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42 Quick & Easy Messy Ponytail Hairstyles for 2024

The messy ponytail is currently of the trendiest hairstyles among women with long hair. The beauty of the messy hairstyle, in general, is the effortless chic, which has proved not to me so effortlessly done.

Everyone wants to have a look as they have come just right out of the bed, but that look really requires work. The messy hair ponytail is one of those looks that are suitable for everyone but especially for those who have naturally wavy hair.

The point of the messy pony is showing volume and messy waves that look undone. Many women with straight hair find it time-consuming to pull off this look perfectly because it involves curling your hair and then making the curls as loose as possible.


How to Do A Messy Ponytail

how to do messy ponytail

Here are a few easy steps to create a messy ponytail.

Step 1: Wet your hair so that you avoid breakage. You can do this after you wash your hair too.

Step 2: Gently detangle your hair with your hands.

Step 3: Using a wide-toothed comb, comb your hair upward. Go with your fingers through the hair

Step 4: Pull your hair back into a ponytail using a hairbrush. Secure it with an elastic. Do not worry about the precision of the look of the ponytail. After all, it’s supposed to be messy.

Step 5: Fluff up your ponytail with gel, hairspray, teasing techniques, or pins. 

Step 6: Use hair pieces to add volume to the top of a ponytail. Messy ponytails shouldn’t be flat.

If you have long straight hair, then you will need to do some waves or curls so that the ponytail can look as messy as possible. The curls should be loose, combed through and pulled down.

If you have ponytail extensions, add them in once you finish all six steps. You can use the extensions to add length and volume to your hair.


Messy Ponytail Hairstyles

Today we are going to shed light on some beautiful messy style ponytails that every woman can try. Check out the below styles:

1. Messy Ponytail for Straight Hair

messy ponytail for straight hair

Straight layered hair makes a statement when flipped over to one side in a messy ponytail. Wrap the base of the pony in a section of your own hair instead of a hair tie.


2. Messy Ponytail for Thin Hair

messy ponytail for thin hair

Throwing your thin hair into a messy ponytail is a great way to make the hair look thicker. Leave a few sections of hair loose to really go all out for this look.


3. Messy Half Up Ponytail

messy half up ponytail

For a fun 80s vibe to your look, gather the top half of your hair into a messy ponytail. Give the rest of your hair texture with waves or crimped style.


4. Messy Ponytail for Black Girls

messy ponytail for black girls

There’s no need to straighten your natural black hair when it can look as amazing as this high and luscious messy ponytail.


5. Messy Ponytail for Thick Hair

messy ponytail for thick hair

Whether you’re just running errands, heading to the gym, or need a chic look for your thick hair at work, the messy ponytail is always a great choice.


6. Messy Side Ponytail

messy side ponytail

Especially for round or curvier faces, a low side messy ponytail is very flattering. Comb in a center part before gathering hair to one side and over the shoulder.


7. Messy Dreadlock Ponytail

messy dreadlock ponytail

When you don’t feel like wearing your dreadlocks down, gather them up in a high ponytail. You can even add a few hair hoops for fun accessories.


8. Short Messy Ponytail

short messy ponytail

To get this ponytail, your hair will have to be fairly long in length. This short bob can still rock a ponytail and be very boho-chic with the loose strands fanning out.


9. Messy Vintage Ponytail

messy vintage ponytail

Make a statement with your messy ponytail by teasing the hair at the crown to get major volume. Secure the ponytail at the nape of the neck.


10. Two Messy Ponytails

By just using the front part of your hair to make these two messy ponytails, you can create a whole new look. Leave the rest of the hair straight or wavy.


11. Flip Twist Style

messy professional ponytail

Even when wearing a messy ponytail do it with style. The flip twist pony can be achieved in a flick and looks effortlessly gorgeous. Just flip the ponytail through a hole created above it and pull some strands loose to frame the face for an undone appeal.


