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Witch Hazel for Hair: Benefits & Uses That’ll Surprise You

Who would have thought that you could get so many benefits for your hair with witch hazel? You may be surprised at how terrific this simple product is and provides numerous advantages for your hair and skin.

Do you suffer from the effects of psoriasis, dry scalp, or dandruff? Are you concerned about the condition of your hair? There is no reason to suffer any longer once you introduce witch hazel into your daily beauty routine. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the many benefits and uses this simple, natural product has for your hair.


Witch Hazel for Hair

Benefits of Witch Hazel

The extract from this remarkable plant has a multitude of health benefits. You may know how it can help your skin, but there are many other advantages for your hair and scalp that it can bring with regular use.

These benefits include:

  • Effectively cleans your scalp
  • Reduces oil buildup
  • Helps combat dandruff
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Aids in hair growth
  • Minimizes pain
  • Decreases redness
  • Relieves scalp sensitivities
  • Combats scalp irritation
  • Increases blood circulation in the scalp
  • Treat side effects of psoriasis
  • Fights off bacteria
  • Help to heal any scar tissue

Witch hazel is packed full of antioxidant nutrients that aid in protecting your skin when you apply it topically. This natural plant compound known as tannins that makes up this everyday product boasts a host of advantages.

Although much of the studies have involved animals and test tubes rather than human subjects, the results are positive and hopeful. These trials have found that using witch hazel can reduce skin damage and even prevent skin cancer growth.


The Uses of Witch Hazel

Uses of Witch Hazel

No matter what age you are, hair can be an essential part of your persona. As you age, your hair can become thinner, making your scalp more visible. Both men and women will lose more hair as they grow older, and the growing process may slow down significantly. Your hair strands can become smaller, and you may notice pigment loss.

One proactive way of keeping your hair healthy and strong is to use witch hazel regularly. There are several ways you can incorporate this natural product into your daily routine and see the benefits.

Using witch hazel as a mild toner for the scalp will help cleanse your skin and hair follicles to prevent dandruff and promote hair growth. There are many ways to incorporate it for healthy hair, but you will want to ensure that the product you are using is alcohol-free to avoid inadvertently drying out your scalp.


Choose the Correct Blend

Sometimes alcohol is present as a preservative, but there are alternatives you can find. These include blends that use benzoic acid that is suitable for individuals who battle skin conditions or sensitivities. They are not as harsh for the skin as alcohol, and you can still get the full benefits of witch hazel without the dryness of alcohol products.

Before you decide to use witch hazel regularly, you should do a patch test to ensure that there will be no allergic reactions or side effects from this natural product. Adverse side effects are rare, but you should always exercise caution when introducing a new item to your skin.

There are various ways to use witch hazel, depending on the need. These include: 

  • Applying it directly to the skin where you have problem areas
  • Incorporating it with your regular shampoo
  • Use it as a rinse before shampooing
  • Mixing it with a spray bottle to mist your scalp and hair as needed

If you are pregnant or nursing, you should refrain from using witch hazel since there are no current conclusive studies to determine if it is a safe, natural product for you during this time. Error on the side of caution and wait until you can safely include it into your beauty routine.


The Takeaway

Witch hazel isn’t the miracle cure-all for everything hair-related, but it can provide numerous benefits and relief for many individuals. If you face scalp problems or declining hair issues, this may be the answer you are looking for in a natural solution.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and use it regularly to boost your ongoing hair health. You won’t regret it!


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