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21 Amazing Short Blonde Balayage Hairstyles

Blonde balayage is a very common and well-known option for short hairstyles. The blonde balayage on short hair is very beautiful and trendy hair choice and there are lots of different shades to choose from.

No matter the hair color, the short blonde balayage always comes as a nice, fresh tone that gives a totally new look to your face and to your hair.

How to Do Blonde Balayage

How to Do Blonde Balayage

Doing a blonde balayage is doing a high lightening technique that does not necessarily require vertical highlights. Balayage is, in fact, subtle blending and transition of tow colors without showing strict and sharp line.

The blonde balayage comes as the second hair color, usually at the lower part of the hair. Achieving different tones of blonde balayage with short hair depends on the base hair color, as well as the need for bleaching.

Bleaching is usually done as lightening the base so that the blonde balayage can present better. With the addition of different colors and tones, the blonde balayage can vary in tonality, shiny and presence.

Doing the balayage is more like painting that coloring. The moves are light, done without much precision because in that way the hair will look more natural. With the balayage, the most important is the transition line which must be subtle.

Watch The Following Tutorial of DIY Blonde Balayage on Short Hair

Amazing Short Blonde Balayage Hairstyles

Our experts have curated a list of blonde balayage looks for women with short hair. Have a look.

1. White Honey Blonde Balayage

short white honey blonde balayage hair

White honey is a simple, most common and safe choice when it comes to balayage on short blonde hair. The white balayage looks good on darker, light brown or grown roots where it comes as a top layer.

Over time, it can fade, so regular touch ups are required. Subtle waves will flaunt all the colors on the hair.

2. Platinum Blonde Bob

Woman with Short Platinum Blonde Balayage Bob

The base on this hairstyle is darker color or undone roots which are perfect for the white balayage to be shinier and more dominant.

The cut of the bob is shaggy and edgy, with lots of layers. This is one of the most common short blonde balayage choices.

3. Ice Blonde Balayage

short ice blonde balayage hair

The short stacked bob makes the icy blonde balayage stand out in a metallic shine over the blonde base. This cool shade is ultra-shiny and makes your hair look sassy.

4. White Blonde Hair

Ashy Platinum Blonde Balayage Short Hair

The white blonde balayage on short hair comes as a combination of dirty metallic and ashy tones. It is highly fashionable and unique color choice.

It suits any skin tone and complexion and can be styled as straight or wavy. The loose curls on the lob flaunt the color in the best possible way.

5. Chocolate Layered Blonde Hair

short layered blonde balayage hair

The blonde balayage for short hair comes as a fresh highlight on the chocolate layered hair. The balayage starts high and becomes more intense at the end of the hair. The soft waves accent the color.

6. Ash Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

The contrast and the transition between the dark roots and the ashy blonde are blended perfectly in this bob. The ashy balayage starts high, leaving space for the roots to grow and they look to be even greater as it changes.

7. Dark Blond Balayage Bob

Those who prefer more subtle blonde looks can try this toning down look with nutmeg blonde. Dark blond is base color, and the nutmeg short blonde balayage comes from the middle down.

It looks great on women with medium and darker skin tone. It is just a tone darker than the regular blonde one.

8. Short Silver Hair

The silver balayage is the new take on the old platinum blonde, with a dose of ashy tone. It looks great on short bobs.

The silver balayage on short blonde hair is a very popular color choice among young girls and teenagers. It requires perfect light base which might include some bleaching for the silver to take in.

9. Sandy Blonde Balayage

Sandy blonde shade is a classic one that never goes out of style. It is a shade that looks good on every skin tone and color of the eyes.

Because of the grey undertones, it looks perfectly cool with grown roots. It can be worn as a wavy or messy hairstyle because two styles show the texture.

10. Dirty Blonde Hair

short dirty blonde balayage hair

The dirty blonde balayage does not need lots of maintenance. It comes at the end of the blond portion of the hair, in a darker shade than the regular blond.

It is more matte than shiny and creates a nice contrast to the hair. The sleek lob is the suitable short haircut for the blonde balayage.

