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35 Incredible Blue Ombre Hair Colors to Steal

When it comes to making a statement with your hair, outrageous dyeing tops all the charts. Blue ombre hair can make your day, week, month or even year. Playing around with hair color is one of the favorite times spent for many women.

However, not everyone is ready for such drastic changes. Blue hair color is not easy to achieve and maintain. But it looks truly impressive. Whether you feel as if your image requires a serious change or just want to make an impression on someone, all shades of blue are at your feet.


Blue Ombre Hair – Things You Should Know

blue ombre hair

Dyeing your hair an outrageous color is fun, exciting, and impressive. However, it’s far from being similar to dyeing your locks a more or less natural shade. You must be prepared for some things when opting for blue ombre hair.

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It Doesn’t Last Long

Unfortunately, crazy colors are always the first to go. If you can wait 1 -2 months between regular dyeing touch-ups, the outrageous shade might fade less than a week after dyeing. The only way to make it last just a tiny bit longer is to wash your hair as rarely as possible and use special cosmetics for dyed locks.


It Stains Like Crazy

Bright colors tend to bleed even after the first couple of washes. So get ready to throw out the towel and bleach your pillowcase. The only way to avoid too much bleeding is to dry the hair with a hairdryer immediately after washing. However, such an approach can also lead to quicker fading. So consider finding a special towel, t-shirt, and pillowcase that you don’t mind throwing out.


It Might Take Weeks

If you are naturally blonde, you are lucky. All kinds of blue ombre will look great on you. However, if your locks are dark, the blue color just won’t show unless you bleach them beforehand. Bleaching is tricky. Sometimes your hair might need more than one bleaching session to get ready for crazy color dyeing. These sessions have to be at least several weeks apart.


It might Not Wash Out Completely

While the green and blue colors fade fast, they don’t disappear completely. So if you decide to change the color in some time, you’ll have to go through a lot of trouble to get rid of the green and blue shades.

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Bright Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Girls

A dye can become your best friend if you are out for a tremendously bright hairstyle but don’t feel like cutting your locks. Blue ombre hair is one of the unique options you can rarely see when walking down the street.

There are dozens of blue shades, so your experiments can last a lifetime. If you are a big fan of blue hues, you can take advantage of the 35 below options. Each one of them was handpicked to help you get an idea of what suits your image the best. Good luck!

1. Blue Purple Ombre Hairstyle

Blue and purple ombre hair are certainly eye-popping and a total attention grabber. How couldn’t it be? These marvelous shades will blend, and everybody will compliment your look. It will look crazy!


2. Medium Blue Hair

brown to blue ombre hair

Go for a brown to blue ombre hair that will gather all the attention. These shade will beautifully frame your face, especially if you have a pale skin tone. More than this, the hues will mesmerizingly suit your blue eyes. 


3. Pixie Short Ombre Hair

If you love short haircuts, go for a pixie cut. Opt for a short blue ombre hair and keep the sideburns long and visible. Cut the bangs short and wear them on the forehead. Tousle it, and you’re ready to rock. 


4. Electric Green Blue Ombre

Blue green ombre hair is electric, crazy, and rebellious. If you are fierce and bold, this combination of shades is certainly the best match for you. Use a conical iron and style low curls for the blue tips. 


5. Blue Box Braids

blue ombre braids

Start from a natural shade for the hairstyle and use Jumbo hair to create a blue ombre braids. Use a scarf to keep the knits on the back and to achieve a ravishing modern look. Wear the box braids on one side to show them off. 


6. Pale Blue Ombre Hairstyle

Maintain your natural color for the roots and half of the mane and pull off a pastel blue ombre hair. Keep the bangs a little bit shorter than the rest of your locks and style them inwards. 


7. Teal Blue Hair

If you can’t decide which shade to wear, nothing stops you from creating your own mix. Use teal for the roots and continue with a silver blue ombre hair. Each hue will marvelously work with the others, and you’ll obtain an unconventional look that is ideal for any woman. 


8. Aquamarine Blue Hair

When you want a hairstyle that immediately gains attention and makes people turn their heads to see you, a blonde to blue ombre hair is your best choice. Cut the hair in a bob haircut and toss the long fringe on one side. 


9. Red Blue Space Buns

If you crave for a modern look that uses bright, beautiful colors, red and blue ombre hair is one of the wildest options out there. Cut your hair in a medium bob, wave it, and use the top hair to create two space buns. They will add a lot of value to your exquisite shades. 


10. Curly Pale Blue Hair 

When you get tired of your regular dull look, there’s always a crazy gorgeous option you can pull off: blue ombre hair for black girls. Before you begin, you need to remember that if you want the exact shade from the picture, you will need to bleach your hair or use curly hair extensions. 


11. Black to Blue Ombre Hair

beautiful Blue Ombre Hair color for girl

When you are thinking of blue ombre hair, the top part can stay natural. This way you can keep at least part of your hair from being damaged by bleaching and dyes. The lower part can include several shades of blue.


12. Blondie blue

blonde Blue Ombre Hair for girl

If your natural hair is light, you can create this attractive blonde blue ombre. The top part can stay light, the middle layer can be light blue and the bottom part dark blue. This reverse ombre can look stunning.


13. Contrasted fun

Nice Blue Ombre Hairstyle you love

The best part about blue ombre hair is that it can look “out of the blue”. Leave the top part of your hair natural or add some highlights and then make the bottom part light blue for 100 % contrast. Contrasted hairstyles make the best impression.

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14. Match the eyes

Blue Ombre Hairstyle for women

If you have blue eyes, then choosing the colors for your blue ombre hair is easy. At least one shade should be similar to the color or your eyes. This approach can outline your wonderful eye color and make your face look balanced.


