10 Most Popular Jared Leto Haircuts

Jared Leto‘s life is almost as varied as his hairstyles. He is known as an actor, singer, model and director. Every single time that you see him, he will be up to something very different. This is one of the reasons that fans love him. He constantly changes his style and the haircuts of Jared Leto often make big news in the papers.


Crazy Jared Leto Haircuts to Try

Jared Leto often tries to make a big statement with his haircuts. These Jared Leto haircuts are some of his boldest and best. The great thing is that most of these styles are really easy to recreate. One of the most important tools for recreating Jared Leto hairstyle is the hair gel because he uses it a lot!

#1: Wild and Wind-Swept

Wild and Wind-Swept hairstyle for Jared LetoTo copy this Jared Leto haircut you will need to introduce as much volumes to your hairstyle as possible. Pull upwards and backwards from the roots with handfuls of hair gel. This will hold your hair in place in a faux wind-swept style.


#2: Spiked Crown

Jared Leto Spiked Crown haircut you like

If you just want a touch of flair in your haircut, try copying this Jared Leto hairstyle. Whilst the majority of his locks have been brushed flat, he has spiked up the section of his hair that sits around the crown.


#3: Hair Raiser


If you are feeling extreme, choose a Jared Leto hairstyle that is big and bold. For this look, he has given his hairstyle maximum volume by backcombing it and teasing it upwards from the roots.


#4: Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob hairstyle for men

This Jared Leto haircut is a late 90’s treat. A shaggy bob was favored by male stars in late 90’s and early 2000’s teen movies. His curtain bangs complete the teen idol hairstyle.


#5: Amazing Volume

Amazing Volume hairstyle for Jared Leto

Jared Leto’s hairstyles always make a big impression. This one does so by maximizing volume. Hold your head upside down and then use firm hold hair gel to keep the style in place once you put your head the right way up.


#6: Emo Fringe


Try out a cool emo Jared Leto haircut. Long shave your head except for a thin strip that runs down the middle of your head. Brush this hair forwards and then use hard hold hair gel to set it into a pointed emo fringe.


#7: Jared Leto Mid-Length Slicked Back Style

Jared Leto Mid-Length Slicked Back Style

For an intense Hollywood style, try slicking your hair backwards so that it sits very close to your head. Use a very light gel or pomade to keep your hair lying flat for a super stylish celebrity look.


#8: Bleached Tips


To give your hair the appearance of thickness and texture like Jared Leto’s haircut, you should try bleaching the tips of your hair to change the color. Leave the roots dark to create a thick mossy appearance.


#9: Shoulder-Length and Smooth

Shoulder Length long hairstyle

Shoulder-length poker straight hair will give you a Jared Leto model haircut. Use straightening irons to make your hair sit completely straight. Sweep your fringe across from one side to the other.


#10: Bouncy Hair

Bouncy Haircut for Jared Leto

To give your hair maximum bounce like Jared Leto, you need to make sure that you brush through it regularly. This will remove heavy knots. Do not apply any gel or spray because this will stop your hairstyle from bouncing properly.


Extreme Jared Leto hairstyles may not be right for everybody! If you are looking for a style that is less extreme or if you want something that is suitable for longer hair, then you should check out our other lists.

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