30 Brown Hairstyles with Blonde Highlights

When it comes to combining brown and blonde hair, there isn’t a better combination than brown hairstyles with blonde highlights, and today, we’ve put together a list with 30 unique, great styles for you try on.

Before we start showing you these hairstyles, it’s important for you to remember you should have or be planning to get highlights, otherwise, these blonde brown hairstyles won’t look the same on you.


Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

These are the most ravishing brown hairstyles with blonde highlights.

1. Brown Waves + Soft Blonde Highlights

brown wavy hair with blonde highlights

This is a classic example of a hairstyle that can combine brown and blonde hair into one. Simply ask your stylist to give you very subtle highlights, then to part your hair down the middle and to curl it with a flat iron to achieve these soft waves.


2. Weave Braids

brown hair with blonde highlights

These might make it seem like you have blonde brown hair since the braids will combine these two colors perfectly, but that’s exactly the idea. Of course, you’ll have to get the highlights first before asking your stylist to give you these dookie braids.

Another important thing to notice about this hairstyle is that your stylist should lay down your edges and not include them in the braids to give you a much more natural style.


3. Curly Hair Highlights

curly brown ponytail with blonde highlights

This is another one of those blonde highlights ideas that helps your natural brown hair blend together really well while also giving more depth and volume to your natural curls.

To get this exact same hairstyle just remember to leave your natural hair shine and then put it up in a half ponytail and that’s it!


4. Face-framing Highlights

brown to blonde hair

If you really want your light brown hair to shine, you can put it in a high bun! To do this, make sure to style your hair back and then slowly curling it into a bun, then simply pull on your hair to make it ‘puffy’ and not so stiff.

Also, remember to leave little pieces of blonde highlighted hair hanging loose on the front part of your face to both frames it and to help you achieve much more of a careless, easy look.


5. Braids into Pigtails

brown blonde hair

This is another fun way to play around with that dark brown hair with blonde highlights contrast. First, separate your hair in two halves and braid each one until they reach your neck, then simply tie that up and let your hair fall loose, showing off your highlights!

You can slightly curl the bottom part of your hair for a little extra touch as well.


6. Wedding Braids

If you really want to get that brown blonde effect where your blonde highlights mix extremely well with your natural hair color this big chunky single braid is for you! You can even accessories it with some hairpins for a more romantic look.


7. Long Hair with Highlights

This is a classic example of what blondish caramel highlights look like on brown hair. All you have to do is ask your stylist to give you this type of highlights and to, later on, curl your hair with a very wide curling iron so you can get this ‘wavy’ effect as well.


8. Long Blunt Bob + Babylights

The thing about short dark brown haircuts is that it really brings out the best of the blonde hair color since the two colors mix very well. Of course, you’ll have to ask your stylist to make sure to not operate your natural color with the blonde highlights, since you still want it to shine through.


9. Classic Feathered Hairstyle

This women’s feather cut is another classic that we love! To get it, you’ll, of course, have to get the highlights first and then as your stylist to blow out your brown hair using a wide round comb while pushing your hair back to create the same style you see on the picture.


10. Wavy Bob Cut with Bangs

brown and blonde hair with bangs

Many people don’t like to get highlights on bangs because they think it won’t look good, but it does! You just have to make sure the blonde highlights also reach out to your bangs just like in the picture so the overall short light brown hairstyle seems to put together and cohesive.


11. Half Up-Half Down Hairstyle

This particular hairstyle is for those who really want to show off their long brown hair. First, separate your hair, leaving the top on a ponytail and the rest hanging loose.

Then simply curly it using big curling roles, let them sit for at least 30 minutes and set everything with hairspray to make sure it will stick throughout the day.


12. Low Side Bun

To get this chunky highlights hairstyle we recommend you comb your hair back as if you’re going to do a side ponytail, but instead of doing a ponytail simply put your hair in a low bun. Remember to leave some hairs out to create a much more ‘careless’ look.


13. Classic Blonde Balayage Highlights

If you want to recreate this blonde highlighted brown hairstyle you’ll need to curl your hair with a big curling iron and then place hairpins to hold the wave in place. Use big metallic pins that won’t break the wave but rather help maintain it more.

Let it rest for 30 minutes and remove the pins. When that is done use hairspray to finish it off and add a cute hairpin on either side of your head and you’re done.


