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25 Super-Flattering Neckline Hairstyles for Your Dress

A neckline hairstyle accentuates the curvature of your neck and collarbone, creating a simple, elegant look. These haircuts are versatile to flaunt the neck design of your dresses. 

Haircuts that fall at the shoulder frame the face, complimenting your natural features. If you prefer to wear your hair longer, you can still reap the aesthetic benefits of a hairstyle that will help you showcase each type of neckline with creative styling techniques, such as braids, up-dos, and buns.

Neckline Hairstyles for Different Types of Dresses

Below are 25 of the best neckline hairstyles that you can wear with the dresses you own for formal and casual occasions. 

1. Spanish-Updo for Square Neckline

messy updo hairstyle for square neckline

This sensual hairstyle and square neckline draw inspiration from the styles worn by women during Spanish fiestas. The Spanish-inspired updo utilizes bobby pins and hair clips to wrap the length of the hair into a loose bun at the top of the head, which creates a voluminous look.

Complete the updo by letting a few disheveled locks loose to show off your hair with a natural look.

2. Curls with V Neck

curly hairstyle with V neckline

This medium-length curly hairstyle flaunts your hair’s natural texture, and the V neck design gives the illusion of a longer neck. If you have wavy or curly hair, consider this hairstyle for a low-maintenance, natural look.

Hair dyes or bleaching agents will add a visual dimension to dense hair textures. Finish with a sea salt spray for increased volume and a silky smooth finish.

3. Wind-Swept Locks + Scoop Neckline 

brunette hairstyle with scoop neckline dress

Wind-swept locks are loose, slightly frizzy, and soft to the touch and work well for dresses with scoop necks. Achieving the effortless look of wind-swept hair requires work.

Begin by washing your hair thoroughly; then towel dry your locks until they are damp. Finally, blow out your hair using a hair dryer on low.

4. Long Bob with Boat Neckline 

medium length hairstyle with boat neckline

This boat neckline hairstyle features a bob parted in the center to create symmetry between facial features. Curl the ends of the lob loosely to balance the symmetrical intensity of the center part. Finish this hairstyle with a high-shine mousse or hair oil for added luster.

5. High Bun with Halter Neckline

high bun hairstyle for halter neckline

The high, tight bun compliments the halter neck, a minimal aesthetic look with sharp lines and a limited color palette. To style this updo, gather your locks in one hand.

Draw them tightly to the crown of your scalp, coil, and tuck your locks underneath, securing them with a hair tie or bobby pin. Use hairspray for an ultra-sleek finish.

6. Straight Brown Hair for High Neckline

long brown hairstyle for high neckline

This hairstyle for high neckline dresses features medium-length hair center-parted and tucked behind the ears for a modest, professional appearance. Comb your hair thoroughly and use a straightening iron to create an exceptionally sleek look perfect for professional settings.

7. Braided Updo + Collar Neckline 

braided updo hairstyle for collar neckline

Braided updos are a time-consuming neckline hairstyle you can achieve with the help of a stylist or friend. Create eight individual braids and secure each with a small, elastic band.

Gather the braids into a bunch and secure them to the crown of the scalp with a few bobby pins. To execute this intricate hairstyle, you need hair of a uniform length to keep the braids even.

8. Braided Pigtails 

braided pigtails with spaghetti strap neckline dress

Milk-maid braids, or Dutch braids, are the best styles to be worn with spaghetti strap neckline dresses, just weave plaits of hair underneath each other to create a braid.

This milk-maid braid variation sports two Dutch braids of equal length that begin at the hairline and fall between shoulder and breast height.

9. Thick Bob for Round Neck

bob hairstyle for round neckline

This subdued haircut sidesteps vanity with a modest length that hugs the face. A gentle side part that follows the natural hair growth pattern adds dimension to this haircut for a round neckline and makes styling maintenance a breeze.

Execute this style with a straightening iron and high-sheen hair oil for a refined, mature look.

10. Afro Hair with Crew Neckline

black women hairstyle with crew neckline

Women with dense, kinky curls can sport a high, carefree afro. An afro showcases the natural texture of curls by allowing them to grow wild and free.

To achieve the curl definition pictured above, use a heavy hydrating hair mask to minimize frizz and a wide tooth comb to tease the curl pattern while the hair is damp.

11. Au Naturale

ginger red hairstyle for turtle neckline dress

Women looking for a low-maintenance turtle neckline hairstyle should consider embracing their natural wave pattern and hair texture. Use a wide tooth comb to distribute your scalp’s natural oils through your hair and let your locks hang free!

12. Concentric Waves with Asymmetrical Neck

wavy hairstyle for asymmetrical neckline

This concentric wave hairstyle is best for chic, formal events and also goes well with the asymmetrical neckline or one-shoulder dresses. Start this look by creating a side part in your hair for structure.

