35 Incredible Princess Braids for Girls to Look Regal

Every little girl dreams of becoming a real princess. And while such dreams rarely come true, there is no reason to overlook ways to look like one. Try some of the beautiful princess braids and let her see the magic on the mirror!

Many girls have different beautiful dresses, but usually, there are not enough occasions to wear them on. However, a regal hairstyle is something you can sport on a daily basis. Braids have been popular for ages. Over the past several centuries women learned how to make all kinds of beautiful braids. If you thought that braids require thick and long hair, you’ll be surprised to find out that there are braids for all hair types.

princess braids for girls

So, if you have always dreamed of looking like a princess but there are not enough occasions for such an image, learn how to make amazing braids. Princess braids for girls vary greatly. You will definitely find the best one for you.


Amazing Princess Braid Hairstyles With All Hair Types

Learning how to make princess braid hairstyles for girls who always wanted to look regal is not always easy. Sometimes it is necessary to ask for professional help.

Usually, very complicated braids are created for special occasions, while simpler options are fit for everyday wear. When it comes to braids, practice makes perfect. So, the more braid hairstyles you make, the better you will get at it.

Below is a list of our favorite princess braids. Some of these braids are quite easy to make, so you can start with them. Start choosing right now!

1. Five strand braid

princess strand braid hairstyles for cute girl

Four strand braid or five strand braid always look very impressive and doesn’t require very long hair. You can start braiding it from the top by using the top layers of your mane. The thicker the hair, the less strands you will need. But fine hair will also look great with this braid.

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2. Twisted heart braid

princess braid hairstyles for girls 2-min

While looking quite complicated, this braid is really not that hard to make. Of course, it will require some help from your friend at first. When you watch how to make this braid long enough, you’ll be able to follow the process by using two mirrors.

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3. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braiding hairstyle for 14 age girl

Fishtail braids are very popular for their amazing look and simplicity. Making a fishtail braid is very easy. If you want to make it more regal, add some special accessories, such as headbands or elastic bands. Use white bows for special occasions.


4. Interlaced strands

princess braid hairstyles for girls 4-min

This is a perfect choice for girls with fine hair who still want something impressive done on their heads. All you have to do is interlace horizontal and vertical strands and clip them together with a bobby pin. Curl the vertical strands for a more special impression.


5. Basket braids

most favorite Basket hair braids

Another perfect choice for girls with fine or short hair. The basket is created by making vertical and horizontal strands and interlacing them together. The ends are being secured with pins. The basket can be created just on top of your head while leaving the rest of the hair straight.