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Argan Oil Vs. Coconut Oil: Hair Benefits Compared

Argan oil or Coconut oil – which one is better for hair? Despite the deluge of information today, an old debate stirs up different opinions whenever it pops up. So, if you’re here because you don’t know which one to use, you’re not alone.

We’ll comprehensively discuss the benefits of argan oil and coconut hair, so by the time you’re done you’ll determine which of the two aligns with your hair goals.

Argan Oil Vs. Coconut Oil – Benefits Compared

Both argan and coconut oil have their unique benefits for hair. Argan oil is better for hair growth and shine, while coconut oil is ideal for repairing damaged hair and deep moisturizing. Use them according to your hair goals for the best results.

TopicArgan OilCoconut Oil
Hair GrowthHigh in Vitamin E, boosts collagen, prevents breakageLow in Vitamin E, less effective for hair growth
Damaged Hair RepairGood for moisture retention, prevents frizzinessExcellent for deep moisturizing and repairing damage
Hair ShineAdds a glossy shine, seals hair cuticlesCan make hair greasy, less shine
Antibacterial & Anti-inflammatoryPrevents dandruff, eases itchy scalpAlso prevents dandruff and eases itchy scalp
Best UseRegular hair treatment for growth and shineOccasional scalp treatment for dry hair and damage repair

What is Argan Oil?

argan oil

Popularly known as liquid gold, argan oil is a type of oil extracted from the kernels of Argania Spinosa, a tree native to Morocco. The tree is the economic staple of Morocco’s indigenous Berber community and is harvested by hand, so the oil is quite expensive.

Argan oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids such as stearic, oleic, palmitic, and linoleic acids. The oil also has a rich amount of Vitamin E and minerals like sterols, carotenes, and phenols.

Each of the mentioned benefits your hair in unique ways as briefly highlighted below:

  • Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant
  • Phenols, also known as phenolic compounds, are famous for their antioxidant, anti-aging, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Sterols also boasts anti-inflammatory properties

What is Coconut Oil?

cococnut oil

Coconut oil, just like the name implies, is an oil derived from coconut flesh. It has plenty of benefits and is so versatile; it is referred to as the ultimate multi-tasker oil. It is rich in medium-chain fatty acids and is particularly famed for a type of medium-chain fatty acid known as lauric acid.

Coconut oil for hair contains:

  • 49% lauric acid
  • 20% myristic acid
  • 8% palmitic acid
  • 7% caprylic acid
  • 3% stearic acid

Argan Oil vs. Coconut Oil: Hair Benefits

Argan oil vs cococnut oil: Hair Benefits

Now that you know what these two oils contain, here is how each benefits your tresses;

Hair Growth

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient for hair growth. It is a potent antioxidant known to reduce oxidative stress, prevent breakage, and boost collagen production to develop thicker, healthier hair strands.

What does this have to do with Argan oil vs. Coconut oil for hair?

Well, if you are looking to add hair volume, argan oil is your best bet.  As noted earlier, it contains quite a rich amount of Vitamin E. To be precise, Argan oil for hair contains about 120 to 230mg of Vitamin E per every 100gms.

Coconut oil, on the other hand, has only 0.20mg per 100grams. This makes Argan the better option for those looking to treat hair loss and grow healthier hair.

Damaged Hair Repair and Moisturizing

When it comes to moisturizing and repairing damaged hair, both oils are great, but coconut does a better job. It contains medium-chain fatty acids with a tiny molecular profile.

It will easily penetrate your hair strands, deeply moisturizing them, and in the process, delivering the nutrients required to speed up the repair of damaged follicles. The lauric acid present in coconut oil also restores and maintains essential hair proteins.

However note, this isn’t to say Argan oil doesn’t help hair retain moisture. It contains Vitamin E, which, as an antioxidant, helps prevent dryness, rejuvenates, and prevents frizzy hair.

Hair Shine

If your hair is long and healthy and you’re only looking to increase its shine, Argan oil is the right choice. It is rich in Vitamin E, promoting hair growth and forming a fatty layer on your hair.

This layer restores your hair’s natural shine, and at the same time, seals hair cuticles, preventing split ends and frizzy hair. The reason why Argan oil shines here (no pun intended) is because while coconut oil makes your hair greasy, the latter makes it glossy.

Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory Properties

When it comes to antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, both Argan and coconut oil shine, they’re both rich in nutrients that prevent dandruff and ease an itchy scalp.

Which One is Better for Your Hair?

Both argan and coconut oil for hair have their benefits in different areas. Argan is the way to go if you’re looking to attain hair growth, while coconut is ideal if you struggle with dry hair. In that light, we’d say a little of each goes a long way in helping you attain healthy, beautiful hair.

However, considering the rich composition of Argan oil for hair, we’d recommend using coconut oil for hair as an every once in a while scalp treatment and Argan oil as a regular hair treatment product.

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