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Can You Bleach Hair Again After 24 Hours?

Bleaching hair can be a tedious process, and when the result is not as light as you want or even worse, you are left with orange hair. You might wonder, “Can I rebleach my hair again after 24 hours?” The short answer is yes, but it is not advised unless done by a professional and your hair is very healthy.

Can I Bleach Hair Again After 24 Hours?

Yes, it is technically possible to bleach your hair again after 24 hours. However, this could lead to significant damage if your hair and scalp are not healthy enough.

Double processing is applying a color treatment one right after another. Taking naturally dark hair to a light blonde or platinum requires double processing and can be done on the same day or the next day, but only if your hair and scalp are healthy.

To determine if you can bleach your hair again after 24 hours, your hair health needs to be considered. For hair that has never been bleached or processed or has grown out from any prior treatments, bleaching your hair again after 24 hours is possible.

Healthy scalp and hair require proper care and maintenance. If you are considering bleaching your hair at home or even double bleaching your hair, nourish and condition your hair and scalp ahead of time. Coconut oil is an exceptional way to do both.

Healthy hair is trimmed regularly, and care is taken when using styling products or spending time in saltwater, swimming pools, or sunshine. 

Even after waiting 24 hours, bleaching your hair can cause severe damage, especially if you have unhealthy hair to begin with.

If your scalp is not healthy or if you leave the bleach on your scalp too long, there is a chance of burning your skin, causing irritation and scabbing.

Bleaching hair twice in a short time can lead to severe dryness and damage causing hair to break off or be extremely stretchy, which leads to breakage.

How Long Should You Wait To Bleach Hair Again?

Bleach Your Hair Again After 24 Hours

For those that want to go from dark hair to platinum blonde, more than one lightening session is required. Professional salons can usually double process hair on the same day safely with dramatic and even results.

For people that bleach their hair at home that are not satisfied with the color after the first bleach application, it is highly recommended to wait at least two weeks before you attempt to bleach your hair again.

While two weeks is not a long time for hair to recover from the bleaching process, it does give your hair cuticle time to relax to protect the inner structures better.

A healthier, moisturized cuticle is more resistant to damage while ongoing a second bleaching application. It is essential to understand that two weeks is the minimum time you should wait before going through the bleaching process a second time.

In between bleach applications, deep conditioning of the hair and scalp is top priority to minimize any current or future damage.

Will Your Hair Fall Out if Bleached Twice in One Day?

Will Your Hair Fall Out if Bleached Twice in One Day?

The bleaching process damages your hair, causing the cuticle to open and expand to release the natural hair pigment. Bleaching already damaged hair can lead to irreversible results that change your appearance.

If your hair is too porous, a second bleach application can cause a “chemical haircut.” This scenario occurs when the overprocessed hair stretches and snaps off or the bleaching chemical causes the hair to become mushy or matted, pulling out when you brush it.

It is also possible to damage the scalp during bleaching. When this happens, not only can you have irritation and scabs, but the hair will continue to fall out when brushing. The loss of hair leaves a once full head of hair much thinner.


You can bleach your hair again after 24 hours, but it can cause significant damage if your hair and scalp aren’t healthy. If you plan to do this at home, nourish your hair and scalp first, using products like coconut oil.

Regular trims and careful use of styling products help maintain hair health. However, even with a 24-hour wait, bleaching can still damage your hair if it’s unhealthy. An unhealthy scalp or prolonged bleach application can cause skin burns and irritation.

Finally, double bleaching just after 24 hours can cause severe dryness, leading to hair breakage. To avoid any damage, wait for 4 to 6 weeks before bleaching your hair again.


Does purple shampoo add warmth to ashy hair?

No, the purple shampoo will not add warmth to ashy hair. Purple shampoo is used to neutralize yellow or brassy tones in bleached hair.

Is ashy hair cool or warm tone?

Ashy hair is a cool tone with blue and ash undertones. If you bleach your hair and use an ash-colored permanent dye and the results have an orange or golden tone, a purple shampoo can help balance the unwanted colors.

Champagne blonde or ash blonde which hair color is warmer?

Champagne blonde is neither warm nor cool but is classified as neutral. Neutral shades do not have blue, purple, or red-based tones. Ash blonde is a cool tone with blue-based undertones.

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