10 Solid Red and Red Ombre Color Ideas to Boost Short Hair

Red is a really popular hair color for women because it is so vibrant and vivacious. Although most red colors are unnatural, many shades still look soft and beautiful. Red and red ombré short hair can be made to look totally unique. Because of this, red ombré short hairstyles are a great way of showing off a little bit of a personal touch.


Choose Solid Red or Red Ombre Short Hair

Solid red color can be very intense, so it is the ideal color for people who want to turn heads. On the other hand, red ombré looks can be much softer. It is possible to blend red ombré shades with the rest of the hair to create a more natural look. It is very easy to personalize an ombré dye job, so red ombré is ideal for people who want a totally unique color scheme.


Orange Red Style with Soft Curls

orange red curly short hair

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Purple Red Hair in a Pixie Crop

curly Purple Red short Hair


Voluminous 90’s Style Bob

90's Bob Style red hair


Punky Postbox Red Hair with a Dark Undercut


Tousled Red Cropped Haircut


Cute Bob with Red Highlights


 Edgy Ombre Bobs to Look Fabulous

Sleek Bob and Side Parting


Rainbow Ombre Hairstyle

rainbow ombre hairstyle


Blonde Bob with Red Ombré Tips

blonde bob with red ombre tips


Red Ombre Short Hair for Women

Red Ombre Short Hair

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It doesn’t matter whether you choose a solid red or red ombré short hairstyle. Both choices look fantastic on women who have enough confidence to pull it off.