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Can I Dye Hair When It’s Dirty? According to Pros

With so many hair trends on the rise, it’s becoming more common to frequently change up your hair color. When trying out a new style, you might find your hair dirty and wonder if you can dye your hair when it’s dirty.

Hair dyeing can be a finicky process for the less experienced, and it is disheartening when you get less than favorable results after permanently dying your hair.

Keep reading to find out if you can dye your dirty or greasy hair. We provide the best advice from hairdressers below.

Can I Dye My Hair When It’s Dirty?

You can dye your hair when it’s greasy or dirty. Keeping your hair greasy can actually help it avoid the damage from harsh chemicals found in hair dye, as the natural oils provide a barrier between the chemicals and the hair strands.

The greasy part of your hair is a layer that stops the hair from breaking down and tearing. It also protects the scalp from irritation.

When bleaching your hair, more oil on your head will protect your hair shaft. Once you have colored your hair, you can then take a shower and wash your hair and scalp.

What Will Happen If I Dye Dirty Hair?

Effects of dyeing dirty hair

Your hair will still get properly dyed if your hair is dirty or greasy. Ideally, you should wait about one or two days after washing your hair to start the coloring process.

As long as you use developers above 30 volume, you should have good coloring results if your hair is greasy and somewhat dirty.

Your hair will also get protection from the natural oils on your head when you start the hair dyeing process.

The oils will keep the harsh chemicals from damaging your hair. Essentially, your hair will remain break-free and strong while your scalp won’t get irritated from the dye.

On the contrary, you expose your hair to brittleness if you dye recently washed, clean hair.

What Are The Benefits of Washing Hair Before Coloring?

Benefits of Washing Hair Before Coloring

You will find that the type of developer you use can make it beneficial for you to wash your hair before coloring. For example, if you use a developer below 20 volume, you will need to have clean hair for the hair dye to have the best effect.

The biggest benefit to washing your hair a day before coloring is to get rid of any debris or chemicals from hair products you’ve used beforehand.

It benefits your hair to nourish it before applying hair dye. For example, you may want to massage hot oil into your scalp and leave it overnight.

Then, wash it the following day before adding hair dye. It can benefit your hair to wash it before coloring it if you have truly dirty, greasy, and sweaty hair.

Since sweat has ammonia, it leads to oxidation, and the shade of your hair may not end up what you want after applying the hair dye. As such, you’ll need to wash your head to get rid of any sweat and excess oils.

While you shouldn’t wash your hair for about two days before applying hair dye, there is no reason to wait any longer than that. You don’t need a completely messy and dirty head of hair for the coloring process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below, you can learn about the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding coloring dirty hair.

Can I dye my hair when it’s greasy?

Most hair dyes work better on hair that has not gotten washed anytime recently. You will want to spend about two days without washing your hair before coloring it.

As such, you can definitely dye your hair when it’s greasy. Make sure to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners when you do wash your hair.

Keeping your hair greasy and oily will help the overall health of your hair and scalp when bleaching. The natural oils will prevent your hair from getting brittle and breaking.

Should I dry my hair after washing my hair before I start the dyeing job?

You should dry your hair after washing it before you begin coloring your locks. Hairdressers and hair stylists make sure to color hair when it’s dry to get the best results.

Dyeing wet hair has many drawbacks including:
●  Leading to an uneven color across your head
●  Creating a diluted color since wet hair absorbs the water more than the dye
●  Damaging your hair more when dyeing it since wet hair is more fragile
●  A lack of absorption for permanent hair colors

So, Can You Dye Your Hair when It’s Dirty?

Yes! Coloring your hair when it is greasy and dirty is a good idea because the natural oils keep the hair from getting damaged when exposed to any harsh chemicals from the hair dye.

So, if you want to bleach your hair, wait about two days after you wash your hair. Before you know it, you’ll have a gorgeous new shade and look amazing!