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Can You Dye Hair With Coconut Oil In It?

So many of us work backwards by trying to fix hair once it’s already been damaged. However, using coconut oil as a pre-treatment will minimize any future stress on the hair once it’s been dyed.

The benefits of coconut oil for your hair and skin are widely known. While it’s not ideal for every hair type, this oil contains a rich blend of vitamins and fatty acids that nourish the hair and scalp while effectively penetrating the hair’s cuticle.


Can You Use Coconut Oil Before Dyeing Your Hair?

Yes, you can dye your hair with coconut oil in it.

Applying coconut oil before dyeing your hair is absolutely safe and won’t affect the hair color. Just make sure your hair is not full of oil, rather the oil is absorbed by the scalp. Too much coconut oil can make your dye less effective. You can also get a hot oil treatment a couple of days before your dyeing appointment to protect your hair from the dryness of the chemicals present in the hair products.


Why Use Coconut Oil Before Dyeing Your Hair

As for dyed hair, below are three definitive reasons that using coconut oil before coloring is beneficial and an absolute must.

It’s your best defense against bleach.

coconut oil for hair

Adding coconut oil to your hair the night before your color appointment will help the hair build its defense against bleach and will soothe and protect the scalp against the peroxide found in the dye.

You’re more than welcome to add the oil to your hair an hour before your appointment, but the longer it’s on your hair, the more benefits you’ll reap from its magic.


Prevents protein loss on the hair

Instead of dealing with dry, brittle strands, coconut oil will enrich them so no damage can even begin. Coconut oil is known to strengthen hair, but not because of actual proteins contained within it.

It’s primarily made up of lauric acid, an ingredient that sustains and restores the protein structure found in each of your hair’s strands.


Speeds up the bleaching process

benefits of coconut oil for hair

Many people have tested this method and can attest that adding the pre-dying coconut oil treatment translates to less time in the salon chair. It also ensures hair will maintain that gorgeous bounce, even right after dyeing.


It’s all-natural.

No matter how clean some of your hair products are, nothing replaces oil found in nature. Unfortunately, even some of the best hair oils on the market contain parabens, alcohol, or other drying elements.

When you use coconut oil on your hair before a big dye job, you can be sure you’re feeding your hair with only the best of the best.


Coconut oil is enriching and protective for your colored hair. So get your hands on a jar of this cheap yet stunningly rich oil and strengthen your dyed locks from root to tip.