12. Pink Fluff

messy pink ponytail

Flaunt those ombre tresses with a fluffy high ponytail to turn around some heads. This look features a black to bubblegum pink gradient with short layers creating some movement. Add waves, if not natural, and secure the strands in a hair tie creating a two-toned messy ponytail hairstyle.


13. Bandana Headband

messy ponytail with headband

Here is a casual everyday style for the ones searching for something simple. Fasten the rumpled curls in a middle-height ponytail and keep the strands away from the face with a bandana headband adding a classic twist to the look. Top off with some chic earrings.


14. Low and Loose

messy loose ponytail

This look is inspired by several television stars spotted wearing a messy low ponytail in the most flawless way. Add loose waves to the mane before gathering it in a low ponytail dangling at the back. Tuck out some strands at the front to accentuate the face elegantly.


15. Side-Tousled

messy curly ponytail

Girls with natural bouncy curls can express their funky personality by tying the strands in a ponytail sitting on the top of the head. Let the curls fall freely on one side of the face and keep them in place with pins. The dark to light blonde ombre spices up the look further.


16. High and Tight

messy thick ponytail

One of those oily hair days? Don’t worry if you have natural curls or have some of them left from the previous styling. Slick back the hair in a high ponytail and tease the strands. Tousle the pony with your fingers every now and then maintaining the fluff all day long.


17. Messy Braided Ponytail

messy ponytail for women

Messy braided ponytails can be worn on any occasion. Start by plaiting the hair in a ruffled French braid and securing the remaining locks in a rubber band. Loosen up the strands with some chunks accentuating the face. Let the ponytail fall on one shoulder for a romantic appeal. Voila!


18. Simply Chic

messy ponytail for medium hair

Ladies with short to medium-length layered haircuts can copy this pretty look without much effort. Blow-dry the mane to create some bend and body and go for a subtle puff at the front while styling the remaining hair in a simple ponytail. Chic it is!


19. Classic Middle Part

messy ponytail for party

Middle-parted ponytails have been trending this year and have become quite iconic. Opt for loose curls and pull back the tresses in a not-so-tight ponytail with a center parting at the front. This hairstyle is ideal for a fancy event.   


20. Carefree Appeal

messy side ponytail

Inspired by the 1980’s hair fashion, a side ponytail will surely set you apart from others. The messy twists along the middle parting are merged together in a high ponytail on one side of the head. Tighten up the pony to add that extra oomph to the look.


21. Ruffled Look

messy ponytail for thin hair

Women with thin hair can consider this messy ponytail look. The trick is to add tight curls and loosen them up for a ruffled appeal. Pull back the strands in a high ponytail without worrying about the stray hairs as they add up to the style.


22. Extra Volume

messy ponytail

Ponytails are all about creating the right volume. This one will surely keep all the eyes on you. Gather the hair at the top of the head and tease the base of the ponytail creating a big and bold puff with the remaining strands falling at the front.  


23. Messy Single Braided Ponytail

messy ponytail with single braid

The braid starts exactly in the middle, where the middle part should be. It is thin and braided perfectly. It goes all the way to the point where the messy ponytail starts, end continues with the rest of the hair and the hairband is hidden. The pony is messy and voluminous.


24. Wavy Messy Low Ponytail

Wavy Messy Low Ponytail

The messy and wavy ponytail is an informal and very stylish hairstyle. It is perfect for women who have naturally wavy hair. the upper part of the hair looks undone, just tied in a low pony. The pony follows the undone style of the hair.


25. Messy Ponytail with Side Bangs

messy ponytail with side bangs

Those who want to achieve a voluminous look of their hairstyle should try the ponytail with a bump. Create a volume with extracting your hair at the top of your hair out of the pony, which will visually give you a bigger look. The bangs, in this case, are nicely set to the side.


26. Twisted Messy Hair in A Ponytail

 messy ponytail with twisted hair

In this look, the twisted hair acts as a hair band of the messy pony style. Take two or three strands of hair, twist them, pull them around the ponytail.


27. Ponytail with Middle Part Bangs

 messy ponytail with middle part bangs

The ponytail with the middle part is an unofficial and cool look. The hair is pulled back in a messy way, the middle part is clean and centered and the hair that looks like bangs comes from both sides. The ponytail is messy and high.


