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25 Trendy Ways to Style Your Hair with Scarves

A hair scarf is a fabric accessory worn in the hair for style or practicality. It can be tied around the head, used to create hairstyles or to protect the hair.

There are plenty of ways to wear this simple hair accessory and it is one of the biggest reasons why scarf hairstyles are still popular among women.

If you’re planning to get through an oily hair day or trying to level up your everyday look, we’ve got some pretty exciting scarf hairstyle ideas for you.

How to Style Your Hair with a Scarf

Before getting your hands on any headscarf, you might need to have a clear idea about the hairstyle you’re targeting. The size, fabric, and color of your scarf will also play a major role in the outcome.

Small scarves make an ideal head wrap while long ones are the best if you want the ends to dangle freely. Also, try to prefer silk or soft cotton scarves to keep hair damage to a minimum. Choose a suitable color to pop against your dress and skin tone as mismatched scarves may look awkward.

Styling a scarf might not be as easy as it seems so before starting make sure you’ve got a handful of hairpins nearby.

Best Scarf Hairstyles for All Hair Length

The following list has some exciting scarf hairstyles to try for everyone out there regardless of their hair length and texture.

1. Classic Bandana Style

short hair with scarf

Let’s begin with the simplest yet classiest way of wearing a square-shaped head scarf like a bandana covering the short hair.

Fold the scarf into a triangular shape and tie the two corners at the back of your head leaving the third corner to cover the top and pull some strands loose to frame the face at the front.

2. Low Bun + Head Wrap

low bun hairstyle with scarf

Buns make one of the best hairstyles with a scarf when done right. Pull all the hair at the back just above the nape and wrap the piece of cloth around the head creating a knotted hair band. Curl the two big middle-parted chunks loosely to accompany that gorgeous face and that’s it.

3. Retro-Glam Look

curtain bangs with scarf

If you’re thinking of making eyes pop along the way consider wearing your scarf in the most traditional manner ever known to women.

Overlap the opposite corners of your scarf to create a triangle and knot the two ends just below your chin. Those curtain bangs will complement your style.

4. Bouncy Curls with Headband

curly hairstyle with scarf and bangs

Show off those big bouncy noodle curls by keeping them on the loose along with a scarf folded into a strip and tied around the head much like a hairband. Keep all the strands away from the face or pull a couple of chunks out to avoid a flat look.

5. Boho-Chic Triangle Head Scarf

blonde hairstyle with scarf

It’s pretty amazing how so many unique hairstyles can be created by merely folding that simple piece of fabric into a triangular shape. 

Consider this look as an example where those dreamy beach waves are softly assembled at the back with two delicate face-framing tendrils dancing with the wind.

6. The Ponytail Tie

low ponytail with scarf

Go for a dreamy country girl vibe by creating a low, rather very loose, ponytail and tying it with your favorite scarf.

You may add the soft curls at the back, and allow the strands to mess up a bit to get a more vintage look with your scarf hairstyle.

7. Trendy Pineapple Updo

curly updo with scarf

The pineapple updo can make any curly-head look gorgeous with its bouncy hair.

If you want to copy this style, gather your coily hair high up on the head, and instead of letting the ends fall all over the face tie a head scarf with a chic side knot.

8. Minimalist Side Braid

cottagecore hairstyle with scarf

Milkmaids used to wear head scarves very often and this style exactly resembles the traditional milkmaids.

Twist around your hair in a simple side braid with the fabric covering the top of the head. You can also create two pigtails falling on both sides at the front.

9. The Modern Babushka

victory rolls hairstyle with scarf

The Babushka refers to the most common way of wearing a triangularly folded piece of cloth around the head as shown in the picture.

You have to tousle the dangling corners of your scarf at the back with a victory roll at the front to get this style.

10. Easy Half Updo

half up hairstyle with scarf

This two-minute half-up half-down look is undoubtedly one of the easiest hairstyles with a scarf that you might go for during a super busy day.

Simply tie half of the hair in a ponytail, bun, or even a braid, and add a neatly folded scarf on top.

11. The Rock Star Hairstyle

undercut hairstyle with scarf

Bold ladies can express their wild side by experimenting with a buzz cut along the sides with a long vibrant-colored top.

