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35 Incredible Princess Braids for Girls to Look Regal

Every little girl dreams of becoming a real princess. And while such dreams rarely come true, there is no reason to overlook ways to look like one. Try some of the beautiful princess braids and let her see the magic in the mirror!

Many girls have different beautiful dresses, but usually, there are not enough occasions to wear them on. However, a regal hairstyle is something you can sport on a daily basis. Braids have been popular for ages. Over the past several centuries women learned how to make all kinds of beautiful braids. If you thought that braids require thick and long hair, you’ll be surprised to find out that there are braids for all hair types.

So, if you have always dreamed of looking like a princess but there are not enough occasions for such an image, learn how to make amazing braids. Princess braids for girls vary greatly. You will definitely find the best one for you.


Princess Braid Hairstyles

Learning how to make princess braid hairstyles for girls who always wanted to look regal is not always easy. Sometimes it is necessary to ask for professional help.

Usually, very complicated braids are created for special occasions, while simpler options are fit for everyday wear. When it comes to braids, practice makes perfect. So, the more braid hairstyles you make, the better you will get at it.

Below is a list of our favorite princess braids. Some of these braids are quite easy to make, so you can start with them. Start choosing right now!

1. Five strand braid

princess strand braid hairstyles for cute girl

Four strand braid or five strand braid always look very impressive and doesn’t require very long hair. You can start braiding it from the top by using the top layers of your mane. The thicker the hair, the less strands you will need. But fine hair will also look great with this braid.

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2. Twisted heart braid

princess braid hairstyles for girls 2-min

While looking quite complicated, this braid is really not that hard to make. Of course, it will require some help from your friend at first. When you watch how to make this braid long enough, you’ll be able to follow the process by using two mirrors.

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3. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braiding hairstyle for 14 age girl

Fishtail braids are very popular for their amazing look and simplicity. Making a fishtail braid is very easy. If you want to make it more regal, add some special accessories, such as headbands or elastic bands. Use white bows for special occasions.


4. Interlaced strands

princess braid hairstyles for girls 4-min

This is a perfect choice for girls with fine hair who still want something impressive done on their heads. All you have to do is interlace horizontal and vertical strands and clip them together with a bobby pin. Curl the vertical strands for a more special impression.


5. Basket braids

most favorite Basket hair braids

Another perfect choice for girls with fine or short hair. The basket is created by making vertical and horizontal strands and interlacing them together. The ends are being secured with pins. The basket can be created just on top of your head while leaving the rest of the hair straight. 

6. Braid fantasy

princess braid hairstyles for girls 6-min

When it comes to braids, there is no reason to settle for standard options. You can let your imagination run wild and create several types of braids. Usually, it is impossible for thick hair, but fine hair has some options too.


7. African Braids

african hair braiding for black women

African braids are very popular nowadays. Any African princess will look amazing with these braids. Their advantage is absolutely low maintenance. You can wear them for several days in a row without unbraiding. This hairstyle requires thick hair.


8. Loose Braids

teen age girl braids for short hair

Loose braids look especially great on fine hair. They allow your tresses to have some additional volume. The disadvantage of these braids is that they tend to fall apart rather quickly. So it is up to you to keep them intact for as long as possible.


9. Braids on top

princess braid hairstyles for girls 9-min

If you like voluminous hairstyles but want to add some zest to them, use a top braid. It will make the hairstyle look very complicated while requiring the least effort. Take one strand from the side, make a simple braid and clip its tip to the other side of your head.


10. Braids in the back

best hair braiding styles in back

Braids do a good job helping your princess haircut look neater. Take two strands from each side and pull them back. Use them as two strands for a three-way braid. The third strands should be taken from the back. 

11. Stray fishtail

Stray fishtail hair braids style for women

When you are making princess braid hairstyles for girls, it is important to remember that not all hair needs to be used up. A well made thin fishtail braid will look amazing peaking from underneath your thick tresses. You can make it anywhere you want!


12. Twisted half bun

princess braid hairstyles for girls 12-min

This twisted hairstyle is very easy to make and is actually very useful. If you don’t want to opt for simple ponytails but need a quick fix for your unruly mane, this hairstyle is for you. Start by twisting your hair from the side and go towards the other side. Secure it with some pins or rubber bands.


13. Princess Like Loose French braid

French braid crochet braids haircut for teen age girl

A loose French braid looks especially well on thick hair. If your hair is long, you can pull it upwards and securer it on top with small pins which are almost invisible. This hairstyle will not require any maintenance if you do a proper securing job.


14. Decorative braids

princess braid hairstyles for girls 14-min

If your hair is not thick enough to make large and complicated braids, you can make decorative braids in the back to hold your hairstyle together. Add some accessories, such as headbands or tiara to make your image more regal.


15. Heart-shaped lace

Heart shaped braids for long hair for young girl

If you learn to make lace braids, you will have the whole braid world at your feet. You can make different shapes with the help of some pins. Start with the simplest heart shaped lace and you will definitely turn some heads. 

16. Loose hair extravaganza

extravaganza hair braiding styles for 18 years girl

This loose hair twist extravaganza will definitely make you a princess. You might need some professional help at first. The thicker your hair is, the harder it is to keep it in check. This twisty style will do the job just fine.


