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Top 30 Balayage Hairstyles with Bangs That Are Trending Now

Fashion trends come and go, and so does hairstyle trends, but one of the trends that have stayed since 2014 is the balayage with bangs hairstyle that never gets old. Next to ombre hair technique, most women go for balayage style because it makes your hair appear natural yet subtle at the same time.

There is a fine line between ombre and balayage. Balayage hair technique aims for natural colors that are lighter than your natural hair color whereas, in ombre, you could choose any shade of color according to your preference. However, you could pick out versatile balayage shades such as grey, blue or pink but they are blended naturally with the base color.


How to Style Balayage Hair with Bangs

how to style balayage hair with bangs

Balayage hair color technique can be tried out by anyone possessing any shade of color such as blonde, brown, black, etc. It’s low-maintenance, and it doesn’t give off a sharp or drastic look to your hair. If you’re opting for natural highlights, balayage is your best friend. The best part is you don’t have to go to your hair-styles every 4-6 weeks for getting the balayage treatment because you don’t dye your whole hair. You only get highlights which tends to grow out.

To choose a balayage shade, you might want to check on your natural hair color. If it’s darker, you should preferably go with lighter highlights, and that requires bleaching. Consult a professional hair colorist who can choose the right balayage with bangs haircut for your face. You can style any bangs (front bangs, curtain bangs, wispy bangs, baby bangs, etc.) with any shade of balayage.

Your face shape determines the bangs that would suit you the most. If you’ve got a round face shape, you can go for side-swept bangs or front bangs that will make your face look chubbier and honor your facial features.

For oval shape, you can flaunt a variety of bangs be it side swept or thick blunt bangs on your forehead that can make your face look slimmer than it already is. You could also try out medium length micro bangs that are just above your eyebrows as it gives a feminine yet a sober look.

A bob hair cut with front bangs will look stellar on your face. However, if you don’t want to go for a short haircut, let your wavy hair fall over your shoulders with sweeping bangs.

For heart shaped lovelies, you can look like an urban chic with feathery crescent bangs that are shorter in the middle and longer at the sides. If you want to cover your wide forehead, go for a style having layered haircut with side bangs.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Style Balayage Hair with Bangs


Trendy Balayage with Bangs Hairstyles

If you want to get a complete hair transformation, why not go for balayage and bangs hair look? Bangs have become universal, and it suits every face shape. Check out the hand-picked 30 bangs on balayage hairstyles for women.

1. Dark to Light Gradient

balayage updo with long bangs

Here is a balayage style that gives a refreshing appeal to the face. Ask the hairstylist to add light blonde streaks in a way that the medium brown top lightens seamlessly while reaching the ends. Complete the look with long face-framing bangs and a top knot bun.


2. Barely-There Balayage

balayage bob with side bangs

Women with a short bob haircut can opt for bright blonde streaks starting just behind the roots resulting in a barely-there balayage. Flip the ends inwards with a side-swept fringe at the front. This look is low-maintenance as the emerging roots add up to the style.


3. Bouncy Curls

curly balayage hair with bangs

Flaunt your natural curls with a deva haircut styling each strand individually with the short front ones falling over the forehead as curly bangs. The dark brown top lightening down into a blonde hue completes this carefree hairstyle.


4. Blue Beauty

blue balayage with bangs

Instagram / avacorinnehair

Ladies can take part in the blue hair trend by going for this look featuring an A-line bob cut with eyebrow-grazing bangs. Separate chunky strands all over the head and dye them in a deep midnight blue hue. Top off with loose waves.   


5. Shine with Silver

silver balayage hair with bangs

Instagram / beautifinder

Another trendy balayage with bangs hairstyle is this black and silver look ideal for women who want to turn around some heads. The pitch-black top melts down into a shiny silver hue midway to the ends. Ruffled layers with face-framing curtain bangs finish off this chic style.


6. A Hint of Honey Blonde

afro hair balayage with bangs

African-American women can show off their fluffy mane by adding a touch of honey blonde to their naturally dark hair concentrating the streaks at the front. The short strands can be allowed to fall on the forehead or can be swept on one side.


7. Lob + Micro Bangs

balayage hair with baby bangs

Instagram / salsalhair

Micro bangs look bold and cover only half of the forehead. Pair them up with a shoulder-length lob haircut with subtle layers and add ashy blonde streaks to the dirty blonde base creating a natural balayage effect.


8. Pink Hair, Don’t Care

pink balayage hair with bangs

Instagram / remeccahair

Who doesn’t love pink? Recreate this girly look by getting layered bangs falling on both sides of the face and adding bubblegum pink chunks all over the head. The pink money pieces at the front set off this fun style.


9. Two-Toned Appeal

red balayage hair with bangs

Instagram / alistan_fernandes

Sport a fiery red color without overpowering the natural black hair. This style is ideal for women with a thick mane and is defined by bubbly bangs covering the forehead and a sharply layered V cut. The cherry red tinge appears midway to the ends creating a two-toned appeal.


10. Halloween Vibes

orange balayage hair with bangs

Instagram / sarahkhairs

Those who love Halloween can give off its vibes all year round with this dauntless look. Couple the armpit-length layers with middle-parted bangs and add a pumpkin-orange hue to the black hair that intensifies as it reaches down the tips.


