Well

Pamper your plucked hair with vitamins and nutrients from healthy produce and lean protein. Avoid fast food and fatty snacks at all costs.

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In short, even if you’ve plucked hair that has the follicle bulb attached, it will grow back. You didn’t make it permanently disappear.

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