17. Leveled ponytails

princess braid hairstyles for girls 17-min

If you think your hair is too fine to make one of the classical braids, go for the leveled ponytails. Gather your hair as you would for a French braid and make ponytails instead. Secure each level with a rubber band and use one thin strand to hide it.


18. Curls and braids

 Curly and braiding hairstyle for beautiful girl

This is a great hairstyle for a wedding. If too many curls created a mess on your head, you can save the day by loosely braiding them together. If curls are tight, you won’t even need pins. Just tie them together to look natural.


19. Loose fishtail

princess braid hairstyles for girls 19-min

Fishtail braids look great when tight, but create amazing messy styles as well. Start by making the fishtail braid in a French fashion from the very top. But make the strands loose to create volume. The bottom part can be tightened up.


20. Twisted weave with princess braid

best Twisted weave hair braiding styles for women

If your idea of a real princess is a girl with the longest possible locks, you can get a weave. Hair extensions do a great job making your image really regal. The curls can be twisted into loose braids to hold shape. 

21. Tied levels

princess braid hairstyles for girls 21-min

If you want your side braid to look really special, create tied levels. They are very easily done, by making the braid loose and then tying it with elastic bands in the middle. Pull a thin strand out and tie it around the band to hide it.


22. Fluffy ponytail

 Fluffy ponytail braids for short hair you like

A fluffy ponytail braid is created by starting to make a French braid and then keeping it looser than necessary. Once the loose braid is done, it is lifted upwards and the end is clipped to the top. The result is truly amazing.

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23. Go wild

princess braid hairstyles for girls 23-min

If you are a Star Wars fan, you will truly appreciate this wild hairstyle with a simple braid on the bottom. Princesses shouldn’t be afraid of complicated hairstyles even if they will need some professional help to make them. Go for it!


24. Forehead braid

Forehead braid haircut for cute girl

This braid is very easy to make and your image will become really special. Take one of the sides strands, make a simple three-way braid and pull it across your forehead. Secure it on the other side with any pin.


25. Side Bun

Side bun braiding hair for nice women

The side buns look especially well on curly and twisted hair. Create some curls on the bottom by using a flat iron. Pull the curls to the side, twist them into a braid and secure with an elastic band or a pin. A great option for a special occasion.


26. Boho Princess Braid

Boho princess braid

What can be more exciting than to choose such a promising half up and half down floral braided hairstyle? Certainly nothing! This style often refers to a boho braid style.

To achieve the above look, divide the upper half hair into three sections and turn these sections into three braids. Now start twisting the braids to make the floral shapes. Turn the lower half section of the head into soft curls and merge the curls into each other. Hold these curls into place through hair spray.


27. Braided Fishtail Bun

Probably the best choice to wear for the summer season that is easy to style and maintain as well. Swept back hair and make a fishtail braid. Now, start twisting the braid to turn it into a bun shape. Hold the bun into place through bobby pins. Wear a crown to create a princess aura around you.


28. Princess Crown Braid

Give a stylish twist to your simple braid by turning it into a gorgeous crown that does not need extra accessories to look voguish. To achieve this look, tie the slightly tugged braid into a circular form around your head with the help of bobby pins. Natural Flowers will enhance the beauty of this braid style further.


29. Effortless Braided Look

To achieve this look, you do not have to worry much about hair length and texture. Use a puffy volumizer, braid your hair loosely, apply hair spray, and tug the few hair strands for a soft texture. You are done!  Now, embellish the princess braid with flowers for a finishing touch.


30. Elsa Braid Hairstyle

princess braid styles

It is a textured and bold version of French braid that gives girls elegant features. Blonde and black hair combo makes the whole style more alluring. It is easy to style and girls can wear this particular braid at any occasion and on any outfit for an impeccable appearance.


31. Glittery Princess Braid

Add shine and magic to your appearance through some glitters. It may look tricky to style but, it is super easy to achieve.

The styling involves ample amount of elastic bands and several uses of the flipping method. Each lock has secured by an elastic band. Keep the locks loose for a textured look. Adorn the braid with sparkling glitters.


32. Rapunzel’s Braid Style

What a beauty! To create this look, one must have thick and long hair. It will make you feel like a Disney princess. Give this beautiful braid a next level look by adorning it with fresh, wildflowers as these flowers will give vibrant and bright vibes just like the Rapunzel’s oddity.


33. Side Topsy Braided Look

Braids have the power to turn girls into a princess when styled artistically. Here is another braid style for girls who are looking for something simple, but imperial hairstyle. Start braiding the hair from the right side towards the left side of the head. Tug the locks for voluminous hair texture.


34. Magnificent Princess Braid

princess braid hairstyles

This majestic braided look will definitely grab the attention of everyone around you because of its distinctive and brilliant execution. It is quite intricate in appearance and tricky to style. You can achieve this particular braid by combining three styles; two simple thin braids, French braid, and ladder braid style.


35. Floral Princess Braid Spell

floral princess braid” width=

Instead of searching for floral accessories, why not to try creatively designed hair flowers. It is quite muddled in appearance, but braiding art gives it astounding features.

Visit a professional hairstylist for the perfect execution of this particular braid hairstyle that involves half-up braiding, floral art, and fishtail braid.


We hope these princess braid hairstyles for girls were very useful for you. You can try several of them to get an idea which one suits you most. Never be afraid of experiments. Real princesses love to create new images every day.