Top 25 Red Balayage Hairstyles to Try ASAP

If you’re mad for red hair but can’t quite handle the idea of becoming an actual redhead, then red balayage is the answer to your hair prayers.

Painting on streaks, highlights, and lowlights are so much easier with balayage. There’s total control, which allows for a precise, even distribution of color in patterns that look natural and eye-catching rather than chunky and too concentrated.

We’re not talking about streaking your hair with the candy apple red Manic Panic you bought at hot topic over the weekend.


Popular Red Balayage Hair Ideas

You know your hair needs a change, right? Why not go as extreme as possible without veering into the unicorn world of fantasy colors?

The red balayage is hot, it’s sizzling, and it’s on the move to become the next big trend in hairstyles. The maintenance for balayage is relatively quick and comparably affordable.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your color fading as quickly—and when it does, you can go in for a quick sunshine treatment, which is basically a glaze that breathes life back into your color. You can also check these different hairstyles with red highlights here.

1. Rich Auburn Streaks

 Auburn Red Balayage hair color for girl

Let’s get started with a rich auburn red balayage, shall we? Painted onto dark hair, you can see that the color is lighter in some spots, almost a burnished brown, while in others its vivid, vibrant, and definitely red. Gotta love that blending, right?


2. Tips on Fire

Fire Red Balayage hair color for girl

How about some fiery red ends to liven up your hair? Layered over mocha tresses, the flaming shade stands out, but it’s not garish. On the contrary, it’s quite tasteful. The blending is flawless, right down to the random streaks that start near the crown.

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3. Orange You Glad It’s Red?

Red Balayage

It starts with a ruddy burgundy-wine shade, then transitions boldly into a bright orange-red hue that almost resembles the copper of a freshly minted penny. This is a hairstyle that brings a little brightness to even the cloudiest day.


4. With Flames in Her Hair

Red Balayage

This red balayage reminds of us Katniss Everdeen. It’s a shame she didn’t wear her hair like this to compliment her flaming dress. You, however, can rock this look as soon as you like—just book an appointment with your hairdresser. The crown is dark brown, but a few fiery strands lick their way up through the brunette. The hot ombre ends with the ideal shade of orange.

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5. Subtle Burgundy

Burgundy red Balayage hair color for young girl

This burgundy is barely there, it’s so subtle. It’s the perfect shade to choose if you’re dying to wear red in your hair, but you have to worry about workplace restrictions or school rules. When painted onto an intense brunette shade, burgundy looks nearly natural, but nonetheless stunning.


6. Ginger Color

Red Balayage

Have you always wanted to be a carrot top? Now’s your chance. Tell your hairstylist to take note of how the red is lighter around the face. Toward the back, where the layers are artfully stacked, the orange-red shade is darker, almost decadent. Yum!

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7. Red and Blonde Balayage

Red pink Balayage hairstyle you like

If anyone ever tries to tell you that red and blonde don’t go together, show this balayage to that dirty, rotten liar. That’s an archaic beauty rule, and it certainly doesn’t apply to hair.

Can you spot the difference that makes it okay to break this fashion faux pas? The red at the roots and further down has an orange tinge, as does the blonde at the tips—it’s strawberry.


8. Wine Red

Red Balayage

Any wine lover will recognize this as more than purple, although it admittedly looks rather royal. What is purple but a shade of red, anyway? In all truth, this is a decadent shade of wine red. You could go darker or lighter, with more blue or more red—it’s up to you.


9. Cherry on Top

Red Balayage

This red sizzles. The blending of several dynamic shades and the spiraled curls create an almost 3D effect that’s out-of-this-world—or at least this dimension. You’re witnessing balayage magic here, folks.


10. A Paler Shade of Red

Red Balayage

Our final red balayage highlights a gorgeous shade of copper. Actually, there are several shades of copper red here. The roots are dark, burnished, and warm, then the color transitions into a medium, cinnamon-sweet hue before lightening into a golden red.

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11. Copper Red Balayage Hair

copper red balayage hair

Make your long curly hair pop with this addition of red balayage. With a black or brown base, red pops for an edgy and rock vibe you’ll love as your new look.


12. Red Balayage Ombre Hair

red balayage ombre hair

Here’s a color combination that will get everyone turning heads to you: a light blue from roots to a quarter of the way down the hair, then a bright red to pop the rest of the long hair.


13. Red Balayage on Brown Hair

To maintain a sophisticated look you can feel comfortable wearing to the office, try this shade of red. On brown hair, the color is surprisingly soft and super flattering.


14. Dark Red Balayage

To update your look, try a shoulder-length hairstyle that combines waves with straight locks. Alternating shades of dark and medium red will add to the spunky style.


15. Red Balayage on Dark Hair

This mix of red and orange is the perfect color combination for summer. Add it to your long hair and throw in some large barrel waves, leaving the hair loose to fall over shoulders.


16. Dark Red Balayage


17. Chocolate Brown and Red


18. Pink and Red on Brunette Hair


19. Copper Red on Brown Hair


20. Maroon Balayage on Brown Hair


21. Deep Red for Black Hair


22. Maroon Balayage Curls


23. Medium Red and Black Curls


24. Straight Hair with Orange and Red


25. Light Red Balayage for Brunettes


Red is one of the most popular hair colors, so it stands to reason that red balayage is all the rage. Are you ready to paint the town red—after painting your hair red?

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