50 Cutest Short Braided Hairstyles for Any Woman

If your hair is short and thinking of trying braid hairstyles, you should go ahead as the braids are a good choice for numerous reasons.

Aside from being cute, versatile and stylish, braids can hold up for multiple days which is perfect for those of us who are pressed for time. Short braided hair can make your life easy as there will be minimal maintenance required.


Braids for Short Hair

Unfortunately, when you have short hair, it seems as though there aren’t many options to go to when you want to rock a braided style for everyday use.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of 50 of the cutest braided hairstyles for short hair:



short braided ponytail

short braided ponytail



short french braid

short french braid



short pigtail braids

short pigtail braids



short braided updo

short braided updo



braids for little girl with short hair

braids for little girl with short hair



short side braid



short waterfall braids



braids for short curly hair



braids for short hair with bangs



short four strand braid



short braids with undercut



short braided mohawk



short fishtail braid



short wavy hair with braid



short hair with two front braids


16. Mini Twists/Micro Braids

 black women Micro Braids hairstyle

If you’re not opposed to adding a little bit of braiding hair into the mix, then mini twists/micro braids are a great braided hairstyle for short hair. Not only can they be styled multiple different ways, but they last a reasonably long time – 1 to 2 months at least.

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17. Cornrow Knots

beautiful girl Cornrow Knots hairstyle

This funky braid style is perfect for those who are looking for a simple, fun style to rock. Just section off the hair in the crown, part it in two, cornrow each section and Bantu knot the ends to achieve this uniquely adorable look.


18. Braided and Professional

Professional Braided haircut for women

If you’re looking for a simple braided hairstyle for short hair, then this professional ‘do is just for you! The large twists/braids make this style easy to install and easy to take out so that you aren’t spending hours doing your hair.


19. Double Dutch

women favorite Double Dutch hairstyle

This cute short braided hairstyle is one of our favorite simplistic styles. Just part the hair down the middle and braid each section back going towards the nape, and secure with a rubber band. The best part is that it’s quick, easy, and you can do the braids neat or messy as you like.

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20. Dutch Crown

short braid hairstyle for women

This playful braided hairstyle features a dutch braid that has been styled down the middle of the crown of the head and finished with a bun. The rest of the hair is left down and curled, giving this look some playful movement.



21. Large Dutch Braid Bun

Large Dutch Braid Bun hairstyle for women

If your hair is long enough to achieve a big dutch braid, then this could be a great option for you. This sleek braid is perfect for both formal and casual settings because of it’s sleek, yet carefree design.


22. Half Braided Hawk

Braided UpDo for black girl

Here’s another versatile braided hairstyle for short hair that is easy to achieve and flexible to sport in both casual and professional settings. Just braid/twist the nape up towards the top of the head and set the rest of the hair on perm rods or rollers in order to achieve this cute braided look.


23. The Secretary


This adorable style is one of the easiest, most flattering braids for short hair you can accomplish. Just twist/braid the hair on both sides, going towards the nape of the head and pin the ends up so that they aren’t visible.


24. Single Braid

Single Braid hairstyle for women

This simplistic braided style features one single braid going around the back of the head. This acts as a partition, giving the illusion that the hair is cornrowed to the head even though it isn’t.


25. Halo Braid

Halo Braid

This simple braided style for short hair is a halo braid. The braid goes around the entire perimeter of the head, giving the appearance of a ‘halo.’


26. Cornrows

short cornrow braids

If you’re looking for something really easy, just stick to basic cornrows. Cornrows are a great braid option for short hair because they can be styled in any way you want.

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27. Half up- Half Down Braids

These cute braids for short hair feature cornrows at the front of the head, while the nape has been styled out. You can opt to style the back however you please, but this particular picture features a braidout.


28. Messy Crown Braid

Here’s another variation of the crown braid that has been styled messy. This carefree look should definitely be a go-to braid option for women rocking short hair.


29. Braided Mohawk

short braided mohawk

If you’re looking for a more edgy, daring look, try this braided Mohawk style. Just cornrow the hair up towards the top of the head and either leave the hair out, as pictured, or braided up into a funky updo.



30. Crescent Braids

This braided hairstyle for short hair features cornrows that have been braided in a crescent pattern in the front of the head. The rest of the hair is braided in single box braids that can be styled either up or down.


31. Box Braid Bob

short braided bob

Box braids for short hair is one of the best style choices for women on the go. The versatility of box braids leaves room for you to style however you want, and this bob is already stylish enough on its own.


32. Beach Bun

If you live a particularly active lifestyle, then this simple braided style might just be for you. You can cornrow the entire front of the hair into one big braid going to the back and then put the remainder of the hair in a bun. This is a perfect braid option if you need to keep your hair out of your face for a workout.


33. Simplified Braided Mohawk

This braided Mohawk style is not as complex as the previous one, but it’s just as adorable. This take on the Mohawk features a large dutch braid that has been braided going towards the nape and pinned. Also, hair that has been left out on the sides have been plaited and pinned up as well, putting some much needed finishing touches on this look.


34. Fat Double Dutch

young girl Fat Double Dutch haircut

Opt to style your dutch braids a little wider in order to achieve this look. If you’re worried about not being able to grasp the hair tightly because of its length, try this loose dutch braid instead. Braiding the hair loosely will not only make the hair appear thicker, but it will make the braids look larger than they normally would be.


35. Crochet Braids

If you’re interested in experimenting with length, then install some crochet braids. Crochet braids are a great for short hair because they give you the versatility of rocking any hairstyle and length that you want no matter how short your hair is.

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As you can see, there are a lot of different ways you can style braids for short hair. Take some of these into consideration the next time you’re on the search for a braided hairstyle for short hair! What is your favorite braid hairstyle with short length hair?