10 Classy White, Copper & Sun-kissed Balayage Hairstyles

The concept of white, copper and sun-kissed balayage probably has you shaking your head. You’re not alone. It seems busy, a bit too much, and as if you run the risk of color clashing. All of those things are true, yet these three balayage styles, mixed together or streaked individually, are some of the summer’s signature shades. In the middle of all the fantasy hues and pastel palettes, you can wear your hair like a Boho beach goddess or a walking summer sunset.


Our Favorite White, Copper, and Sun-kissed Balayage

There’s nothing like strutting down the shoreline, tossing your white, copper, and sun-kissed balayage hair. This look is a summertime favorite for a reason. If anything, the sun’s rays will only enhance the effects of this glorious balayage trend, so there’s no reason not to embrace your inner beauty.


1. Sun-Bleached to the Gods

 sun-kissed white balayage hairstyle for women

If you want to look like the girl who spends her entire summer lounging on the sand, then experiment with an extreme sun-kissed white balayage. Her hair is simply sun-kissed in the middle, with gold streaks creeping up the crown, but toward the ends, it’s as if it’s been bleached white by the sun. Beautiful!

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2. Sand-Sprinkled Streaks

golden balayage hairstyle for girl

Dark hair can achieve a sun-kissed appearance, as well. The key is to go for a hue that resembles golden sands. A few—just a few—lighter streaks will add to the beachy vibe.


3. Copper Sunset

 Copper color hair for girl

Your hair doesn’t have to be blonde to look kissed by the sun. shades of copper and red blend flawlessly. Throw in some gold and pale, pale auburn for a mane of sunset locks.

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4. Gold and Copper Kisses

Gold and Copper Kisses balayage hairstyle for women

White, copper, and sun-kissed balayage all come together in this glorious coiffure. Each shade is understated, but still eye-catching. The copper occurs near the crown, lightening the brunette roots. Toward the end of each highlighted section, the golden streaks nearly fade to white.


5. Hints of Gold

Golden balayage hairstyle for women

The base color in this example is close to copper. It’s on the brunette end of the spectrum, sure, but there are unmistakable red glints. They make the sun-warmed strands of hair stand out even more.


6. Fabulously Faded

For an authentic beach goddess look, faded hair is a must. What you normally try to avoid, you must now try to embrace. That’s why white, platinum, and pale ash are popular for sun-kissed streaks. The sun tends to fade everything its beams touch, after all.

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7. Subtle Sunbeams

Copper sun-kissed balayage on dark hair is simply stunning. Anytime you need to brighten up a matte color, such as when you’re growing out a too-dark dye job, highlights help keep your ‘do looking divine in spite of your out-of-date color and growing roots.


8. Bone White

White hair color for girl

As we said, the sun fades nearly everything it touches. It bleaches bone and sand to a whiter shade of pale. The white balayage here is a flawless representation of a beach filled with pristine white sand. The darker strands in the middle add to the overall aesthetic.


9. Glints and Glimmers

The combination of copper and caramel here is delicious. It’s de-lovely. It’s delectable. You get the picture. For the record, this is the ideal balayage palette to add some zazz to brownette hair.


10. Hair Goals

girls favorite sun-kissed balayage hairstyle

There’s little to say about this white, copper, and sun-kissed balayage except that it is perfection. It’s hair goals 101. The red at the root is true copper, which fades to gold, then to blonde, and finally to white. It’s an ombre masterpiece.

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You might think that white, copper and sun-kissed balayage sounds like the oddest combination, and you’d be right—but it’s also one of the most gorgeous. Are you bold enough to go there?

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