21 Spectacular Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair [2022 Trend]

Short straight hair is one of those trends that never go out of style. While it’s easy to think short hair doesn’t allow you to experiment and spice things up a little bit the reality is different. Women and girls with short hair have a lot of options at their disposal to try out different looks. In this post, we’re going to focus on short hairstyles for straight hair that are bound to amaze you.


How to Style Short Straight Hair

How to Style Short Straight Hair

Hairstyling is like an art form that everyone can master. Use your imagination to experiment, try different things, and learn more about likes and dislikes. We often limit ourselves to one particular hairstyle and are too afraid to experiment thinking there’s no way we would be able to pull off different looks.

When it comes to short straight hairstyles, there’s a lot you can do to rock this look. For instance, you can create braids of different kinds. Top knots are always a good idea as well. Let’s not forget undercut and shaven sides which bring out your edgy attitude.

Another styling option is to get bangs which you can wear straight and blunt, part in the middle, or sweep aside. Length of bangs varies from short baby bangs to long bangs. Tiny ponytails are also workable, depending on the length of your short hair of course. Using bandanas, scarf, headpieces, bobby pins, and other accessories can also help you style your hair.


Following Video Shows How to Style Straight Short Hair in Different Ways


What to Wear with Short Straight Hairstyle?

dress to wear with short hair

You’ve probably wondered about outfit choices that perfectly match your lovely short hair. We’ve all been there, and it’s perfectly okay. Ideally, you should avoid loose and baggy clothes. Instead, opt for figure-hugging outfits that flatter your body type and bring out the femininity your hairstyle has to offer.

It’s important to mention that chic skirts, dresses, and cute tops look great with short straight hair, but rock chicks can also pull off this look with leather pants and jackets. It all comes down to your personal style and how you wear it. Don’t rule out hats which give your look a whole new dimension.


Trendy Hairstyles for  Short Straight Hair

Need inspiration for short straight hairdos that you can pull off easily? Scroll down to see them all.

1. Short Bob with Bangs

short straight bob with bangs

Some women and girls are reluctant to get bangs thinking it would be difficult to style them. Sure, they require a bit of maintenance, but their benefits outweigh everything else.

The main purpose of bangs is to frame your face and accentuate your eyes, face line, and induce the slimming effect. There’s a perfect type of bangs for every face shape, and they are particularly amazing when paired with the straight bob haircut.


2. Pink Pixie

pink pixie cut for short straight hair

Speaking of short hairstyles for straight hair we cannot forget pixie cut. Pixie is yet another timeless haircut that gives us a Parisian chic vibe. Regular pixie is great, but if you want to have more edge, you can dye the hair to some unusual color such as pink. Looks great, doesn’t it?


3. Graduated Ombre Bob

short ombre bob for straight hair

Graduated bob is subtle and ever so stylish. Blow dry your hair, apply a product that protects it from heat, and use mousse to give your hair more volume while creating the signature shape. You can combine this cut with bangs or just pull it off without them, depends on your choice only.


4. Middle Part Bob

short straight hair for heart shaped face women

Are you looking for elegant short straight hairstyles for women with the heart-shaped face? Then you may want to try this one. Short hair reaching just below your ears is styled perfectly to define your jawline, but it doesn’t over-emphasize it like other hairstyles. Hair color depends on your likes and dislikes; options are endless.


5. Undercut for Short Hair

undercut for short straight hair

Are you a tough girl who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to act and get it? Then your hairstyle needs to demonstrate your decisiveness and bravery. A great cut for that purpose is a pixie with shaved sides. Even without curls and locks, this style is still bouncy and lovely thus showing that short straight hair truly is versatile.


6. Simple Bowl Cut

You love bob haircut, but would still like to experiment and try something edgy? If so, you may want to try this bowl cut with an undercut. This unique style will make you stand out, and it’s not that difficult to pull it off.


7. Twist Braided Bangs

Prefer cute and girly hairstyles? Then you’ll absolutely love this one. Simple, short and straight blonde ombre bob got a playful note with a tiny braid that acts as a headpiece hair accessory.