15. Fully blue

Full Blue Ombre Hair color

This fully blue ombre involves dyeing your whole mane. This hairstyle is a great choice for patient girls, who are ready to spend some time touching up the color. The result is definitely worth the effort.


16. Patchy blue curls


This ombre involves highlighting your locks blue. While only about half of your mane is actually colored, the impression you get is as if the whole head is bluish. Take advantage of the highlighting technique and leave most of your hair untouched.


17. Down by the sea


Deep-sea blue on top and light blue on the bottom is another example of a fully blue ombre. The top part is dyed dark blue in order to keep the hair beautiful longer since the black roots won’t be too visible.


18. Hair extensions


If you don’t feel as if the time has come to dye the hair but you really want to check out the way you look with blue locks, use hair extensions. They can be sewn into your natural locks without anyone noticing the difference.


19. Light blue ombre

Green and Blue Ombre Hair color for girl

Green is a great addition to the blue ombre hair. The aquamarine color can complement the blue shades and make them look softer and richer. Just don’t forget that the mix of blue and green can be very hard to get rid off.

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20. Blue curls

Blue Ombre curly Hair style for girl

If you have long hair, you can create an amazing hairstyle by playing around with the way the ombre is styled. Keep your natural black hair on top straight and brushed as usually while creating large and beautiful blue curls.


21. Silver blue


Silver hues are becoming more and more popular. However, many women are afraid to use them since such color can make them look older. A great way out is to create a silver blue ombre hair color and add some purple highlights.


22. Dip dye


The dip dye method allows you to create an impression of a fashionable hairstyle while keeping most of your hair looking natural. The best part about the dip dye technique is that you can cut the ends off and get clean grounds for new color experiments.


23. Great sea colors


Light and dark blue, as well as aquamarine shades, look great on black or dark brown hair. Such mix makes an impression of a deep blue sea on top of your head. Such ombre looks dreamy and allows you to stand out of the crowd.


24. Faded blue

Blue Ombre Hair

Since such outrageous colors as green and blue are quick to fade, you might want to settle for something less bright. Start with pale and faded blue colors and you can enjoy them longer without touching up.


25. Dark blue and light green

light green with blue ombre hair

The combination of light green and dark blue hair color create a special contrast with your dark hair. Since both of the outrageous shades are lighter than your natural color, such ombre can give your hair a much-needed volume.

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26. Blue balayage

balayage Blue Ombre Hair color for girl

A blue balayage is even a better way to make a statement than a blue ombre hair color. Unfortunately, this bright option won’t last long. Get ready for some fading and be armed with maintenance measures.


27. Aquamarine style


If your natural hair is dark, consider getting a dark color to match it. A dark green, blue or aquamarine can look much more natural than their light counterparts when coupled with a black mane. The maintenance is easier too.


28. Get violet


Violet shades look very attractive together with blue and green colors. You can go further to use two different shades of blue and a couple of different shades of violet. The only thing you have to control is the smooth color transition.


29. Use waves


If you have wavy hair, you can use the waves to dictate you the size of the layers to color. The first top layer should end where the first wave starts. This approach is good for long hair, which is too heavy to be wavy on top.


30. Icy flames

girl black Blue Ombre Hairstyle

Raven black hair combined with icy blue shades can create an extravagant hairstyle that will keep all the eyes on you. Even though the touchups are imminent, only a small part of the hair needs to be maintained.


31. Short Electric Blue Ombre

Electric Blue Ombre for Short Hair

One of the most common hair-related misconceptions is that girls or women with short hair shouldn’t get ombre. Why? There’s absolutely no reason to back up those claims. What’s more, ombre on short hair looks stunning, and it only adds more playfulness to your hair, accentuates locks, frames your face, you name it.

Electric black to blue ombre on short hair as seen in the above photo is ideal for girls who love edgy hair. Rock chicks will pull it off easily, but other girls as well. Throw a few curls into the mix, and you’ll get a super cute style.


32. Short Blue Ombre for Blonde Hair

blue ombre for short blonde hair

Blue ombre isn’t just for dark, black hair. In fact, it can look great on short blonde hair as well. Opt for light blue, dirty or ashy blue that will merge perfectly with your blonde locks. Pair your ombre with nice, subtle makeup for a complete look. The good thing about this type of blue ombre short hair is that it can work well with different types of outfits suitable for different occasions.


33. Long Angled Bob + Blue Ombre

blue ombre bob for women

Bob, whether it’s on the shorter or longer side, is a timeless hairstyle. It will always be IN which is why you can never go wrong with this midnight blue hairstyle. To go one step further and upgrade your hairstyle you can opt for short blue ombre which gives your bob a whole new dimension.


34. Wavy Bob + Blue Ombre + Short Hair

blue ombre on short black hair

There are different kinds of blue which means that it’s entirely possible to find get perfect blue ombre regardless of your preferences, likes, and dislikes. This vivid, teal blue ombre will bring more fun to your short haircut, and it’s needless to mention this is perfect for girls who love to stand out and be the center of attention.


35. Silver Blue Ombre Hair

silver blue ombre on short wavy hair

Here’s a great short blue ombre hair option for women who would love to experiment with different colors and shades, but would love to stay on the neutral or calmer side too. This hairstyle’s got it all; trendy silver blue hair. You’ll love it.


Blue ombre hair can be so striking, it can light a fire you never knew you were capable of experiencing. Hair experiments allow you to open up and find new ways to express yourself. Use outrageous colors to reach your goals.