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25 Best Short Pompadour Hairstyles for Guys

The short pompadour hairstyle is retro-inspired and Rockabilly fly, yet they’re fresh enough to work with any aesthetic. You can serve a James Dean look that’s all about denim, leather, and the hair—of course—or you can juxtapose your polished pompadour with today’s hottest hipster ensembles, a tailored suit, or your Sunday grubs.

The point is, there’s no bad time for a pompadour. Even if you’re only experimenting for a little while, dare to ask the barber for some pomp. Whether it’s a subtle bump or high enough to reach heaven, you’ll find it flattering and everyone else will find it irresistible.


The Best Short Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

It’s sinfully easy to create a short pompadour. Your hair doesn’t have to be very long at all—if it’s over three inches or so, you’re good to go.

There’s a reason pompadours keep coming back into style, not that they ever really fall out of fashion in the first place. They’re classic because they’re versatile. They’re timeless because almost every guy looks sexy with a pompadour haircut.

You can form a pompadour if you have an undercut or if you have a full thatch of hair. It all comes down to styling—and products. You’re going to need some hairspray, seriously.

1. Short Spiked and Side-Parted Pompadour

short spiky pompadour

Anytime you’re looking for a more modern take on the short pompadour, here you go. This cut has the slightest spike, parted at the faintest angle. Bravo!

Best Pompadour Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men


2. The Sharp Pomp

mens spiky Short Pompadour hairstyle

A sharply defined, smoothly faded undercut pompadour is versatile and easily personalized. You can go with any design or shape you like, and the upkeep is effortless—minus the razor maintenance.


3. Messy Short Pompadour

Messy Pompadour short hairstyle for men

The messy pompadour is the height of the geek chic aesthetic. It’s easy to style and maintain, plus it’s always tousled like bedhead, and we all know how irresistible that is.


4. Short but Thick


You can get a short pompadour haircut without sacrificing the thickness of your hair. A cut like this is versatile because, in addition to crafting a pompadour, you can also spike it, slick it back, or leave it rumpled.


5. The Bedhead Pomp

 short pompadour haircut with slick

Not every pompadour is slick or polished. Remember, bedhead is sexy. There’s no reason you can’t simply comb your fingers through your hair and call it a day.


6. Ultra-Modern

short pompadour with line

This ultra-modern short pompadour hairstyle for men is sure to make the ladies swoon all over you. It is defined by a perfectly tailored front puff, a temple fade, and shaved side slits. Finish off with a sharp line up and skinny sideburns. Lots of hair gel needed!


7. Side Design

short pompadour with design

Instagram /

Guys can turn their hairstyle into one of a kind by dying their top blonde with a high fade. Take a step ahead and ask the barber to carve out a design of your choice along the sides. This look however requires regular touch-ups every few weeks.


8. Pastel Purple Mane

dyed short pompadourInstagram/mr.johnbarbeiro

Who said pastel hues are for women only? Men can rock them equally well and here is a style to prove it. The buzzed sides keep all the attention on the neatly brushed-up short pomp. Paint the head in a dreamy pastel purple shade and let the magic begin!


9. Faux Hawk Pompadour

short pompadour for asian men


Pompadours are called versatile for a reason i.e., they can be styled in several ways with just a bit of effort. Turn yours into a short punk faux hawk by tapering the sides and back while gathering the long strands towards the center on the top. Easy-breezy! 


10. Army Vibes

short pompadour with side part


Look like a dashing soldier by shaving the sides to expose the skin while the top is brushed up and slightly towards one side with a hard part. Couple the look with an extended goatee and mustaches and you won’t regret it. 


11. Perfect Gradient

short grey pompadour


Men getting on in years can flaunt their salt and pepper mane with a classic short pompadour. The key lies in creating the perfect gradient where the long front shortens seamlessly towards the back. The remaining head is buzzed making it easy to style every day.


12. Flat Top

short pompadour with undercut


Considering the laid-back ones who don’t want to spend much time styling their locks, here is a style to experiment with. The top is kept flat, broad, and short enough for the strands to stand up naturally with even shorter sides. Top off with a chin curtain beard and mustaches.


13. Spike It Up

short pompadour with fade


Call it spikes, a mohawk, a pompadour, or the combination of all three, this look is sure to grab the attention of many and is suitable to make square/round-shaped faces appear slimmer. Style the strands into spikes at the top with a high fade and sharp line up. Voila!


14. The David Beckham

Becks deserves his own hair category, honestly. Show your stylist a picture and s/he will know exactly what to do with your hair.


15. Curls for Days

Told you so. This is a better take on the pompadour style, though. It’s messy and tousled, sure, but you can tell that it’s deliberate. There’s no denying that it’s a hot complement to the faded buzz action and the beard. Try a cut like this to ease into the whole pompadour fade.


16. Short Pompadour Slicked Back

This is a classic example of an undercut pompadour. It’s slick and chic. It’s sophisticated but not uptight. That beard does wonders for the whole package, too. Stop shaving.


17. Sleek to Death

sleek short pompadour hairstyle for men

A simple short pompadour and a pair of glasses—look what happens. Even if you skip the specs, this haircut is a winner. You can do almost anything with it, even on days you aren’t feeling the pop of your pump.

Men’s Pompadour Fades Styles


18. Classic Short Pompadour

Nail a short pompadour look by pairing it up with a medium cut. Keep the top a bit voluminous from the front, and fade the temple and sides of the head to get sharper features. If you want to get that exact hair structure, do not forget to blow dry your hair before applying styling product.


19. Wavy Short Pompadour

Looking for an ideal hairstyle for your job interview? Opt for this wavy short pomp that will give you astounding confidence by giving you a hunk outlook. Glossing hair spray will add more sparkle to your appearance and give your hair a wet look throughout the day. Style the top into the well-defined structure and taper the remaining hair. Grow a short beard for ultra-striking touch.


20. Short and Flat

Who does not like to stand out in the crowd? Sure, no one! This alluring combo of short pomp and bandholz beard gives an impressive look to guys. It is ideal for short hair length and almost any face shape. Keep the top a bit longer and taper the sides and back of the head. Style the top into pompadour shape by blow drying.


21. Hard Part + Short Pompadour

short pompadour with hard part

A hard part is a creative way to give more prominence to a pompadour hairstyle. Keep one side trimmed and the other side relatively longer. All you need is a blow dryer, pomade and hair spray to achieve this graceful look.


22. Short Pomp for The Summer Season

Rock your summer with some fun! Keep the hair around the ear and temple trimmed and the top comparatively longer than the sides.


23. Short and Dapper Pompadour

This look is achieved by combining the pompadour with Quiff professionally.  When these two bewitching hairstyles combined together, it creates a dapper aesthetics that looks uber-sophisticated on young guys.


24. Real Retro Look

short pompadour hairstyle for retro look

This particular side part pompadour features long hair, but have less voluminous texture. It will give guys a gentlemen look. This retro pomp is ideal for those guys who want an understated appearance with a trendy haircut.


25. Razor Shaved Sides and Short Pomp

short pompadour with shaved sides

If you are looking for a fresh and cool haircut, you must go with this short pompadour for clean aesthetics.  Taper the top gradually to achieve a subtle structure and razor shave the sides and back of the head to add edginess to the voluminous top.


Frank Sinatra pulled off a pompadour. James Dean was famous for it. Today’s heartthrobs are all over the cut. You can make it your signature style, too—and since short pompadours are so adaptable, you can make it uniquely yours.