5 of the Rarest Hair Colors In The World

Have you ever wondered how common your hair color is? Depending on where you are in the world, you may see a lot more of one hair color than another. So, what are the rarest hair colors out there?

We’ve given you a complete breakdown of the color that is hardest to find to the most commonly occurring hair color on Earth.


What Are The Rarest Hair Colors In The World?

It’s challenging to tell which are the rarest hair colors in the world, thanks to the beauty industry. It’s too easy to head to a salon or box dye your hair to try out any color that you want. There are natural colors that occur way less frequently than others, however.


Red Hair

red hair color

Red is the rarest hair color on the planet. A mere 1% of the entire global population possesses this special hue. When you try to think of all the redheads that you know, it’s not surprising.

Some believe that Scotland has the highest number of redheads, but most likely it’s the U.S. that pulls in the biggest numbers. Overall, red hair suggests European descent. This one-of-a-kind color can range in shade from ginger and strawberry to fiery orange and auburn.


Blonde Hair

blonde hair color

Found in roughly 2-3% of the population, blonde hair is second in terms of unique hair colors. If you see a lot of blondes in your day-to-day life or in the media, remember the dyed variety! Many women choose this color because of the way it brightens your appearance.

Shades of this typically fine hair include warm tones like caramel, sandy, or dirty blonde. Cool tones can range from light platinum to ash blonde.


Gray Hair

gray hair color

At around 4%, this category is made up of older adults and the elderly, though some people start spotting gray hairs by their late 20’s. There is a common rule of thumb when it comes to gray hair: half of the population will have at least 50% of their hair gray by the age of 50.

Interestingly, gray hair is actually trendy in 2021, though not enough to tip the global scale. This aging hair type has actually been stripped of color. It ranges from silver-gray to white in hue.


Brown Hair

brown hair color

Brown hair is the fourth rarest hair color and represents roughly 11-13% of the overall population. Shades of brown can include light, mousy hues or deep, earthy ones like chestnut, chocolate, or molasses.

Brown hair is the most common in the U.S. and Europe, while even darker shades of brown can be found in Africa, Asia, and Australia.


Black Hair

black hair color

Whether your hair is deep brown or jet black, you’ve got the most common hair color, at 75-85% globally. Hair textures can be thick and coarse or straight and shiny,

In most parts of Africa, South America and Asia, finding a color besides black or dark brown hair is difficult. As the world globalizes, however, colors will suggest heritage rather than personal place of origin.


Example Hairstyles With Rare Hair Colors

copper red updo

copper red updo


ginger red hair color

ginger red curls


blonde balayage hairstyle

blonde balayage hairstyle


golden blonde hair color

golden blonde braids


curly grey hairstyle

curly grey hairstyle


grey white hair color

grey white hair color


dark brown hair with space buns

dark brown space buns


chocolate brown hairstyle

chocolate brown hairstyle


black bun hairstyle

black bun hairstyle


short black haircut

short black haircut


It’s fun to see where on the globe certain hair colors are most prevalent and certain hair colors that rarely pop up at all, like red hair. Which hair color do you have and what does it reveal?