25 Must-Have Updo Hairstyles for Black Women

For updo hairstyles for black women, if you haven’t tried a braided bun, messy curly ponytail with beads, or a fauxhawk, they need to be on your list. These styles are protective for black women wanting to grow out their locks while rocking a chic easy hairdo. And no matter your hair texture, there’s a style that will work with it.


Updos for Black Women

Sometimes it can be easy to fall into a rut of pulling your black hair up into a bun or ponytail. But what’s the fun of having hair if you can’t style it into something gorgeous? Your next beautiful look is below in this list of 25 updo hairstyles for black women.

1. Curly Detailed Fauxhawk

Use your creativity and achieve stunning variations of updo hairstyles. A thick fauxhawk is edgy yet still feminine when filled with curls. The sides are shaved with lined details that can easily be shaped into zigzags or waves.


2. Braided Triple Bun

Form three sections at the back of your head to create twisted buns. The front section of the hair is then braided and formed into a circular bun.


3. Black Curly Ponytail

Luscious tight curls are draped over the head with this black ponytail. Wear a printed or colored bandana just at the forehead line to complete this look.


4. Black Braided Wedding Bun

For the special day, choose a braided bun semi off center close to the forehead. While shaved sides are a beautiful edge, this look is gorgeous without. Pin in a jeweled faux flower that will pair well with or without a veil.


5. High Thick Bun

This is probably one of the commonly seen black hair updos. A high thick bun is the perfect option for a chic daytime look but can easily be taken into a nighttime date style. Smooth frizz with hairspray for sleekness.


6. Jumbo Braided Crown

Braided crowns are super romantic. Thicken up your braid with a weave or sew-in. Leave two thinner braids near ears loose for softness.


7. Ballerina Bun with Bangs

If you have long bangs, straighten them to wear with this sophisticated ballerina bun hairstyle, professional for the office and sweet to wear at any time.


8. Stacked Bun with Weave

Stacked buns make for a beautiful hairstyle for black women with thick hair. Adding in a weave will give you longer length to make your bun taller. Straighten the hair first, then wind it up, smoothing baby hairs for finish.


9. Curly Black Ponytail with Tendrils

The soft tendrils on this curly ponytail frame the face delicately. Adding a flowered headband or other hair accessories will dress it up for special occasions.


10. Burgundy Finger Wave Updo

A perfect black updo hairstyle to wear on your special day. Adding color, like this deep burgundy, will update the classic finger wave hairstyle, which can work for both long and short hair.


11. Long Wavy Ponytail

Show off your long locks on a ponytail with wavy ends. Smoothing down bumps and frizz keeps the look elegant, as does wrapping your pony with a section of hair instead of using an elastic.


12. Natural Black Formal Updo

For afro-textured hair, a blowout will tame frizz so you can sweep hair up into a smooth double bun. One wrapped at the back, and one at the front.


13. Caramel Twists and Braid Updo

A combination of braids and twists fill this black updo with detail. Add caramel highlights for a nice complement that also flatters dark skin.


14. Sleek Ballerina Bun for Child

Your daughter will love this high ballerina bun. Create a ponytail, then wrap up locks into a top knot or bun, smoothing hair with product.


15. Cornrow and Curls Updo

French braided cornrows detail the back of this black curly hair updo. Define your curls with a hair oil which will also keep your locks healthy and shiny.


16. Low Bridal Bun

Looking for a bridal updo for black women? Low buns are the perfect bridal hairdo when you don’t want to wear your hair down. Fill it with curls and leave tendrils to drape down the sides of your face for the ultimate romantic vibes.


17. Braided Mohawk

A mohawk isn’t typically the hairstyle you wear to a formal event, but when you combine braids with it, it’s a must-try! Use a Dutch braid to create this mohawk, then pull the woven strands loose a bit to make it soft and romantic.


18. Side Swooped Bun

We love this elegant updo hairstyle for black women. Tyra Banks has rocked this side bun on more than one occasion. One easy way to get the look for yourself is by combing the hair in one direction near the nape of the neck, then forming a low ponytail and winding hair around it. Secure it in place with a plain hairpin or a fancy flowered one.


19. Crochet Pony with Beads

A poofy ponytail is just the thing to turn your traditional ponytail into something fresh. The ends stun with magenta color, while pretty silver beads decorate the slicked-back top.


20. Box Braided Bun

When you have long box braids, you’ll want to wear them down all the time to show off the length. But try out this beautiful bun updo, perfect for anywhere from just a gym workout to that fancy date night you’ve got coming up.


21. Half Twisted Bun for Black Hair

These twisted black locks are smooth spirals all the way down past shoulders, featuring ends that are loose romantic curls. Pull the top half of your hair into a gorgeous bun centered on the top of your head for a statement style.


22. Twisted Top Knot

For long black locks, a top knot is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles you can rock. To start, straighten the hair to maximize its length. Then comb and smooth it all into the top knot, finishing with style spray for shine.


23. Black Messy Updo with Bangs

Look effortlessly beautiful with a messy updo that shows off your best feature: thick curls. Whether it’s a messy bun or ponytail, throw it up on top of your head and let curly bangs lie across your forehead.


24. Braided Updo with Shaved Sides

A braided mohawk with shaved sides is the epitome of edge for a woman’s hairstyle. For maximum detail, choose highlights in a dark color, like this maroon, and shave in lines to the sides of your head.


25. Bun for Straight Hair

When you have a fancy evening planned, sweep your straight hair into a low bun. Fasten a gold chain adorned with a flower into the hair to feel like a princess and you’re set! To touch up frizz, use fingers to apply an anti-frizz creme that will also increase shine.


To keep your curls or other textured hair healthy, take care of it with conditioners and hair oil. At the end of the day, your perfect updo hairstyle will make you feel like a queen.

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