17 Wedding Bun Hairstyles to Try This Season

Wedding bun hairstyle is probably the most traditional and timelessly classic style for your wedding. The wedding ceremony and reception that lasts seven to eight hours easily is actually very tough on brides.

Making sure that your hair remains intact and beautiful, come what may rain, hail or storm or the dozen hugs from friends and family is a real task. Maintaining open hair throughout the ceremony may not be every bride’s cup of tea. That’s why bun hairstyles come highly recommended for brides.


Wedding Bun Hairstyles

A good bun is perfect for both medium and long hair. It’s especially suitable for naturally straight and healthy hair. The most important thing to remember will be to accessorise with jewellery and floral headpieces or simple some fresh flowers.

For brides with shorter hair, extensions are an obvious and easy option if a bun and braids are your things. Here are 17 amazing wedding bun hairstyles for brides that might inspire you.

1. Sleek Wedding Bun

sleek wedding bun

Your long hair will look stunning combed and smoothed back into a high bun secured at the crown of your head. Top with a pearled or rhinestone tiara.


2. Side Bun Hairstyle for Wedding

side bun hairstyle for wedding

A side bun is effortlessly stylish and chic for a wedding bun hairstyle. A few small braids start at the hairline at the back of the head and weave into this low updo.


3. Wedding Bun Hairstyle for Black Women

wedding bun hairstyle for black women

For black women, try a low bun wedding hairstyle with loose waves and tendrils that fall along the neck and sides of your face. Pin in a beautiful white flower to match your dress.


4. Wedding Bun for Indian Brides

wedding bun for Indian brides

Indian brides typically go for a wedding hairstyle with gold accents and jewelry. A low braided bun can be secured at the neck topped with accessories.


5. Wedding Bun with Veil

wedding bun with veil

This wedding bun is different in that it’s secured at the crown instead of at the neck. It is large in size and a delicate mesh veil hangs romantically from it.


6. Sleek Low Bun

sleeking low wedding bun for women

The sleek low Chignon wedding bun is a personal favourite with its vintage charm and easy management. The low bun is especially popular amongst brides that want to keep it old-fashioned and classy.

 Ideal for: Ideal for brides wanting to keep it simple. But don’t be fooled by this simple bun’s look. The look is extremely modern and sleek but also a very old and classic hairdo.

How to style: The best way to style this hairdo is with either a vintage gown and theme or a very modern and chic gown. Both of these styles work wonders when paired with this style of bun.


7. Intricate Hair Detailed Bun

wedding bun for women

This bridal bun is for women with patience. The hairdo takes time and a lot of, but the end result is amazing and worth waiting for.

Ideal for: This hairstyle is very intricate and elegant. It takes time and lots of effort and maybe some extensions. It’s ideal for women willing to sit through the process.

How to style: The best way to style this amazing hairdo is with an equally intricate and delicately designed gown. Make sure to show off your beautifully shaped hair and not cover it with a veil.


8. Crown Braid Low Bun

 Crown Braid Low Bun for Wedding

This beautiful look is for women wanting to keep it tidy but a little messy as well. It can easily happen by starting abroad from one side of the head and strategically pulling out a few strands.

Ideal for: Women with voluminous hair could really opt to go with this look. It requires a lot of hair for the bun at the back and a lot of frontal hair for the loose braided look.

How to style: The best way to style this elegant and intricate wedding bun hairdo is with a simple gown, especially if you plan to add some jewel or fresh flower pieces. Some baby’s breath where the bun starts or through the broads is also a great option.


9. Braided Side Curled Bun

braided wedding bun with curls

This side braided bun is a very beautiful and detailed wedding hairdo. It’s intricate and essentially elegant making it look very posh and classy.

Ideal for: This hairdo is ideal for brides with curly or unruly hair. Most of the hair stays perfectly intact into the braid and the bun unless you want a few strands forming your face.

How to style: The best way to style this curly side bun is with some simple statement jewelled piece like the one above in the picture. Nothing more needs to be added to the already intricate hairdo.


