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Dutch Braid Vs. French Braid: What Are The Differences?

Do you love braided hairstyles like us? Many girls get confused between the two gorgeous braid types: French braids and Dutch braids. Let’s explore these two to understand the differences!

There are numerous types of braids that girls practice and love to make for different occasions. Some braids have formal texture and suit formal occasions, while others are more apt for daily routine. The most common braids preferred by girls are Dutch braids and French braids.

People often confuse the two; therefore, this article will give you a clear idea about the differences between the Dutch braid and the French braid.

French Braid

French Braid

It is a classic type of braid in which three strands of hair are used to knead the braid.  The difference is that at each turn, a few more strands are added that give it its classic look.

The braiding technique is, however, the same in which tendrils from the left are crossed over the middle strand and the same is repeated for the tendrils on the right. This way, a girl can make the braid in many different textures and styles.

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Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid

It is the reverse of the French braid and is also known as the inside-out braid. The technique is similar to the French braid, but in this case, you have to bring the strand of hair under the three sections of the braid, unlike the French braid, where the strand is brought in the middle.

Difference Between Dutch Braids and French Braids

Below is a simple easy-to-read dutch braid vs french braid comparison table that will help you digest the key differences.

Dutch braid vs. French braid

French Braid

Dutch Braid

    It is a flat form of the braid.
    It gives off a 3D impression.
    The strands of hair cross each other over the middle section of the hair from above.
    Strand cross three partitions from under the sections of hair.
    It gives off a smooth appearance.
    It makes a thick bunch of braids in the middle.

French Braids Vs. Dutch Braids: Styling Difference

In the video below, we styled half of the hair with a french braid and another half with dutch braids to show how they are styled differently.


Dutch braids and French braids are both common and preferred by girls. Although they have many similarities and differences, they give off a distinct look when finished.

Dutch braids and French braids can be worn in various ways that suit both casual and formal events. You can make these braids during school time, for bridal showers, as well as for wedding events.

Various hair decorations like flowers or pins with gems and stones can be added to these braids to give off an elegant and beautiful look to the braid.



Is a French braid or a Dutch braid easier?

They are both pretty easy. What’s easier for you will depend on what you learned to do first. So if you learned to French braid first, Dutch braids might be a little awkward at first and vice versa.

Are French braids and Dutch braids the same?

They are similar insomuch as they both run in lines along the head with the remaining length of hair braided normally. Otherwise, they look quite different.

The loops of a Dutch braid sit on the surface of the hair, while the loops of a French braid are underneath the braid. French braids appear puffy because of that.

What is a Viking braid?

Viking braids are distressed Dutch braids created on the top of the hair going back. They are tied in a tight ponytail and intermittently banded down to the tips. The sides of the hair can be shaved or Dutch braided in smaller braids.

What is a milkmaid braid?

Although milkmaid braids run along the head, they are not French or Dutch braids. They are pigtails that have been wound around the head.

What is a mermaid braid?

A mermaid braid is a single French braid that uses very small sections to create an intricate and delicate look. It is sometimes created with a Dutch braid, but usually, it’s French.

Are Boxer braids and Dutch braids the same?

Boxer braids are two Dutch braids created evenly on the sides of the head going back. Some believe that this style of braiding was popular with the UFC. Dutch braids that aren’t boxer braids can be created in any direction.

What is a waterfall braid?

A waterfall braid is created as half a French braid, while the other half hangs down like a “waterfall.” So if you already know how to braid, you manipulate the hair to leave one side blank as you braid.

Did the Celts braid their hair?


What race wore braids first?

Africans were the first to wear braids.

Why are they called cornrows?

Dutch braids that are small and run in lines on the head can resemble rows of corn. This is because the loops of the braid look similar to corn pellets on a cob.

Are Dutch braids and cornrows the same?

Cornrows are typically made using Dutch braids. They can also be created with French braids.

All of these types of braids add to the elegance of your look and personality. Another benefit of these braids is that they cover all the loose strands of your hair; thus, they are best for yoga and exercises.

Most girls prefer different types of braids and love to decorate their hair.  These braid styles look pretty and give off an effortlessly gorgeous look.

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