Hair Color Secrets: Should You Wash Your Hair Before Dying?

We are all used to keeping our hair clean. That’s why many women don’t even think about whether they should wash their hair before dying.

Meanwhile, this is a very serious matter, which shouldn’t be overlooked. If you decided to wash your hair before the dying session you can end up with unfortunate results. Even though most stylists won’t tell you anything about keeping your hair dirty before dying, it doesn’t mean you should forget about the matter altogether.

Remember, it’s not the stylist’s responsibility to warn you about not washing your hair before dying. It’s up to you to read up on the rules.

wash your hair


Why You Should Leave Your Hair Dirty Before Dyeing

There are two good reasons to skip the hair washing session before applying hair dye.

  1. The squeaky clean hair is slippery and instead of sinking in, the color can slide off your locks. It won’t prevent the hair from being dyed but the results can be far from what you expect.
  2. When your scalp is squeaky-clean, it doesn’t have any oil on the surface to protect your skin. As a result, you can burn your scalp with the chemicals in the dye and end up with unpleasant sensations.


What Else Not To Do Before Dyeing Your Hair

Whenever you wash your hair the last time before dying (preferably 2-3 days before the coloring session), don’t use any leave-in conditioners. Just go through the standard shampoo+conditioner washing routine and rinse your hair well. Try to avoid using any styling products, such as hair spray or hair gel.

It might be hard to follow all these rules but it’s imperative to getting fresh, lustrous, and long-lasting color from the first try.

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