10. The Floral Wedding Bun

wedding bun hairstyle with flowers

Flower pieces in buns are a statement and a long-standing tradition. Only these days are flower choices are much more thought out and according to the theme of the wedding.

Ideal for: Brides opting to wear very sleek and simple gown should definitely opt for this look. Many brides aren’t into jewellery, so fresh flower crown around the bun is the best idea to give a look a fresh and colourful feel

How to style: Styling this hairdo is very easy. Make sure that your fresh flowers are a part of your wedding décor too for maximum impact. This is the freshest and pretty and looks great on brides that haven’t put in any extensions and had a little less volume to their hair.


11. Messy Bun with Braids

Messy wedding buns are extremely trendy and in style right now. Pairing a messy bun with loose, messy braids is a very brave choice.

Ideal for: Its ideal for brides who want to showcase their personality with this fun and pretty hairstyle.

How to style: Like the above picture you can style it with either very delicate and small jewellery or some tiny flowers. This hairdo looks extremely good on its own too!


12. Side Dutch Braided Low Bun

Side Braided Low Bun Wedding hairdo

Side braids are in fashion right now, so pair your side braid with a low bun for a maximum vintage and antique charm.

Ideal for: This sleek and tucked in looking elegant bun is ideal for any chic modern bride. The look of this hairdo maintains a well put together charm.

How to style: To style this hairdo you can obviously go with a modern and chic wedding gown. This side braided low bun is a vintage classic and a great option for brides looking to keep it elegant and simple.


13. The High Wedding Bun Hairdo

women's high bun hairstyle for wedding

This wedding hairstyle is for long hair and the fashion savvy brides, a chic high-top voluminous bun that will keep most of the hair off your face.

Ideal for: Brides with long hair and smaller faces. To add more volume, you can always add extensions. But the above hairstyle is perfectly sleek and elegant for the fashion-savvy modern bride.

How to style: This hairstyle is best for brides opting to wear a sleek modern gown. The hairdo in itself is very simple so you must opt for this hairdo only if your wedding dress packs a real punch. Leave out some front strands of hair to make them frame your face according to your preference and comfort.


14. The Ballerina Bun

hairstyles with bun for wedding

The ballerina wedding bun is a very cute and charming hairdo which is actually the only hairdo that can easily go with any theme and style.

Ideal for: Brides who want to keep it simple can definitely opt for this wedding hairstyle. A braid or two leading up to the bun can elevate the hairstyle a bit but is not actually required.

How to style: Just like the picture above we suggest you style this bun with single flowers. Another way of elevating this simple hairdo is by placing some crown jewelry on the bun.


15. The Bejeweled Bun

wedding bun with accessories

The by far most common and seen wedding bun hairdo on brides will be this one. There’s something very attractive in its simple low bun and elegant statement jewelled hair piece.

Ideal for: Its actually a very classy and elegant hairstyle and that means it ideal for anyone who dares to wear it.

How to style: Pick out your statement head jewellery piece first. This piece should be placed beautifully atop your bun.


16. Sweet Back Round Bun

wedding bun hairstyles for women

This beautiful hairdo manages to create a very magical swept back and an easy looking bun which actually takes a lot of hard work and patience on the bride’s side.

Ideal for: This hairdo is ideal for brides opting for an easy to look. Although this hairstyle is hard to perfect the end result is this beautiful bun that looks like the hair has simply been swept into it effortlessly.

How to style: You can opt to keep this bun just as it is or add in a few tiny flowers for the perfect finishing touch.

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17. The Messy Braid Doughnut Bun

messy wedding bun hairstyle

The last wedding bun hairstyle on the list is a low doughnut bun with messy fishtail braids tucked into it.

Ideal for: This bun is ideal for brides wanting to show their young, carefree sides.

How to style: This messy swept back low bun is suitable for modern wedding gowns. Gowns that are essentially sleek and simple pair up really well with this hairdo. The best thing to do is leave the bun alone just like the picture above.

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