21 Chic Grey Hairstyles Ideal for Over 60 Women

Wearing natural grey hair can be a challenging thing for women over 60. This might be because it shows the results of the aging process.

But grey hair does show some beautiful hairstyle options that older women can confidently flaunt.


Classy Grey Hairstyles for Women Over 60

From short, medium and long, these 21 cool hairstyles for grey hair will bring freshness to the women over 60:

1. Short Salt & Pepper Hair

short stacked hairstyles for grey hair over 60

Women with grey hair most commonly choose to wear their grey hair short. The top back hair is layered at the top, and as it goes towards the neck it becomes shorter.

The dark grey hair color is present throughout the hair, except for the frontal strands that are lighter grey. The hair is parted by a side part, and the front is styled swept upwards, giving the hairstyle a visually higher look.

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2. French Bob

grey bob hairstyles for women over 60

The French grey bob is a chic and interesting hairstyle for over 60 women who want to look different. With the French bob, the grey hair gets a more lively look.

The back is stacked a bit, at the back, and as it moves down the neck, the cut is very short. The length of the bob reaches the ears. The bangs are short.


3. Shoulder Length Hair

shoulder length grey hairstyles for women over 60

The grey hair that tends to fade towards white can look very good on older women with shoulder-length hairstyle. It is easy for styling, and it always looks more interesting when the front part is pulled back and fastened with puns.

If worn letdown, the ends can naturally curl. Women over 60 who decide to wear their grey hair long and free are not afraid of their age, so this hairstyle is the perfect mixture of practical and fashionable.


4. Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

grey pixie with side bangs for over 60

For women over 60, this pixie bob will come as a nice refresher on their grey hair and face. The cut is short, although the hair on the top is longer than the lower part. There is some asymmetry in the length, where the one side is longer than the other.

The hair tends to bend towards the outside. The side bangs come from the side part, and they go over the forehead. This hairstyle is particularly associated with women from high-class society and is very elegant and chic.


5. Grey Highlights

highlighted grey hair for women over 60

If the hair tends to become gray and the dark base is still dominating, a good look can be pulled by adding some light highlights. These highlights will have to come in some grey shade and blend nicely with the entire on the look.

If the hairstyle includes bangs, the same goes for them too. This hair color and its changes are very common for dark-skinned women.


6. Blond To Grey Ombre

For those who don’t like wearing the hair entirely grey, a blond is a good option for an ombre. In this case, the blond comes on top, while the grey remains in the lower parts.

The cut is a pixie, layered, with different lengths of the top hair and sidebands. The blond can give a good balance if the upper parts of the hair tend to go white.


7. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are also a common choice for over 60 because they have the power to transform the look. They go best with shoulder-length hair.

Depending on the grayness of the hair, appropriately adding some highlights in a similar shade might make an extraordinary look. The ends are layered and styled inwards.

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8. Lob

This lob’s length almost reaches the shoulders. The entire hairstyle is styled inwards and roundly that gives the face softness. The grey hair color looks very youngish on the women over 60. It is a great option for women with thin hair.


9. Chopped and Wavy

The chopped hairstyle is a layered and different version of the bob. It can be worn in straight or wavy option. The wavy option is a very cool and interesting way of wearing the grey hair. Any woman over 60 can easily rock this wedge haircut.

It makes a stylish look and is easy to style and maintain. For a more voluminous look, the styling should include a hair spray that will lift the hair a bit and make it look denser.


10. Grey Crown Dreads

hairstyles for grey hair over 60

The braided hair is a popular way of wearing grey hair among older women. Having said that the crown dreads look more modern than any other braiding technique. The hair is done in dreads, starting from the front, and then done in a crown.


11. Short Grey Afro

Afro American women experience grey hair as they age just like any other woman. However, their grey color looks different because of the skin tone.

In combination with the afro curls, the grey hair can look like done in ombre. The roots are darker while the rest of the hair is in a lighter grey.


12. Long Grey Curls

Women who have always worn their hair long and curly do not change their signature look despite the grey hair. This is a common hairstyle – long curly hair. It is parted to the side and for better management, the front parts are pulled back in half up or fastened with pins.


13. Layered Bob

This layered bob presents a natural color of grey hair turning white. The line between these two colors is thin. It leans more towards white because the base color was never dark. The bob is layered, the back parts reaching the neck.


14. Big Loose Locks

Upgrading the long gray hair can be done with keeping one part grey and coloring the other part in a darker color. The top remains grey, while the lower parts are colored dark.

This way, the hairstyle for women over 60 will present contrast and freshen up the grey hair. The loose and big locks come at the ends as a mix of grey and black.

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15. Low Twisted Bun

low bun styles for grey hair over 60

This retro style can serve today as an elegant hairstyle. The entire ash grey hair is pulled back in a sleek low bun. The bun then is being rolled up and made like a twist. It is fastened with pins and holds firmly to the rest of the hair.

The side part is discreet and the front parts are pulled out for a more romantic look. This hairstyle allows the addition of headbands.


16. Short Pixie

Another great over 60 hairstyle that fabulously flaunts the grey hair color is the short pixie. The cut is equally short all around, with short upwards bangs. Although this is a boyish look, this hairstyle looks very good with the combination of grey hair. it does not require lots of time and the styling is basic.


17. Short Perms

Short permed hairstyle are a common choice for over 60 women with grey hair. If the hair, at that age, tends to curl then this is the hairstyle that fits the best. The short cut is equal to all the sides and the styling is done upwards.

The curls are short and each one curls in a different direction. Great styling can be achieved with the help of hairspray and blow-dryer. That will keep the hair up and fix.


18. Light Waves

The light waves come as a looser option of the original waves. On the short hair, they present into a straighter look, but there remains the wavy flow. This short haircut is especially popular among women over 60 with glass.

It presents a style and acceptance of the natural hair color. The hair may or might not be parted, but it is pulled back. It flows nicely to the back, like the wind in the hair.


19. Round Thick Bob

This short classy hairstyle will make you consider transitioning hair to gray! Round bob is a hairstyle that accents the round shape and cut of the hair. There is a special beauty when it comes to grey hair. The back is minimally stacked, with a very short cut just above the neck.

The length of the bob does not go over the years. The styling is done with a big round brush, blow-dried inwards. The position of the part is left to a personal decision.

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20. Side Messy Braid

messy braid styles for women with grey hair over 60

Side braids are not only for girls. Moreover, older women tend to braid their hair while they are doing gardening or some other activity.

On a naturally grey hair, the side braid comes as a combination of the modern and natural. The rest of the hair is messy and choppy and places. The braid is also messy, looking a bit undone.


21. Wavy Bob with Bangs

grey wavy hairstyles for women over 60

Grey hair does not have to be an obstacle in flaunting a modern and trendy look. With a little help of capable hands, the proper cut and styling can create a beautiful and unique hairstyle. For perfect waves, it is best that the hair is layered.

The layering allows the waves to look more natural and big. Some are shorter and some are longer, but they all together present a very youthful hairstyle. The side bangs come as an addition that only adds to the beauty of the look.


Grey hair color has become so popular & everyone is going for the so-called “granny” hair. The grey hair is beautiful and it should be worn with pride. With these wonderful hairstyles suggestions for over 60, the grey hair does get a new modern look and makes each face look younger and brighter.

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