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40 Prettiest Examples of Pink Ombre Hair

Experimenting with color is one of the best things about having hair. Since it first started showing up in salons, ombre hair – a look of two-toned hair – has been on-trend and in demand. There is no shortage of color combinations a woman can ask for, but the prettiest might be pink ombre hair!

This color comes in many shades, flattering all skin tones, and will glam up whatever hairstyle you are currently rocking. You’ll want to save this list of gorgeous looks for pink ombre hair for your next trip to the salon!

pink ombre hair color idea


How to Get Pink Ombre Hair at Home

If you’re interested in ombre hair but don’t want to pay hundreds to get it done, it can be achieved at home. You’ll want to start this process on day-old (as opposed to freshly washed) hair so that the “oiliness” you feel can protect your strands from the harshness of the chemicals.

Also, remember that if your hair is darker (brown or black) you will need to lift the color from your ends by bleaching the hair before applying the color so that the color is prominent. If you try the process without bleached ends, it will not show.

Pink hair dye typically lasts for about 3-4 weeks before you need a touch-up, but if you wash your hair multiple times a week, it may fade even sooner than that. Many women typically make appointments to revive their coloring bi-weekly, so keep that in mind before dyeing your hair.


Pink Ombre vs. Pink Highlights

Pink Ombre vs Pink Highlights

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between an ombre and a highlight is, then we’re here to take away your confusion!

Pink ombre means hair that is dyed in a way that the pink color seems natural. Pink ombre hair requires you to have two different shades of hair and one shade gradually transforms into the other along the length of the hair.

On the other hand, when you get pink highlights, certain locks of hair from different parts of your head are dyed pink! In this case, there is no gradual shift from one color to another.


Gorgeous Pink Ombre Hair Ideas

1. Pink Straight Ombre

A magenta to hot pink or dark base to hot pink ombre stuns on straight hair. This rich neon color is perfect for summer months, but wear it year-round to stand out.


2. Curly Pink Ombre

For your curly hair, dark pink with tones of burgundy or magenta makes a center or side parted hairstyle that much better.


3. Short Hair with Pink Ombre

A short straight or wavy bob haircut is anything but traditional with a pink ombre. Whether ends are blunt or razor cut, the color will liven everything up.


4. Pink Ombre Hairstyle for Black Girl

Super hot pink or a soft lavender are great complements to dark skin. Straighten hair to let that color shine or wind in waves for a softer look.


5. Hot Pink Ombre

Side parted hairstyles get lift with layers and a wavy hairstyle pairs well with straight bangs on a round face, but both look amazing with pink ombre.


6. Pastel Pink Ombre

Not ready to make a commitment to a blunt hair color? Pastel pink is girly yet understated for any professional job.


7. Brown to Pink Ombre

Whether your pink ombre starts closer to the roots or midway down, it’s a gorgeous explosion of color on a center parted hairstyle.


8. Pink And Purple Ombre

When you’re ready for an altogether new look, pink and purple ombre make for a gorgeous color combination on long wavy hair.


9. Light Pink Ombre

Light pink, or rose, flatters a mulitude of skin tones, especially women with paler skin. Rock it on waterfall braids for a fancy event or a casual beach wave weekend look.


10. Pink Ombre Braids

A thick fishtail braid will look even more glamorous with pink ombre and micro braids can pull off a three-toned ombre for a hairstyle your friends will die for.


11. Black And Pink Ombre

When your goal is a more edgier hairstyle, opt for black and pink ombre. Hot pink or burgundy with a side bang or center part will turn your look into something you love.


12. Pink And Blue Ombre

For the truly artistic woman, a blend of pink and blue is the way to express your creative side. Pair dark with dark and light with light and finish with a flat iron or curls.


13. Blonde Hair with Pink Ombre

Blonde hair melts with pink ombre beautifully. Color the full bottom half pink or simply blend in the pink as highlights for a more unique style.


14. Red To Pink Ombre

Red to pink ombre is a fiery option when it comes to hair color. Stick with colors that are in the same tone family so your finished look doesn’t seem mismatched.


15. Dark Pink Ombre

A blunt cut medium haircut and waist-length straight hairstyle both look edgy yet modern with dark pink ombre on a dark base.


16. Baby Pink Ombre

Pastel and champagne pink are sophisticated and feminine on shoulder-length hairstyles. A dark pink at roots that fades to light pink at ends makes for a beautiful bold style.


17. Teal And Pink Ombre

To liven up long locks, go for teal and pink ombre. It’s a rainbow combination that’ll show off your hair even more.


18. White to Pink Ombre

The only thing that could make a long hairstyle better is white and pink ombre. Whether the pink is subtle at ends, or covers half of your hair, it’ll be gorgeous.


19. Pink, Blue and Purple Hair Ombre (for blondes)

purple,blue ,Pink Ombre Hair color idea

If you’re looking for a bit of whimsy to spice up your ombre choice, incorporate purples and light blues to make your pink stand out. Not only is this “unicorn” ombre hair super cute, but it’s also daringly different so you probably won’t see many others rocking it.

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20. Pastel Pink Ombre (for brunettes)

girl favorite Pastel Pink Ombre hair

This pastel pink hair color matches great with her chocolate brown hair and the subtle hints of blonde almost makes this look like a Neapolitan.