We love the fact this hairstyle for straight short hair is casual and fancy at the same time. You can wear them when the home is getting things done or when attending some special event.


8. Short Blunt Bob

Simple and chic – sometimes we just want a minimalistic haircut that still oozes elegance and power. Is that too much to ask? Not at all! One of the easiest ways to style your hair is to get a short bob, without bangs. No need to use the iron curler, just use a nice brush or straightening iron to keep your hair straight and sophisticated.


9. Dutch Braids for Short Hair

Braids are trendy right now, but women with short hair often think they can’t jump on the bandwagon and rock this style. You can make braids even when your hair is short and straight. It will require some practice, but once after a while, you’ll be able to create this hairstyle with ease. Practice makes perfect, remember.


10. Platinum Bob

women with short straight hair

Girls with an oval face are lucky because they can choose just about any short hairstyle for straight hair they want. This ice blonde bob is a super chic choice, but you can go for any other hair color.

After all, it all comes down to your personal likes and dislikes. The best effect is achieved when parting isn’t straight in the middle, but when one side is “heavier” just like in the image.


11. French Braid Mohawk and Top Knot

If you’re aiming for a cute look, then you may want to consider creating a top knot. While girls with long hair usually do top knots nothing is stopping you from doing the same thing.


12. Asymmetrical Bob

We spend way too much time trying to make everything symmetrical, yet asymmetry is beautiful. One way to rock short straight hairdo is to give an asymmetrical look a chance. There are no rules here; just follow your imagination. Sweep your bangs to the side, have some strands longer than others, no limits.


13. Feathered Bob

Feathered bob keeps your hair straight but adds more volume and fullness. Therefore, if you’re looking for short haircut for straight hair that boosts the volume of your hair, this is the cut you need. To change things around a little bit comb most of your hair to one side for an asymmetrical appearance.


14. Choppy and Messy

When styled in the choppy way your hair appears chic and elegant, but in an effortless way. Let’s be honest for a second, most of us want to achieve that look, to appear amazing even without trying. The choppy bob style is ideal for girls and women with short straight hair.


15. Short Hair with Bandana

short straight hairstyle with scarf

To bring more romance and drama to your short and straight hair it’s practical to use headscarves, bandanas, headpieces, and other accessories which only emphasize the vibe we want to send. Not only are they cut, but these accessories are practical too.


16. Pins and Clips

To do something new with the straight short haircut, you can always try with bobby pins and clips which come in different shapes and sizes. They keep the hair away while looking cute and adorable. You can style them any way you’d like, including just lining them one next to another for a more dramatic effect.


17. Bright Orange Brown Hair

Bright red or almost an orange hairstyle isn’t something you should dismiss. In fact, one of the cutest short straight hairstyles is red hair with bangs that are parted in the middle. It gives you a chic look, but with an edge.


18. Spiky Mohawk

You’re not into “conventional” styles and would love to try something new with your short hair? Then spiky Mohawk is the solution. Edgy, powerful, and confident – this hairstyle is suitable for bold girls who aren’t afraid of experimenting with different looks.


19. Medium Bob

When styling your short straight hair make sure you do not forget that sunglasses also serve as a great accessory. Wear them as you’d wear a headpiece for a cool girl look.


20. Ribbon in Hair

short haircut for straight hair

Girly girls will absolutely love this short hairdo for straight hair. Add more femininity and elegance to your hair with a simple ribbon that you’ll play at a convenient place depending on the size of the ribbon of course.


21. French Braid Headband

hairstyles for short straight hair

A simple braid can create a huge change which is why it’s always a good choice. Create a braid in a way that it gently settles with the rest of your hair but also acts as a headpiece which adds your look a new dimension.


Short straight hairstyles are IN right now, and this article showed 21 super cool ideas to rock this look. Flaunt your hair with outfits that perfectly depict your creativity and personality. Be confident and brave, and you’ll look amazing at all times.