10 Times Purple Balayage Took Our Breath Away

Purple balayage is magical. Balayage itself is a wonderful way to control the color added to your hair. Stylists who do balayage can add the faintest, subtlest streaks, not to mention their ability to blend the color with your base hue or natural shade. Purple itself shows up in every new fantasy hair trend. You see it in unicorn hair, mermaid hair, the peacock style, and the oil slick trend. It’s having a much-deserved moment, so why not make the royal shade the focus of your hair?


How to Slay with Purple Balayage Hair

You will slay with purple balayage hair. You just have to take the first step. You won’t believe how much more confident you feel or the sheer number of compliments you’ll receive. People love fantasy hair, as it turns out. First, think about what hue you like best. Do you love amethyst? Are you wild for wine? From smoky blue purples to bright electric shades, just choose what complements your skin tone and then hit up your hairdresser.


1. Ultraviolet Tips

Purple Balayage hair color for girl

Because the stylist paints on the color when doing purple balayage, she or he has more control over where it goes and how long it sets. That gives you the opportunity to experiment with eye-popping shades, such as this vivid ultraviolet. Doesn’t it blend beautifully with her dark roots?

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2. Sugarplum Streaks

young girl Purple Balayage hair color

There’s something so delicious about this color. It fades slightly as it reaches the tips of the hair. Near the root and crown, it looks like there’s a bit of coral mixed in, as well—well done, if so.


3. Wisps of Wine

Purple Balayage hair color you love

A rich, dark purple shade complements brunette hair beautifully. The balayage technique allows the stylist to go for a subtle streaking pattern.


4. Ombre Meets Balayage

Purple Balayage

Here, purple balayage meets purple ombre. The color is carefully painted on in the balayage subtle but look at that stunning color fade. Deep, dark streaks of the indigo mix in with violet, plum, lavender, and pale, icy lilac.


5. Super-Toned Violet

Violet Purple Balayage hair color for girl

Violet, wine, and mahogany come together to create this subtle purple hue. This is a smart way to sneak purple streaks into your hair even if you work in an office environment that frowns on fantasy tresses. Protip: this trick works best on dark hair, otherwise the balayage stands out a bit too much.


6. Lilac Locks

The lilac here is so icy and lovely. It’s so subtle that it’s almost ashy. Incidentally, if you ask for mauve balayage—a shade of purple, don’t you know—you can also slither past any workplace restrictions on hair color. If you have a curly hair, here are some gorgeous hairstyles ideal for women with curly hair.


7. Iris and Periwinkle

Purple Balayage

The blue tones in this purple balayage are everything. The paint is light and faint up close to the crown, but the ends are a gorgeous smoky purple shade that mixes iris and periwinkle to stunning effect.

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8. Amethyst Balayage

Look at her hair. Look at those colors, in particular. Those locks resemble a genuine amethyst stone—like the crystals you find in curio shops and the like. The fading and blending are both flawless. She owes her stylist a world of praise.


9. Heather Hair

Heather purple is ridiculously pretty. It’s like a softer, more purple variation of lavender. It still has some blue, but not nearly as much. Actually, it looks like Heather and Amethyst meet and fall in love in this cute coiffure.


10. Purple Spectrum

 oil slick with purple balayage hairstyle

The purple balayage here resembles the oil slick technique but rendered exclusively in the purple spectrum. Violet, Ultraviolet, indigo, lilac, raspberry—every shade is beautifully represented. Would you ever want this much purple in your hair?

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There’s a reason purple balayage is all the rage right now. What color purple would you pick if you could dye your hair any shade?