21. Pink and Purple Ombre ( for blondes)

Pink and Purple Ombre haircut you like

This faded pink and purple combo could be the result of an old dye job, but we’re loving it! The subtleness of the colors makes this dye job sexy while still keeping it fun and playful.

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22. Dark Pastel Pink Ombre (for brunettes)

Dark Pastel Pink Ombre color hair

If you still want a pastel pink but don’t want for it to be too light, then this shade could be the perfect option for you, especially if your tresses are relatively dark.


23. Bubblegum Pink Ombre (for brunettes)

Bubblegum Pink Ombre hairstyle for women

This pink is a darker shade but isn’t overbearing. The pale shade of this dark pink pairs great with deep brown or black hair.


24. Pink and Purple Ombre (for blondes)

This pink and purple ombre is another subtle dyeing job that has left us speechless. The blonde highlights play off of the deep purples and subtle pinks, while the waviness of the hair ties the whole entire look together almost effortlessly.


25. Bubblegum Pink Ombre (for blondes)

nice Pink Ombre Haircut your hair

This bright pink is playful and whimsical, letting off the spunky, carefree vibe that so many of us wish we could pull off. If you’re daring enough, then this shade of pink would definitely be up your alley.

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26. Barbie Pink Ombre (for blondes)

Barbie Pink Ombre hairstyle you love

Reminiscent of your good old Barbie doll days, who wouldn’t want to rock this playfully pink ombre style? This deep pink is awesomely executed and the color is bold without being overbearing.


27. Full Purple and Pink Ombre

This purple to pink ombre dye job is perfection, as the pastel pink and lavender colors really complement each other. The best thing about this ombre is definitely the subtle pink highlights that frame the face and are incorporated throughout the purple.

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28. Barbie Pink Ombre (for brunettes)

We absolutely love this deep Barbie pink ombre dye job for a number of reasons – the main one being that the blonde highlights and deep lowlights really set this coloring aside from the rest.


29. Multi Pink Ombre

This pink ombre dye job features multiple shades of pink and finished with a lovely shade of purple. From roots to tip the hair gradually gets a shade darker and really shows the skill set and attention to detail as well as the successful blending and pairing of colors.


30. Deep-to-Light Pink Ombre

This pink ombre dye job features a gradual lightening of the hair from root to tip. Starting from black, the hair graduates to fuchsia and continues on until it reaches light pink at the ends.


31. Flower Half Bun

Ombre hairstyles can help a lot of beautiful updos to look even dreamier and more gorgeous. The different shades of this gorgeous pink ombre make the texture of the flower bun even more emphasized. Once you’ve created the bun, use a curling iron to curl the hair underneath it.


32. Pink Ombre with Black Hair

The bright pink ombre gives an electric dimension to this hairstyle that already has a mat black base. The short bangs give it a bit more edge, while the curls are soft and girly, which means that this hairstyle has everything you need for a strong, authentic look.


33. Cotton Candy Ombre on Honey Blonde Hair

pink ombre hairstyles for Girls

While an electric ombre looks eye-catching and bold, it is important to think how your ombre is going to blend into your hair even after it’s washed out. If you have honey blonde hair, a shade of pink that has a little bit of a yellow undertone will be a great match.


34. Pink and Purple Ombre on Platinum Blonde Hair

If you have a clean platinum blonde base, a colorful ombre such as this pink and purple one will look great on it. You can even spice the hairstyle up if you experiment with braids that will intertwine the colorful strands.


35. Light Pink Ombre on Light Brown Hair

This light pink ombre hair color is very subtle and it looks beautiful on naturally light-brown hair. If your hair color is natural, you should definitely also go for a more natural shade of pink that would match it well.


36. Ombre with Pull-through Braids

Braids bring out the best of a well done pink ombre hair. The more braids in different shapes and sizes you have, the better. This hairstyle is perfect for girls who like unique styles and colors and who like to use their imagination to create something fun and different


37. Baby Pink Shade on Lilac Hair

These sweet pastel shades that remind us of unicorns and mermaids are so stunning. However, they do require to go through a certain amount of trouble such as bleaching your hair entirely and then toning the top part with lilac toner and the ends with pastel pink toner to create an ombre effect.


38. High Ombre on Dark Brown Hair

nice Light Pink Ombre hairstyle for girl

This high pink ombre hairstyle can only be properly executed on good quality hair. You will need a high volume developer to bleach your hair entirely and then apply bright pink toner to it.

Afterward, you can just use a flat iron to curl these gentle curls. Keep in mind that a bright pink toner washes out relatively quickly, so you should also maintain the color every few weeks.


39. Low Pink Ombre on Mushroom Brown Hair

 Pink Ombre hair

If you don’t want to commit to a bold hairstyle but still want to try something exciting, then you should definitely try a dark pink hair shade. It covers only a few inches on your ends, and if by any chance you don’t like it or get bored of it, you can always chop the ends off.


40. Asian Pink Ombre

Asian pink ombre hair


If you want to experiment with pink ombre hair without the damage or permanence of bleaching and dyeing, there are hair chalks that you can apply to the hair (that don’t rub off on your clothes) to achieve a similar look. All of these looks for pink ombre hair will have you feeling confident. Once you decide your favorite color combination, it’s just a matter of heading over to the salon to make it happen!

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