14. Upside Down French Braid

Another great and unique way to showcase your blonde highlights in brown hair is to give yourself a backward braid and top it off by tying the braid into a little bun at the top of your hair.

To get the French braids done you’d want to start braiding from the bottom of your hair to the top. Then, when you reach the top of your head simply make the bun. Don’t be afraid to use hairpins or bows to give it an extra touch as well.


15. Subtle Full Highlights

subtle blonde highlights in brown hair

If you want to get that highlighted but don’t want to go for any crazy hairstyle, this is the one option for you. You’ll just have to let your hair fall straight and get some blunt bangs and you’re ready to go.


16. Messy Bun + Bandana

Another great way to bring out the contrast of your brown with blonde highlights is to tie a little messy bun on the top of your head, making sure to use a bandana as a hair accessory and leave a couple of hair strands hanging loose as well to go with the ‘careless’ look.


17. Low Ponytail 

This is a more classy version of ponytail hairstyle, and it really does show off your golden blonde highlights. Make sure to tie the ponytail with a ribbon so it looks fancier.


18. Brown Curls + Blonde Highlights

Believe it or not, highlights aren’t exclusive for straight hair, and they can actually give your curly hair a really nice touch while also bringing a lot of natural light to your face, enhancing your natural features.


19. Short Hair with Blonde Highlights

To get this short blonde highlighted hairstyle you’ll have to cut really cut down your hair, but even more, you’ll have to ask your stylist for an undercut on either side of your brown hair, so the only part that’s really blonde is the top!


20. Short Messy Bob

messy brown hair with blonde highlights

You can still get blonde highlights even if your brown hair is short! Simply ask your stylist to add some lighter touches here and there, and make sure to style it using hair gel to get this look!


21. Short Wavy Bob 

Brown hair really looks the best when styled in a bob! Of course, you will have to ask your stylist to give you some subtle waves using a curling iron in order to make sure both colors are standing out.

Also, the bangs in this particular hairstyle are very important and should have a little bit touch of blonde as well so the whole haircut looks well put together!


22. Side Parted Bob

This short brown hairstyle with blonde highlights is great because it helps to bring natural light to your face. To get, you can ask for regular highlights on your short haircut, just make sure one of those highlights fall right in the front part of your face.


23. Straight Asymmetric Bob

Similar to the ones we have shown you before, this bob can also bring out the colors in your hair! But this time, instead of waving it or curling it, just remember to leave it completely straight.


24. Messy Medium Shag

To get this medium brown hairstyle with highlights you’ll have to cut your hair down to your shoulders and get some blunt bangs across your forehead. Then simply slightly curl it and push out the front part to get this exact same look.

Also, don’t forget to use a very thin comb to push and tease the top part of your hair and finish everything off with hairspray, otherwise the frizz on top won’t hold on throughout the day.


25. Medium Curls with Highlights

brown curly hair with blonde highlights

Like we have been saying throughout this article, blonde highlights really do look amazing in brown curly hair! Especially with this medium haircut with chunky curls, since they will help you get even more depth and definition than before.


26. Middle Parted Bob

This is another very subtle haircut since there’s barely any blonde highlights. You see, instead of getting highlights all over your brown hair, simply ask your stylist to highlight the two front pieces of your hair to frame your face and bring light to your haircut!


27. Short Bob + Subtle Blond Touches

If you’re looking for a bold hairstyle, this one is yours. Ask for a regular short brown bob, but this time, the back part of your hair should be significantly shorter than the rest, and the blonde highlights should go mainly in the longer bits.


28. Big Side Parted Curls

This is a very laydown style and it’s very easy to get since all you’ll need is to ask your stylist to give you regular highlights but this time, instead of straightening or curling your hair simply let your natural hair shine!


29. Curly Half Up Hair

brown blonde hairstyles for women

To get this copper brown hairstyle with blonde highlights you will have to curl your hair using a flat or curling iron and then setting it with hairspray. Then simply take two hair strands from the front part of your hair and push them back, holding them together with the hair bow!


30. Loose Curls

brown hair with blonde highlights

Getting this hairstyle is very easy. You will have to blow dry your hair with a round comb and push it back while setting it with hair spray and then curl the rest of your hair with a curling iron.


And that’s it! There you have it, 30 fun, unique brown hairstyles with blonde highlights you can try and pick to use during this 2020. All very easy to do and to maintain, and if you already have blonde highlights, you’re halfway there to get any of these cool hairstyles!