Put on your matching head scarf with a side-swept pouf at the front and a ponytail at the back to look like a rock star straight out of the movies.

12. Across-The-Forehead Headband

wavy bob with bandana scarf

There’s wearing a scarf like a bandana and then there’s tying it down like a headband. But have you ever thought of positioning it straight across the forehead for a sporty look? And this is exactly how you would look by doing so.

13. Messy Bun

messy updo with scarf

Take out that gorgeous kerchief of yours to turn even the simplest of the hairstyles into something completely different.

If you’re planning to rock a messy yet sexy bun, spice it up by wrapping your scarf around it to look on fleek even on the roughest days.

14. Stylish Turban with Dreads

faux locs hairstyle with scarf

It’s impossible to skip this classic traditional turban look when enlisting the best hairstyles with a scarf.

Black beauties can steal the show wherever they go by coupling their head wrap with some pretty long dreadlocks. However, you will need a little practice to do it perfectly.

15. 70s Head Wrap

hairstyle with a scarf for senior women

The 70 hairstyles were as iconic as the era itself. Recreate those good old days by getting your hands on a silk fabric and creating knots and folds to achieve a ruffled crown that won’t go unnoticed. Those stray strands over the forehead won’t look bad either.

16. Knotted Ponytail

long ponytail with scarf

Long scarves might be a tad bit difficult to handle but create the most gorgeous drapes to flutter with the wind.

Look like a character straight out of a romantic novel by adorning a basic ponytail with a long knotted piece of colorful head cloth.

17. Traditional Bantu Knots

bantu knots with scarf

Bantu knots are a suitable way of protecting those precious tresses from any external damage with style.

Try the braided version along with a head scarf tucked neatly around the forehead to stand out from the crowd.  

18. Beehive Updo with Scarf

vintage scarf hairstyle

Searching for a hairstyle with a scarf that just screams class and elegance? Well, here you’ve got it!

Play around with an over-the-top beehive pouf with a low chignon bun at the back and cover it up partially with a head cloth. The sunglasses and chocolate lips will make you look like a model with this style.

19. Statement Low Ponytail

hairstyle with scarf for young girls

There’s no need to complicate hairstyles when simple ones do the job. Ladies with short tresses can try the headband idea or the Babushka look with ease.

But a teeny tiny ponytail coupled with a long scarf knotted around the base is sure to get you noticed from a distance.

20. Braided Scarf Hairstyle

braided hairstyle with scarf

Incorporating a scarf into any of your hairstyles is a must to enjoy your summer holidays to the fullest at the beach this year.

Twist your hair into a basic ponytail on the back with a cute hat on top and you’ll definitely get obsessed with the outcome.

21. Twisted Hairband

dreadlocks with scarf

There are several ways of wearing a scarf as a headband and here’s one of them with minimalist knotted hairband hairstyle.

The trick lies in placing the center of the fabric at the back of the head, knotting the ends up at the front, and moving back towards the nape.

22. Curly Pixie with Scarf

blonde curls with scarf

Make your edgy pixie haircut look even better by covering the back with a scarf while sparing those curly bangs to achieve some drama at the front.

Recreate the look by turning your head cloth into a triangle-shaped bandana and knotting it near the base of your neck.

23. Accessorized Cornrows

braids with beads and scarf

Although cornrows are a major style statement themselves, black beauties can level them up by asking the hairstylist for sideward scalp knots with jumbo beads at the ends.

Put a scarf with intricate patterns on top to celebrate your femininity and African American ethnicity to the fullest.

24. Double-Bun Updo

scarf hairstyle for women

Wrapping those long luscious tresses up in a double bun is a perfect way to amp up your look on a busy day.

Secure your two swirls in place with pins with a gorgeous silk scarf around the head and see jaws drop along the way.

25. Chic Bandana Cap

medium hairstyle with scarf

Consider this hairstyle with a scarf if you’re trying to cover up that oily scalp when not in the mood for a shower. Put on a head scarf carefully folded into a bandana cap and no one’s ever going to know!

So, whether you think of going all retro or modern instead, a scarf hairstyle can truly work wonders. Your creativity is the only limit.