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5 Ways to Style The Elsa Braids

Frozen was out in 2013 but we still can’t stop admiring the famous Elsa braids. Everything about Elsa’s hairstyle is just perfect – the dress, the platinum blonde hair, and, of course, the long, voluminous, big French braid.

That’s why we have prepared a guide showing you how to achieve the famous braid, as well as some similar, Elsa-inspired braid hairstyles.


How to Style Elsa Braids

how to do elsa braid

Step 1: Wash your hair. Preparation is key to making a good hairstyle. To achieve the same shine and volume of Elsa braid, it’s important for your hair to be clean.

Step 2: Decide whether you want to use extensions. If your hair doesn’t even reach your shoulders, it is obvious that you need additional length. There are different types of extensions and different methods to attach them to your hair.

We always suggest getting good quality extensions because you never know when and on which occasions you’re going to want to use them again.

Step 3: If your hair is not platinum, icy blonde like Elsa’s, and you want your braid to be icy blond, or you simply don’t like or don’t own extensions, or you prefer wigs, then use a wig. There is a variety of options to choose from. Of course, the better the quality, the higher the price, but it’ll probably be worth it.

Step 4: Once you’ve solved the length problem, comb your hair thoroughly, making sure it’s untangled. You can even use a little bit of oil. Tease the top part of your hair. Use bobby pins to hold the teased parts in place.

Start braiding a French braid to one side. Tie it with an elastic band. And the Elsa braid is born. Make sure the braid is loose and voluminous. Stretch it a bit with your fingers. Spray a bit of hairspray all over.


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Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do and Style Elsa Braid


How to Do Elsa Braids on Kids

Doing a proper Elsa braid on a child could be a bit tricky, that is why we suggest doing a similar braid inspired by the Elsa.

Step 1: Brush the hair over to one side and grab a small piece of hair, which you will then split into three parts. Braid those like you would normally do one time.

Step 2: Grab a piece from below the hair, and braid similarly to the French braid, except you should only add hair from the bottom, not from the top.

Step 3: Once you’ve reached the ear, add the front portion of hair and braid down the shoulder.

Step 4: Secure it with an elastic, and your Elsa braided hairstyle is done!


Quick Tip: You can try accessorizing your little girls braid with beads.


Check Out The Following Video to Learn How to Do Elsa Braid for Little Girls


These Elsa Braids Are Beautiful

The charismatic hairstyle of Elsa has inspired many of us. Here we have shortlisted the most cliched Elsa braid styling ideas to check out this year.

1. Original Elsa Braid

elsa braid for women

For those girls who are ready to play with extensions and create the Elsa braid as faithfully as possible, this is the example to follow.

Attach some super long extensions or a very long wig. Braid this amazing Dutch braid on one side and tie it with an elastic band. Stretch it all the way down, and especially on the top of your head. Stretched like that, it’s extra loose, so you’ll need hairspray to hold everything in place.


2. Side Fishtail Braid

side elsa braid for girls

This, on the other hand, is a good example of a simple braid inspired by the Elsa that will work on much shorter hair without extensions, or even on little girls’ hair.

Braid a simple wheat braid on one side and mess it out a little bit to look more natural. Sweep the bangs to one side as well, if they’re not long enough to be a part of the braid.


3. Intertwined Braids

elsa braid on long thick hair

For those more skillful with braiding, we have this one.

Once you’ve attached the extensions or the wig, start braiding these small braids that would later become a part of the big, voluminous Elsa braids.


4. Stretched Dutch French Braid

girl with stretched elsa braid

If you want your Elsa braid hairdo to be extra interesting, here’s an idea.

Braid your hair on one side, starting all the way from the bangs and adding the rest once you’ve n passed the ears. Stretch it for volume and an effortless look.


5. Simple French Braid

amazing elsa braid styles for women

A nice, simple French braid is also great as braid style that Elsa sported.

Brush all your hair to the back and braid a simple French braid.


Hopefully, this article was enough to inspire you to braid some awesome Elsa braids on you and your little girls. We’re sure you’ll all love the beautiful Elsa inspired braid.