11. Pearl Balayage with Purple Highlights

The purple pearl shine that comes as a balayage on the short blonde hair adds luminosity to the whole haircut.

The subtle waves shiny differently under various angles, and the asymmetrical cut just accents the overall shine.

12. Golden Blonde Highlights

Shiny hair is always in, so the golden blonde balayage is a natural pure gold look that is eye-catching. It gives the short hair nice warm tone and suits even skin tone.

This balayage looks good on a messy bob. The darker golden tone comes in between the original hair color and the light blonde golden ends.

13. Blonde and Lavender Highlights

Lavender is one of the trendiest purple colors. The lavender purple hair shade is perfect for pairing it with blonde, and in this case, the lavender comes as a balayage. The wavy blunt bob is showing the transition of colors just magnificently.

14. Caramel and Copper Blonde Balayage

The blonde balayage on short hair is a mixture of caramel, copper and honey highlights that together create one of the most beautiful and warm shades of blonde.

Shoulder length wavy lob is the perfect haircut for this colorful mixture.

15. Blonde Lowlights

Short Angled Bob with Blonde Balayage Lowlights

The lowlights are also formed of balayage, focused only at the ends of the hair. They highlight the hairstyle, giving it a nice subtle line. The angled bob and its short length are perfect for trying the blonde balayage with lowlights.

16. Strawberry Blonde Bob

The base color on this wavy bob is the strawberry shade that has added balayage for a unique look. It is styled in round curls that make the short blonde balayage stand out.

17. Short Blunt Bob

Honey blonde balayage in a short blunt cut comes in nice blending between the base color and the honey blonde. It gives a warm and nice overall look which complements the base color shade in a soft way.

18. Pixie Cut with Bangs

The short pixie cut does not leave lots of room for experimenting with hair color. However, here, the top of the short hair is done in a subtle blonde balayage, giving the waves more definition.

19. Ash Blonde Hair

This ash blonde balayage short hair look presents the color change between the ashy grey hair color and the blonde.

The base is darker, with a more grayish tone, while the balayage turns to light ashy blond, creating balance and immensely fashionable look.

20. Platinum Blonde Balayage Lob

short blonde balayage hair

The contrast between the amber and platinum is nicely blended through the balayage. The platinum blonde is the finish at the end of the hairstyle that opens up and makes the look a bit fresher.

21. Warm Blonde Balayage Highlights

short warm blonde balayage hair

The warm blonde tones of the base complement the blonde balayage for short hair. This is a combination that makes a nice and different look from the regular blond balayage.


What is the best shade of blonde for balayage?

There is no specific blonde shade when it comes to balayage. Finding the right color depends on the color of the base you wear, your skin tone and the color of your eyes.

Remember that yellow undertone in the blonde present shinier color, while the ashy undertones result in a subtler and matte shade.

If necessary, the bleaching can increase the blonde effect, but it also can permanently damage the hair. The younger generation adores the ashy and platinum blonde tones, while the older women love the warm honey tones.

The pale skin tone usually is best matched with ashy tones, while the medium skin tone and darker skin tone are better with short hair blonde balayage in warm tones.

Is balayage also a highlighting technique?

Balayage is a highlighting technique, which instead of pulling highlights from up the roots; you color the ends of your hair by creating a natural and balance transition of color.

The highlighting is done horizontally rather than vertically, and the line between the two blending colors is invisible.

On which short haircut balayage looks best?

Bobs and lobs are the best short hairstyles for doing a balayage technique. Their length gives enough ground for both of the shade to easily and naturally blend and finish in a nice and beautiful hairstyle.

The Pixies and boyish cuts can also show the balayage technique but it will be rather different than the balayage on the longer hairstyles. The length of the hair is essential in balayage because the beauty of it lies in showing off the color transition.

The balayage technique has been present for quite some time. It has only been perfected and each hairstyle done in balayage has an artistic and colorful outcome.

The idea of coloring the hair with a free hand has proved to be very modern and successful. It comes naturally with the grown roots in a different color, and there are no harsh lines when the color changes.

The blonde balayage on short hair is one of the most requested techniques for modern women who do not have a lot of time but still want to make an impression with their short hairstyle.