21 Cutest Dutch Braid Hairstyles for 2017 – Sneak a Peak

Dutch braids are gaining popularity and the ability to make them can become a wonderful weapon in your hair styling arsenal. They might seem hard to do at first, but once you get some experience you can make them even without a mirror. The main advantage of dutch braid hairstyle is that you don’t need any special accessories to make it. All you have to get is a brush, two elastic bands, and a mirror (which is optional). Once you learn how to make the classic Dutch braids, you can go on to create more complicated braid hairstyles.


Best Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Dutch braids look terrific no matter what type of hair you have. Your locks must be medium or long, thick or thin, natural or dyed. This hairstyle allows you to keep your long hair neat while sporting a fashionable hairstyle. Knowing how to braid your hair is a great skill that can help you always keep the locks neat. We collected 21 various dutch braiding styles that will help you understand how amazing this hairstyle truly is.


1. Dutch braids with a fishtail

Dutch braids with a fishtail hairstyle for teen girl

Letting your braids hang on the sides of your head is a casual style. If you are looking for something more formal start by braiding your hair from the top and connect the two braids at your neck.

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2. Ghana braids

Ghana braids for black women

Ghana braids somewhat resemble the Dutch braids but they require hair extensions to create. You can add a braid in the middle to create the most appealing Ghana braids, while their Dutch counterparts require only two sections.


3. Dutch ponytails

ponytails with dutch braids

A dutch braiding technique doesn’t require you to make full braids. You can braid your hair on your head and then tie it with an elastic band to allow the rest of the locks to look like ponytails. This will save you some time.


4. Braid extensions

Braid extensions hairstyle for girl

The bottom part of your Dutch hairstyle can vary depending on your preferences. Any braid is a wonderful opportunity to attach hair extensions in the most natural way. Add some hair to the bottom part and sport a voluminous hairstyle.

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5. Start on top

dutch braids 5

You can start creating your Dutch braids near the forehead. This is a great style for girls who have thin hair. The more braiding you do on top of your head, the easier you can draw the attention away from the thin braids.

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