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Can You Bleach Hair for The Third Time? Is It Safe?

Bleaching hair is one of the most common processes to lift your natural hair color. There are plenty of reasons to lighten your hair. Be it to add highlights or get a vibrant hair color. But if you’ve done it numerous times, you might wonder, can I get my hair bleached for a third time?

It’s a great question! And don’t worry, we’ve got that answer and more for you.

Can I Get My Hair Bleached for The Third Time?

The short answer is yes; you can bleach your hair for a third time. However, there are some circumstances you should be aware of before you take the plunge and bleach your hair again.

However, repeated bleaching can damage your hair or scalp over time if done improperly.

Things to Consider Before Bleaching Hair a Third Time

Things to Consider Before Bleaching Hair a Third Time

Consider the time frame if you’re planning on bleaching your hair again. You don’t want to bleach your hair more than twice a month, and ideally, you should wait 8 to 12 weeks between one session and the next.

The health of your hair is also an important factor. Healthy hair is going to be able to endure more harsh treatment than dry, damaged hair. Before you do anything at home, check with a trained hair consultant and have them assess your hair. They’ll surely tell you if your hair is healthy enough to have a third round of bleaching.

Bleaching is a harsh process that can damage your hair when not done correctly. It can damage the shaft of your hair and make it brittle, causing it to break. Many products today have additives to make them less damaging, but you should still use caution before repeatedly bleaching.

How To Prepare Hair for The Third Time Bleach

How To Prepare Hair for Bleaching a Third Time

There are a few steps you can take before repeating the process. These steps will protect your hair healthy and protect your locks from long-term damage. To prepare your hair for another bleaching session, try the following:

  • Consult a professional to have your hair assessed
  • Avoid any heat styling
  • Moisturize your hair as much as possible
  • Avoid shampooing your hair for a day or two before bleaching

As we mentioned before, you should avoid bleaching your hair too many times in a row. Excessive bleaching may damage the shaft in dry or brittle hair. But if you need to bleach your hair for the third time, those steps will help protect your hair and prepare for another treatment.

Can I Bleach Hair Three Days in a Row?

You should never bleach your hair twice or thrice in consecutive days. Even after two consecutive days, your hair would be extremely dry, brittle, and damaged. A third session might result in significant hair loss.

If you’re desperate and have strong reasons, you can consult a professional colorist to check your hair health and she’ll guide you if you can take the risk considering the hair health is very good.


You can get your hair bleached for the third time but you should consider whether or not that’s a good idea for your hair.

If you’ve bleached it recently, consider your hair’s health. If it’s damaged and dry, wait a few more weeks before undergoing the treatment again.

Regardless of its condition, always remember to lavishly moisturize your hair before choosing to bleach it for a third time.


What happens if I bleach my hair for a third time?

If you bleach your hair for a third time in a short period, you may damage it. You should give your hair time to rest between treatments.

How many times can I bleach my hair before it’s damaged?

This answer depends on the health of your hair. If your hair is dry and damaged already, bleach will have a harsher effect than if it were healthy and moisturized.

Should I wash my hair before bleaching it again?

You should moisturize your hair before repeating the bleaching treatment. But you should avoid using shampoo a day or two beforehand.

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