Use a high-temperature curling iron paired with a hair protectant to achieve soft, perfectly elliptical waves, one on top of the other. Lightly blow out hair after styling to increase volume.

13. Party Hairstyle + Off-Shoulder Dress

party hairstyle for off shoulder neckline

This elegant center-part party style works well with light makeup and rich tones. The style relies primarily on the natural sheen of thick, dark-colored hair.

To achieve this off-shoulder dress hairstyle, use a high-luster hair styling product applied liberally with a comb to scrap your hair back and tuck it behind your ears. Use a few bobby pins for extra security.

14. Tousled Locks + Sweetheart Neckline

A fantastic hairstyle for strapless dresses. Tousled side locks are an easy, elegant look for formal events. You can achieve this hairstyle by parting your hair to highlight your better side, then gently tousling your hair at the roots.

Gather tousled hair together and smooth it by drawing your hands over the length of your hair. Use a smoothing oil to combat any frizz that might arise.

15. Ponytail with Illusion Neckline Dress

blonde ponytail for illusion neckline

The loose high ponytail is a classic, low-maintenance look you can wear up or down with dresses that have an illusion neck design. Simply gather your hair and secure it with a hair tie at the top of your head.

Gently loosen the hair tie to relieve tension on your scalp. This will also allow a few strands to fall over your face, adding dimension to this ‘do.

16. Wedding Updo for U-Neckline Dress

wedding updo hairstyle for U neckline

If you have long hair, you can still have a U-neckline hairstyle that highlights your bone structure.

Gather your bangs and tuck them under the bun (securing them with bobby pins) to emphasize the face and create volume. Leave a few loose strands at the temple for a hint of whimsy.

17. Side Part Red Hair

red long bob for V neckline dress

Achieve this fun, pop-punk hairstyle with a side part and hair cut evenly across at the height of the shoulders. Add additional texture to the haircut by feathering the ends of the haircut with thinning scissors.

18. Mature Beach Waves

older women hairstyle for U neckline

Beach waves are a classic look with a warm sun-kissed feel. Achieve this mature take on beach waves by moisturizing your hair with a hydrating hair mask.

Rinse the product out and use a hairdryer on low to add volume to your natural curl pattern. Finish with a sea salt spray for authenticity.

19. Funky Pink Hair

high neckline hairstyle with pink hair

This alternative hairstyle to match your dress and neckline is a unique expression of personality. Achieve this ‘do by cutting your bangs at eyebrow level or slightly below while leaving the rest of the hair at shoulder length. You can color your hair for an extra pop of character.

20. Braided Crown

crown braid hairstyle for off shoulder dress

The braided crown is a good neckline hairstyle option for women with long, dense, and straight locks. Loosely braid your hair across, down, and around your head. Wrap the braid around the circumference of the scalp, securing the end underneath the braid with a bobby pin.

21. Braided Bun

braided updo with U neckline

The bun hairstyle with the U neckline utilizes a French braid woven into a bun at the nape of the neck to create an elegant hairstyle.

To achieve this style, create two braids on either side of the scalp. Weave the braids into a bun at the nape of your neck and secure them with bobby pins.

22. Frizzy Hairstyle

frizzy hairstyle with round neckline dress

Rocking your natural curl pattern is a great way to express your individuality. Add structure to your curls by creating a side part in your hair with a wide-toothed comb. This curly frizzy hairstyle will draw attention directly to your hair.

23. Beach Waves with Side Part

blonde beach waves hairstyle for V neckline

Beach waves with a side part are an innovative take on a classic style to accentuate a low-cut neckline. Start by treating your hair with a sea salt spray. Comb the product through the hair using a wide-toothed comb.

Gently blow out hair with a hair dryer and finish by combing a section of locks to the side of your head, securing them with a bobby pin.

24. Blunt Bangs

bangs hairstyle for spaghetti strap neckline

This hairstyle features blunt bangs in the front and shaggy waves in the back. This 80s-retro, fusion hairstyle is well-suited to hip, trendy women with an edgy sense of fashion. Add some curl with a curling iron to give this style bounce and texture.

25. 70s Inspired Hairdo

headband hairstyle for turtle neck dress

This 70s hairstyle with a turtle neck dress uses a headband to draw hair back and away from the face. Find a broad elastic headband with a color or pattern that compliments your hair color or outfit.

Pull the band over your head, then draw the front of the band up and over your hairline to let your bangs hang out.

No matter the occasion or the type of neckline, matching hairstyles are a great option. They’re often easy to achieve and frame your face well. If your hair is longer than your shoulders, a few braids will easily bring it up and out of the way, allowing you to accentuate your best features or get some work done without your hair bothering you.

What are your favorite neckline hairstyles? Any tips or tricks for styling shoulder-length hair? Let us know below in the comments.