11. Green Glow

green balayage with bangs

Instagram / craftyourhair

Keep all the eyes on you by dying the hair in a dirty blonde shade and adding chunky streaks of olive green creating a beautiful contrast. Finish off this balayage hairstyle with bangs parted in the middle and reaching the jawline.


12. Keep It Natural

copper balayage with bangs

Instagram / lunnaahair

Those who are reluctant to try out a balayage hairstyle can start off by keeping it natural. Add a medium amber brown shade while finishing off with wispy bangs and bouncy waves. This style is easy to maintain as the dark roots accentuate the look.


13. Granny Grey Color Block

ash balayage hair with bangs

Instagram / mayssen_aloui

Young girls can express their wild side by combining their black hair with a granny grey shade. Opt for the color block technique to recreate this style exactly while finishing off with wispy bangs. Flaunt the look with a half-up hairstyle.


14. Gorgeous Meltdown

balayage hair bangs with headband

Instagram / houseofapril_hair

Platinum hair is trending this year. Incorporate a warmer tone of platinum blonde on the shoulder-length hair in a way that the medium brown top lightens down to the ends creating a gorgeous meltdown. Separate the eye-skimming bangs from the remaining tresses with a headband.


15. Dichromatic Look

Instead of choosing a single shade, create an unconventional balayage effect by opting for two shades. Add caramel chunks to the dark hair that fade into a light blonde shade near the tips. Top off with bangs and curly waves.


16. Sandy Blonde Balayage

long balayage hair with bangs

Instagram / chrisweberhair

This balayage with bangs hairstyle is to die for and is the trendiest among all. Go for a dirty brown base and add sandy blonde highlights. Complete the look with a straight-cut fringe across the forehead and casual beach waves creating a style that won’t be overlooked. 


17. Subtle and Stylish

Middle-aged women can consider this style creating a subtle yet stylish appeal. The hair is chopped into a long lob with a layered fringe accentuating the face while the ashy blonde top softens down into the lightest shade of cool platinum blonde.


18. Vivid Streaks

balayage highlights with bangs

Instagram / kellyriverahair

Stand out from others by considering this sophisticated style perfect for women with a straight hair texture. The medium-length hair is dyed in a deep chestnut hue with see-through bangs at the front. Add vivid streaks of soft blonde to contrast against the remaining locks.


19. Short and Sassy

balayage pixie with bangs

Instagram / angelaatliquid

Those who want a laid-back hairstyle can chop their hair in a short pixie cut with ruffled layers. Try out a balayage look with the light blonde textured top standing against the ashy blonde sides. A hand tousle is enough to style the hair. 


20. Pretty Purple

purple balayage with bangs

Instagram /

Try out this emo girl-inspired look to get noticed from a distance. Accentuate the black mane with muted ultraviolet streaks and couple it with thick sleek bangs falling on the forehead with a layered bob haircut. Finish off the style with subtle waves.  


21. Balayage with Side-Bangs

Brunette Balayage with Side-Bangs

If you’ve got long brown hair, brunette highlights will look absolutely flattering on you. The balayage complements the hair color and gives sun-kissed vibes. Style it with side bangs, and you’re all set to go.


22. Balayage Hair with French Bangs

Dark Brown Balayage Hair with French Bangs

Another balayage with bangs hairstyles that looks promising and crisp. The light brown balayage shade gives an edgy look to the cascading beachy waves. The entire look is completed with baby bangs.


23. Caramel Balayage

Caramel Balayage with Side Swept Bangs

Caramel and cocoa shade adds definition to your hair and looks ethereal with side sweeping bangs. The bangs on balayage hairstyle compliment the wheatish skin.


24. Pixie Cut with Bangs

blonde balayage pixie with long bangs

Lovelies with pixie haircut can give their hair a hint of balayage and look chic. This blonde balayage with bangs hairdo is meant for bold and daring girls who prefer low-maintenance hairstyle.


25. Black Bob with Dark Brown Balayage

balayage bob with blunt bangs

The dark brown balayage seamlessly flows with the black hair and gives a smooth texture to the slight waves. Style it up with blunt bangs and look glamorous while you’re on the go.


26. Messy Bob with Balayage

Rock your short beachy waves with this adorable bob cut with brunette balayage and look stylish. The balayage gives a sun-kissed vibe for sure. Complete the look with pink lippies and off you go.


27. Blonde Balayage with Wispy Bangs

Golden Balayage Hair with Wispy Bangs

One of the go-to summer hairstyles! This balayage with thick bangs definitely looks majestic and can catch anyone’s attention while you’re under the sunlight.


28. Face-framing Bangs

We’ve our heart out on this short hair balayage style that looks feminine yet perky. The textured haircut shows the variation of chocolate brown balayage while the bangs sit over the chin-area framing the round face flawlessly.


29. Brown to Brunette Balayage

brunette balayage with curtain bangs

If you’ve got dark brown hair, look no further and add a hint of brunette to your hair. Go with the front see-through bangs to top off the balayage look.


30. Long Bob Balayage

Platinum bob Balayage Hair with middle part Bangs

You can’t go wrong with white hair. Although this is a hard look to pull off because it requires multiple sessions to get the desired output, it’s definitely worth the money. Try out this versatile sandy blonde balayage with bangs hairstyle.


Experiment your hair with these ravishing balayage with bangs hairstyles and glam your way.