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Difference Between Ginger and Copper Hair

Ginger vs copper hair, what’s the difference? Most people associate these two colors with redheads. You may think these colors look the same, but they’re not. Instead, there are subtle differences within each of these shades that are rich and vibrant for most people. 

If you’re confused between ginger and copper hair, we’ll give you a detailed description of each shade. 

What Hair Shade Is Ginger? 

ginger hair color
Ginger Hair Color

Ginger hair is the lightest known red that resembles blonde hair. Ginger hair is commonly compared to strawberry blonde. It’s a known comparison because the hair shade of ginger is a light brown tone with red undertones. 

Different light ginger and dark ginger shades make your hair stand out. 

What Hair Shade Is Copper? 

copper hair color
Copper Hair Color

Copper hair is a brighter red hair color. It’s categorized between blonde and brunette. The uniqueness of copper comes from its resemblance to copper metal. 

You achieve the copper hair shade by choosing a dye with gold undertones, pink, red, and brown hues. Next, you’ll want to find a copper hair dye with a red and bronze blend. 

What Does Ginger and Copper Hair Look Like? 

ginger hair vs copper hair photo shown side by side

Ginger is the most natural looking on the red hair spectrum. However, you can still achieve beautiful colors, no matter your shade. Simply, ginger hair looks like blonde hair with hair undertones. 

Also, ginger is a warm tone that makes your eyes pop regardless of color. 

Ginger hair is a non-vibrant hair color. Whether you’re looking for light or dark shades, this color creates beautiful golden and orange highlights. 

A finished copper hair shade looks like a less-intense orange. It’s filled with yellows and accents of red, but the predominant color is orange, which gives a brighter finish. 

The uniqueness of this hair color doesn’t take away from the sophistication. On the contrary, sophistication is an excellent addition to the many different kinds of hair colors out there. 

The fun thing about ginger hair is it’s easy to add more defining undertones. Depending on your skin tone, base color, eye color, and hair type, many shades will suit you. 

The most common additions to ginger hair are bronzed ginger, red balayage, and metallic ginger shades. 

Key Differences Between Ginger and Copper Hair 

While these are both red shades, ginger and copper hair have some major differences. 

Red Type 

Yes, both of these colors have warm undertones. However, the major difference in the red type is the base colors. The base color for ginger hair is blonde, while the base color for copper is brown mixed with orange tints. 

The red type of ginger hair is a dull and non-vibrant color.

The red hair type for copper hair is the stunning visibility in the sun, which comes from the vibrant copper color. 

Skin Tone

Ginger hair is perfect for any skin tone because you can adjust the intensity of your color for balance. 

The warm gold and yellow undertones will help brighten your face if you have a warmer skin tone. 

Also, if red hair is your natural hair color, then you could reimagine the intensity of your hair color by adding more red or orange undertones. 

Whether you choose light or dark copper as your hair shade, it looks stunning on women with paler skin tones. 


As you know, red hair is a beautiful natural hair color. However, redheads are found in the smallest percentage of the world. Scottish and Irish people produce the most amount of natural redheads. A northeastern European ancestry results in the natural ginger color. 

Copper-colored hair isn’t a natural shade. This means that no ethnicity produces copper hair. However, you can combine copper hair with red hair because of the original base colors. 


Obviously, ginger is a shade of red hair. However, this color appears more orange than red, especially in sunlight. In addition, ginger is a brighter shade of copper and orange while including hints of blonde at the base. 

Copper is a stunning shade that easily emphasizes your red hair. 

You can create a dark copper shade when you blend the color with brown hair. However, this dark base dulls the metallic color. 

Also, you can create a bright copper shade by using shampoos that contain red boosters. These shampoos make the vivid and bright colors long-lasting. 

Redheads have thicker hair than people with other colors. If you’re a natural ginger, then you have a tighter pigment, which helps you hold onto your red hair shade longer. 

Ginger Hair Vs. Copper Hair Comparison Table

DescriptionNon-vibrant and dull, resembling a true redheadVibrant, metallic, and visible in the sun 
Red Type WarmWarm
Skin tone Warm skin tonesPaler skin tones
Ethnicity Scottish No common ethnicity 
Shade Blonde Blonde and brunette 

Ginger Hair or Copper Hair: Which Hair Color Shade Is Right For You?

If you’re torn between ginger or copper hair, consider your skin tone. For cool undertones, go for ginger hair to complement your complexion. If you have warm undertones, rock that copper shade to enhance your natural glow. Experiment and embrace your fiery locks!

Choosing the right shade of red hair can be daunting and intense. If ginger vs copper hair is your top choice, then you’ll want to find the color that best matches your skin tone and that you’ll be able to maintain. 

When deciding between ginger vs copper, you’ll notice that these hair color shades are different yet beautiful colors. In addition, they’ll both look great if done by a professional, and you take good aftercare. However, ginger hair is a common natural hair color. 

Considering the facts we’ve highlighted in this post, hopefully, you’ll find the perfect hair color for you.