28. Cute Messy Half Ponytail

This is not a hairstyle, more like a regular daily look. To do this messy looking ponytail don’t pay much attention to the pony itself. Pull the hair back, like you are in a rush, leaving some parts out of the pony. The more undone it looks the fancier look you will get.


29. Messy Half Up Half Down Ponytail

The half up ponytail is a very common look. Those who have long hair and don’t want to wear it in a regular pony all the time can try this one. The upper part of the hair is loosely pulled back in a pony, while the other part of the hair is just let down. The hair is naturally messy.


30. Ponytail with a Side Fishtail Braid

If you are looking to upgrade your regular ponytail look. then this is a perfect choice. it is interesting, elegant and chic. the hair is separated in two parts, the larger part of the hair goes in a messy pony, while the smaller and front part of the hair is braided in a side fishtail that ends in the messy pony.


31. Loose High Ponytail

If you want to accent the length of your hair and with that the length of the pony, then put the messy pony high up. Leave a few pieces of hair here and there to add to the informal messy look.


32. Knotted Ponytail

women with knotted messy ponytail

The knotted messy hair ponytail is a very cool style. The center of this ponytail is the knot. It is done from two separate pieces of hair, pulled from both sides. Who you tie the knot is completely up to you. It can be fastened with hidden pins.


33. Voluminous Ponytail

A voluminous ponytail with a messy look is easy to be made and styled. Make the pony as bushy as possible, using a hair spray that will set the hair. The natural waves or locks will do the rest of the work.


34. Fishtail Braided Pony

This is an elegant messy look, appropriate for formal occasions like weddings. The hair is braided into a loose fishtail, hardly visible. The pony is low and done with brown wavy hair.


35. Invisible Ponytail

A popular trend among celebrities is the messy invisible ponytail. It is subtler, relaxed, with side parts loosely falling from the sides. The pony is low and voluminous.


36. High Ponytail for Long Hair

The messy high ponytail is a well-known and popular look. it does not require a special technique. It is sleek and finally settled at the front, while the hair that falls into a pony is messy, with refined texture.


37. Elegant Look

women with messy ponytail

The elegant messy ponytail style is a look for those who want to create a balance between messy and elegant. He hair is combed back, creating an undone look at the top middle part and finishing in a messy low ponytail. There are loose parts of hair from both sides that add to the look.


38. Delicate Messy Twisted Ponytail

Another upgraded ponytail with messy hair look is the one with the addition of twists. The twists come from both sides of the head, symmetrically, and finish in a ponytail.


39. Ponytail with Dutch Braids

Braids are very popular hair trend so they come in hairstyles as much as possible. Combining the braid and the ponytail here is done perfectly and look beautiful.

A large braid starts at the front sidelines of the hair, going all the way to the end of the hair. the rest of the hair comes over the braid and finishes in a messy pony. The braid is part of the pony.


40. Messy Crossover Pony

The crossover pony is a bit tricky to pull off if you want to follow all the steps. If not, separate the upper part of the hair in three parts, twist each one of them and intersect them in an unordinary way. They should end in a low, undefined pony.


41. Textured Ponytail

textured messy ponytail

One of the messiest and undone ponytail looks is the textured ponytail with long blonde hair. Those who have thick hair can easily pull off this messy look. the front part is not combed or done in any way, just pulled back.

The ponytail starts low, with a hidden band and it is messy, with some of the waves hidden, other combed and some loosely pulled out.


42. Curly High Ponytail

 messy ponytail for long curly hair

Women with naturally curly hair can wear this messy hairstyle every day. Just tie your hair in a high pony and let your natural curls define the rest of the look.


The idea of the messy ponytail hairstyle is not to spend too much time doing it, but just to pull the hair back and be ready to go through the door. Always use a suitable product with define the ponytail and the waves. Those products give texture and make the hair stay in place just as you like it. Be the girl with the trendiest ponytail!